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Liu Laogen 4 劉老根4 Episode 14 Recap

On Tuesday, Yan couldn’t understand Liu Erkui’s approach and couldn’t help complaining. Zhang Kexin reminded him to do his job well and not to make irresponsible remarks. Li Dacheng asked Han Shixin to clean the toilet. Liu Shanshan called him to come and watch the show. Li Dacheng saw Han Shixin call during work hours and snatched his mobile phone. Han Shixin lied that the customer service reminded him that the mobile phone was in arrears, and Liu Shanshan pretended to be confused by the customer service.

Shenganzi and his friends saw that a geological survey team was surveying in Longquangou. They believed that the ancestors had buried gold and silver treasures in the tomb. He and Da Zhuang specially prepared wine and food. He and Da Zhuang asked the staff about the situation and learned about Longquangou. The underground is full of treasures. Jinke Group sent them to explore, and then sent a group of people to mine. Weighing the poles with secret joy, we discussed with the card friends to dig treasures together. Song Jiajia finished the inspection, and Liu Erkui personally sent her away.

Fengying is about to celebrate her birthday. Qian Xinyue transfers 2,000 yuan to her to buy clothes. Fengying is not at ease, and asks the origin of the money. Qian Xinyue repeatedly explains that this is the performance pay, and she has already paid her tuition for the next semester. Feng Yingcai relaxed after earning enough. Han Shixin came to eat very late, the food was not enough, so he took two steamed buns, Li Dacheng forcibly gave him his food, Han Shixin tried his best to resign, and Li Dacheng pointed at him.

Liu Shanshan was also eating in the cafeteria. He saw Li Dacheng being arrogant to Han Shixin. Liu Shanshan couldn’t bear it and stood up to fight for Han Shixin. Han Shixin quietly reminded Liu Shanshan that she had to hide away. Xiaoqin also felt that Li Dacheng had changed and taught him severely. , Angered and ignored him again.

Li Dacheng sent a security guard to hand in a duty schedule to Liu Shanshan. Liu Shanshan pointed out that the data reported by Li Dacheng was inaccurate. Han Shixin worked overtime every day but did not report it. Liu Shanshan gritted his teeth and asked the security guard to tell Li Dacheng to reorganize himself. Da Fatty bought a course of tonics and sent it to Lao Ding. Xiaoru had to tell the truth that they still don’t want children and persuaded her to stop busying herself.

Da Fatty was very angry, so he said cruelly on the spot and divorced if she didn’t want children. Xiao Ru and Da Fatty argued for reasons, the mother and son quarreled if they disagree, and Da Fatty and Xiao Ru broke off their mother-daughter relationship.

In the middle of the night, Qianganzi and Da Zhuang brought the card friends to the mountain, found the place where the exploration team hung the flag and started digging. Fatty boiled the tonic and gave it to Erzhuzi to drink. He even said that Zhang Kexin specially prescribed it for him. Erzhuzi believed it to be true and took the decoction and drank it. Li Dacheng targeted Han Shixin everywhere. He had just finished his post and got off work. Li Dacheng sent him to patrol the mountains and sent people to wait for Han Shixin to return at the gate.

Da Zhuang tried his best to dig out a fire shovel. The card friend decided that it was the funerary of the ancestors, so he let Da Zhuang continue to dig down, weighing the pole and standing guard at the foot of the mountain, but was caught by Han Shixin. Weighing the pole was frightened and fled, Han Shixin chased him, and he hurriedly hid behind the big tree.

Da Zhuang dug a deep pit, but found nothing. The pole hurried back to join them and told them to leave, so as not to be discovered by Han Shixin. He wanted to continue digging tomorrow, but he wanted to cover the pit. Li Tou resolutely refused to do it, so he had no choice but to give up.

Xiaoqin loves Errenzhuan. She doesn’t want to do sales, and she doesn’t want to drink and socialize anymore. She thinks over and over again, and comes to Zhang Kexin for help overnight. Zhang Kexin feels that she is not suitable to sing Errenzhuan. Xiaoqin has decided, splits on the spot, and sang a short passage, Zhang Kexin thinks She sang so differently, persuading her to give up as soon as possible. Xiaoqin vowed to study hard to realize her dream. Zhang Kexin still felt that she could not do it. Xiaoqin couldn’t stop crying. Zhang Kexin could only persuade her. Xiaoqin was injured because of the split. I want to live here tonight in Zhang Kexin.

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