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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 46 Recap

Instructor Gao Song once taught them politics in the new barracks, and had to sigh that time flies. Yu Heng announced the arrival of Gao Song and welcomed Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun to return from their studies. The two each expressed their thoughts of returning to the War Blade Company. War Blade Company was always their home, and Xia Zhuo always missed this group. Comrades and brothers. After the holiday, Wang Xianmin ran back home as usual to accompany his wife, son and daughter.

Xia Zhuo discovered that the 334 brigade had installed a code in the standby library, which meant that it had installed a brain that only obeyed their orders. Xia Zhuo thought that the 334 brigade wanted to win the exercise. After listening to Xia Zhuo’s analysis, Yu Heng quickly reported to An Lei. Wang Xianmin and his family had a meal, and they said that they would take them to Hainan after retirement.

When the family was enjoying themselves, Wang Xianmin received a call and said that he had a task, so he hurried back. An earthquake of magnitude 5.5 occurred nearby. Qi Peng mobilized all his staff to inspect the equipment and asked Wang Xianmin to come back for inspection. A soldier wanted to manually close the valve, but was electrified. Wang Xianmin quickly began to check the leakage.

An Lei came to the standby warehouse. This earthquake was a delayed eruption of a landslide two years ago. It may have brought a magnitude six aftershock, which may erupt at any time. An Lei said that the residents migrated after the landslide two years ago, which means that this place is no longer suitable for humans to continue to survive. The leaders thought of this forward two years ago and are ready to evacuate at any time. In the position of Blade Company, the people are there, and the equipment is there. Ouyang Jun offered to go to the command hall, but Xia Zhuo felt that they had better stand by.

Wang Xianmin called Xia Zhuo away. There was water in the standby tank and grass that could only grow by the river valley. Wang Xianmin couldn’t figure out how they got here. Soon the two found out the reason, and Ouyang Jun received the footage from the drone. They must take measures to block the ventilation ducts as soon as possible. Ouyang Jun quickly came up with a plan, and Yu Heng put Ouyang Jun into the emergency team.

Xia Zhuo and Wang Xianmin talked about the route design. When Xia Zhuo knew about the shaft, Wang Xianmin was taken aback. Lu Zheng gave Qi Peng twelve hours to adjust the position of the shaft missile. In order to ensure unnecessary sacrifice, he needed to launch it in advance. Time is running out. Lu Zheng is preparing to disclose the top secrets of the 270 brigade to Zhanyan Company, which is also the top secret of the country, but if he can leave here alive today, what happened today will be kept in his stomach for the rest of his life!

Seeing this missile, everyone’s eyes were filled with surprise, and the whole company soon began preparations for launch. Lu Zheng brought Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun to the combat command room and said that there was a new mission. An Lei explained that they would launch on time at 10:30 in the morning, which meant that they had no choice but to give it a go. The enemy of nature never played cards according to common sense.

Neither Ouyang Jun nor Xia Zhuo had a task. An Lei gave them a severe task. They led the team to complete the task and set off in an hour. Xia Zhuo thinks that the finalization is a major event, and it is even more important to repair the standby library. However, An Lei and the instructor believe that as long as they complete this finalization test, they can be considered as protecting national property. Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng are rushing to repair the standby warehouse, and they are a little bit emotional when they heard that Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun have taken the big task.

Abnormal noises continued to be heard in the standby room, and soon there was an unknown gas leak. Wang Xianmin hurriedly called Xia Zhuo, and Ouyang Jun also followed when he saw it. Wang Xianmin found out that the entrance guard of the condensation tower was invalid. He sent Xia Zhuo to A1 to check the situation. Wang Xianmin took Ouyang Jun into the passage and put on insulating clothes.

The shaft was out of power, and the standby storage was facing huge challenges such as low oxygen content. Qi Peng found that the sound of the compressor was wrong, so he quickly let people check it. Condensation leaked and the oxygen content was extremely low. Wang Xianmin insisted on going up in such a dangerous situation. Ouyang Jun had no choice but to take out the identity of an officer and order Wang Xianmin.

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