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Mine (2021) 마인

Mine (2021)
Other Title: 마인, MINE, Blue Diamond, Main, Beulludaia, 마인: MINE , 블루다이아, Mine (마인:MINE)

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Drama
South Korea
Lee Na Jung
Baek Mi Kyung
Release Date: 
May 8, 2021 – Jun 27, 2021
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  • Lee Bo Young as Seo Hee Soo
  • Kim Seo Hyung as Jeong Seo Hyun
  • Ok Ja Yeon as Kang Ja Kyung
  • Lee Hyun Wook as Han Ji Yong [Hee Soo’s husband]
  • Park Hyuk Kwon as Han Jin Ho [Seo Hyun’s husband]
  • N as Han Soo Hyuk

“Mine” is about strong and ambitious women who overcome the world’s prejudices in order to find their true selves. Seo Hee Soo was a former top actress, but she gave up her career to marry the second son of Hyo Won Group. She does her best to fit in as a daughter-in-law of that family. She acts confidently all the time to not to lose her true self. Jung Seo Hyun, on the other hand, is married to the first son of the same chaebol family. She is also the daughter of a chaebol family and is elegant, intelligent, and also very rational.

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