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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 36 Recap

Sheng Chumu and Lu Qi quickly led an army to besiege Zhaozhou City. King Zhao was defeated by Lu Qi steadily and was ready to break through the east gate, but Sheng Chumu was already waiting at the east gate, and he shot into the city. A letter was tied to the arrow, indicating that as long as the people in the city opened the city gate with a white scarf, he would never harm those who surrendered. Sheng Chumu also said in the letter that Han Pengmao was reselling food, and there was no more food in the granary. Sheng Chumu attacked Zhaozhou City without a single soldier.

After the city of Zhaozhou was broken, King Zhao was clamoring for death. Sheng Chumu lied to King Zhao that Concubine Xi was implicated because of his rebellion. If King Zhao died, Concubine Xi would also be executed. Now only King Zhao enters. Jing explained to the emperor clearly that the Concubine Xi could be innocent, and Wang Zhao had no choice but to capture the Concubine because he missed him.

After Sheng Chumu captured Zhao Wang alive, Lu Qi called Sheng Chumu to discuss the arrest of Zhao Wang’s party feathers. Lu Qi attracted Sheng Chumu’s attention and instructed Fu Tao to go to Zhao Wang’s room to find the prince’s letter. Sheng Chumu and Lu Qi learned that Chenxin had taken three thousand soldiers and horses to escape. Sheng Chumu and Lu Qi had led the main force to attack the city.

Now that the big camp was empty, Sheng Chumu suddenly realized that Chenxin was going to attack the big camp. Sheng Chumu rushed back to the camp to protect King Han alone. The two desperately waited until Lu Qi’s reinforcements arrived. Chen Xin saw that the situation was not good, and hurried away. The battle report was sent back to Chang’an. The emperor was overjoyed when he learned that King Zhao was not dead.

In the city of Chang’an, the emperor ordered a hundred officials and female relatives to celebrate the autumn harvest. Several women secretly talked about Lu Yingying being heard by Lu Yingying. She went to the riverside to relax. Yan Zifang took the opportunity to approach her and asked her if she needed something. No help is needed. Lu Yingying asked Yan Zifang to put down everything and take him far and high, or just wield a knife from the palace and not close to the female sex, but Yan Zifang said that he could not do it. Lu Yingying snorted and planned to leave. Before leaving, he almost fell, Yan Zifang He hurriedly held on, only to find that Lu Yingying’s hand was injured.

Fu Yin has been worried about his safety after Lu Qi went out on the expedition. Fu Yin doesn’t think about eating and drinking every day. In the process of getting along with Lu Qi, Fu Yin has fallen in love with Lu Qi, but Lu Qi is the mastermind who killed his mother. Fu Yin’s heart was extremely contradictory. She wanted to let go of her hatred, so she prayed to her dead mother for Lu Qi’s safety, and silently made up her mind, saying that if Lu Qi returned safely, it was a message from her mother to let go of her hatred. Within a few days, Fu Yin was very happy to learn that Lu Qi had won the battle and was about to return to Chang’an.

Fu Rou went to the Queen’s Palace to report on the situation of Concubine Xi. King Qin happened to be practicing calligraphy in the Queen’s Palace. Seeing that Fu Rou was here, she pestered Fu Rou to tell herself stories. Fu Rou told King Qin the story of Jing Ke’s assassination of Qin, and said if To take revenge, you should also correct your temperament and should not go astray. The queen listened and was very satisfied with Fu Rou. She was flattered by King Qin’s ritual to Fu Rou.

King Han, Sheng Chumu and Lu Qi returned to Chang’an to report on their duties. The emperor was very satisfied with King Han’s military exploits. He praised him in public and praised him greatly. The emperor rewarded Lu Qi again, and Sheng Chumu wanted to go back. Guarding the border, the emperor left Sheng Chumu, named him the Xuanwu general and guarded the Xuanwu gate. After the next dynasty, Zhou Wang told Fu Rou that Sheng Chumu had returned, and took out Yan Fei’s sachet to Fu Rou for her to sew up. This scene was seen by Sheng Chumu. Sheng Chumu’s face was pale and he ignored Fu Rou at all. Go straight away.

The emperor went to see King Zhao. King Zhao was very remorseful, crying and confessing in his arms. The emperor was a little soft-hearted, and the queen persuaded the emperor to forgive King Zhao. The emperor had already softened his heart, but someone with a heart revealed the letter of King Zhao. In the letter, King Zhao contacted the dead man to save himself, and the dead man obeyed the prince’s order. The emperor angrily blamed the prince, and both Han and Fu Rou replaced the prince. Pleading, the emperor decided to trust the prince again, and the emperor planned to dispose of the concubine Xi again, and Fu Rou, who couldn’t bear it, spoke against the emperor again and interceded for the concubine Xi.

After Lu Qi returned to the palace, he reported to the prince that he had not found the letter. It was estimated that it was burned by the king of Zhao, and the prince had no choice but to give up. The person Lu Qi’an inserted in Yan Zifang’s mansion revealed his behavior. He could only return to Lu Mansion to report to Lu Qi. Lu Qi was annoyed at the last time Yan Zifang caught Hong Yide and rebuked Yan Wei for failing to report Hong Yi. Yan Wei was very aggrieved about the virtues, saying that he had sent a letter, and Lu Qi quickly asked the housekeeper to find out who had been in his study.

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