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The Cradle 啊摇篮 Episode 7 Recap

Chou Zigang, Ma Wua, Tang Susu and other childcare workers distributed donated materials to the children. Everyone felt that these were fresh things. They didn’t even know the canned milk powder. After prying it open, everyone smelled the milk one by one. Fortunately, Tang Susu had seen it before. After the milk powder, he reminded Chou Zigang that the milk powder was drunk with water. As soon as he heard it, Chou Zigang asked Luo Lianfa to help soak the water for the children to drink.

Everyone left for a while to donate materials, and found some unseen materials. Chou Zigang took a list and asked Xu Yuanhui to ask him clearly. Xu Yuanhui told Chou Zigang that these materials were very precious, including amoxicillin and vitamins. . Chou Zigang told Xu Yuanhui that the donated materials in the nursery school were piled up like a hill, and they were all foreigners. Xu Yuanhui heard the voice-over and told Chou Zigang to tidy it up by himself, and then check it out later.

The donated materials included penicillin and vitamins, and Xu Yuanhui wrote a small note in Chinese to classify them. It just so happened that the children outside the house were clamoring about wearing new clothes, and a group of people went outside. Xu Yuanhui saw the children wearing new clothes but asked them to take them off immediately because she was afraid that the clothes were not clean and she could not help but take the children to talk about science. Temperament come. When Chou Zigang heard it, he immediately asked the children to take off their clothes. Xu Yuanhui also popularized the common sense that there are trademarks in clothes with the children.

Xu Yuanhui chatted with Chou Zigang privately, saying that now that the conditions are good, he should talk about science to bring up the children. The most precious things should be given to the children first. The two reached a consensus on this point. When Luo Xiaojin and other children heard that there was something delicious tomorrow, they suddenly climbed into the bed and fell asleep. In the world of children, it was the next day when they woke up. This scene made Tang Susu feel both funny and bitter.

Xiaosu came to the nursery with the supplies provided by Baolian for the child. Chou Zigang hurried forward to greet him. Xiaosu said that all the supplies are medicines to promote the growth and development of the child. Aunt Ma Wu is a little puzzled, why should the child not be sick? Taking medicine, Chou Zigang explained that medicine is to help the children grow up.

Aunt Ma Wu carried the materials into the warehouse. She was curious that the cod liver oil was like a pearl. Xiao Su immediately stopped it and left the cod liver oil that Aunt Ma Wu had touched on the ground. Chou Zigang was puzzled and picked up the cod liver oil on the ground. The cod liver oil, but Xiao Su insisted on throwing it away. At the same time, he reminded Chou Zigang to be scientific and hygienic in feeding the children. In desperation, Chou Zigang pretended to swallow the cod liver oil still on the ground. Xiaosu saw that the persuasion was invalid, so he had to advance in advance. left. When Xiao Su left, Chou Zigang took out the cod liver oil and let Aunt Ma Wu wash it before putting it in.

Chou Zigang took a small spoon and fed cod liver oil to the children in the nursery. Luo Lianfa used the new scale to measure the net weight of the children, and asked the children to take off their clothes. It happened that Xiao Su was hit by this scene, and he screamed. Reprimanding Luo Lianfa is just fooling around, and at the same time let Yu from the Central Hospital take care of Luo Lianfa’s work. Jianhua’s mother brought a vaccine for typhoid fever, but because of the limited number of vaccines, Jianhua’s mother wanted to let the weak children get a shot first, so Jianhua was placed at the end of the line, which made Jianhua very unhappy.

Xiao Su took the nurses from the Central Hospital to replace Aunt Ma Wu’s job because he felt that Aunt Ma could not bring the baby scientifically, which made everyone very unhappy. Zuo Taibei was the first to get a vaccine and wept loudly. After Luo Xiaojin went in, he immediately greeted the other children to flee, because it was too painful and the scene became a mess. Xiao Su replaced all the staff in the original nursery school. Chou Zigang felt very uncomfortable in his heart, so he asked Lao Fu to argue that replacing the previous childcare staff is not to kill the donkey.

How can I explain to them? . Lao Fu explained that this is to build the best nursery school model in the country, so as to get more donated materials. When Chou Zigang heard it, it was difficult to accept, but Lao Fu asked Chou Zigang to prepare his speech. How could Chou Zigang express his ignorance directly, so he opened the curtain and left.

Aunt Ma Wu, Tang Susu and others were very unwilling to be replaced. Chou Zigang explained that those people were taking the class temporarily and came to teach everyone science to lead the baby. At night, Tang Susu found that he had a fever in Taibei to the left. He immediately rushed to the hospital with Aunt Gangma, the ugly son. Director Shen explained that this was a normal response to the vaccination. Director Shen learned about the situation and learned that Tang Susu used drinking water to apply the wound to Zuo Taibei, which caused Zuo Taibei’s infection to be so serious.

Tang Susu and others knew that everything was an organizational arrangement, and there was no way to judge it even if they were to find the director. Chou Zigang is very self-blame in his heart, and the children who have worked so hard to bring up have no chance to take photos with the children. After Chou Zigang returned home, Zhang Jingping asked Zhang Jingping to help him make a small report. The nurses were replaced one by one. Now they are using a soft knife to kill him.

If he had resisted the fight in the first place, he would not be said to be uneducated. , I don’t understand science anymore. Zhang Jingping encouraged Chou Zigang. The nursery was inseparable from these old nurses. Chou Zigang was touched. She asked Zhang Jingping to write a speech for herself. The content was to praise her nursery.

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