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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 35 Recap

Lu Yingying told Lu Yunji and Lu Qi that King Liang treated her very well, and Lu Yunji had some doubts, but Lu Yingying reported the good news but not the worries, saying that King Liang was very good to him, and Lu Yunji believed him, but Lu Qi did. Doubtful, Lu Yingying’s nanny was a little worried about Lu Yingying, and asked to accompany her to the Liang Palace to continue to serve Lu Yingying, but Lu Yingying did not agree.

King Liang was out to give Princess Lu Yingying’s face, but after returning to the Liang Palace, King Liang asked Lu Yingying to take off her jewelry and clothing, and asked Lu Yingying to change into the clothes of a normal palace lady, and serve as a palace lady to serve King Liang and other women. Lu Qi found a chance to find King Liang alone, gave King Liang a tiger whip, and gave King Liang a precious paperweight. Lu Qi pleased King Liang in every way, just to make King Liang treat Lu Yingying better. .

Although Qian Wenjing didn’t mention King Zhao in the memorial, someone still informed the emperor. The emperor was furious and ordered people to pass Qian Wenjing and Zhao Wang to Beijing. He wanted to ask him personally. When Zhao Wang learned the news, Chenxin was in the ears of Zhao Wang to stir up trouble. Zhao Wang believed that Qian Wenjing was behind the complaint.

He was worried that he would not be able to return after going to Chang’an, so he pretended to be sick and refused to go to Chang’an. Zhao Wang Looking for an opportunity to kill Qian Wenjing, the matter is over, Han Pengmao and Shan Yunmo instigated Zhao Wang to support himself, Chen Xin also encouraged him, Zhao Wang’s ears were soft, and he decided to rebel.

When the incident reached Chang’an, the emperor was furious, and Zhou Wang was also very sad and angry. He asked himself to lead his troops to defeat Zhaozhou. However, the prince persuaded the emperor to change on the grounds that Zhou Wang was emotional and unsuitable for leading soldiers to fight. Let the prince recommend, and the prince recommended Lu Qi to put down the rebellion. The emperor was heartbroken because of King Zhao’s affairs. He almost fainted with anger when he visited Concubine Yan. Only in front of Concubine Yan could the emperor let go of some airs and vent his emotions to her.

Qian Wenjing died, but King Zhou could not lead his soldiers to avenge the teacher himself. This made him very sad. He was drinking alone in the courtyard, ready to get drunk and paralyze herself. Fu Rou was also very sad when he heard the news and accompanied Zhou. Wang used wine to dissipate his sorrows together.

Fu Rou talked with Qian Wenjing that day, and her heart suddenly became clear. She wanted to ask Qian Wenjing for advice later, but who knew that there was no chance. Zhou Wang was also dissatisfied that Lu Qi led the army to defeat Wang Zhao, and Fu Rou recommended Sheng Chumu. Zhou Wang thought that Fu Rou would use herself to help Sheng Chumu return to Beijing, but Fu Rou said that she didn’t mean it. She just believed in Sheng. Chu Mu won’t let herself down.

King Zhou still recommended Sheng Chumu to the emperor, and the emperor asked Sheng Chumu and Lu Qi to go on the expedition together, and the prince also recommended King Han as the coach. The prince once wrote several letters to King Zhao. Now that King Zhao is rebelling, the prince is worried that his letter will be used by someone who wants to use it.

Sheng Chumu and Lu Qi crusade against King Zhao together, but Sheng Chumu has been targeting Lu Qi, and the two have been tit-for-tat. After the queen knew that the prince recommended Han Wang as the coach, she called the prince to reprimand. Sun Lingshu also wondered why the prince recommended Han Wang.

The prince said that he actually wanted Han Wang to experience the difficulty of being the coach. Based on his understanding of Zhao Wang, Zhao Wang would never be captured alive, so that Han Wang would recite The notoriety of the last murderer, so that it can ruin the reputation of King Han. The queen had thought of this a long time ago and had already told King Han that he must capture King Zhao alive.

Ma Hainiu’s business is getting better and better, and because of this, Ma Hainiu can also inquire about news from various places. Ma Hainiu learned of Lu Yingying’s treatment in the Liang Palace and carefully told Lu Yingying’s grievances in the Liang Palace. Yan Zifang, Yan Zifang heard that Lu Yingying was tortured because of him, and felt a little guilty, so Ma Hainiu continued to inquire about the news of the Liang Palace.

King Zhao rebelled. When the Concubine Xi in the palace heard the news, she didn’t eat or drink and wanted to think about it. When Fu Rou saw the news, she said King Zhao would come back. The queen once told King Han not to hurt King Zhao’s life, but Concubine Xi I still didn’t believe it, saying that Zhao Wang was stubborn by nature, even if Zhao Zhoucheng was broken, he would not surrender, but Fu Rou was very confident in Sheng Chumu and believed that Sheng Chumu could save Wang Zhao’s life.

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