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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 44 Recap

Lu Zheng is still preparing for a farewell ceremony tomorrow, but Xia Zhuo is low-key, and still hopes that Lu Zheng will tear off the banner. After all, going to the military parade village is a broken dream for many people, not to mention that it will also give him psychological pressure. No more, Lu Zheng thought about it and thought it was right, so he could only agree. The banner was removed. An Lei encouraged Xia Zhuo to refuel. Xia Zhuo asked him if he could actually launch the shaft missile. An Lei smiled and said that whoever is ready is the one who hopes that Xia Zhuo can be admitted to the military academy.

His talent deserves a bigger stage. Xia Zhuo quickly stated that he would prepare for the exam after returning from the Parade Village. Once he was promoted, he would work for a lifetime. Xia Zhuo asked An Lei if he had never thought of taking off his suit. An Lei thought for a while. Speaking of his postgraduate tutor, he said that when a person put on the military uniform twice, one was when he first joined the military, and the other was when he took off the military uniform, because at that moment you will find that the military uniform has been deeply rooted. Engraved in the bones.

During the military parade, the War Blade Company all sat in front of the TV and applauded sincerely and proudly when they saw Xia Zhuo appear in the launch vehicle. After the military parade, Xia Zhuo returned to the War Blade Company, and everyone came to greet him. He was the pride of the Rocket Army, the pride of the 270th Brigade, and the pride of the War Blade Company. Xia Zhuo received a courier from France, which was sent by Liang Nuo.

Yi Zimeng and Lin Anbang clamored to open it, but Xia Zhuo refused. He could guess what it was. Xia Zhuo said that Liang Nuo said that he would go to France to study when he first arrived in the parade village. When he came back, he sent this. Xia Zhuo didn’t know if he broke up, but as long as he didn’t open the box, his good memories would be preserved. Liang Nuo’s decision to go to France to study was actually very difficult, and what she left for Xia Zhuo was just a chance meeting.

Ouyang Jun returned to the War Blade Company after the exams and promotion. In fact, the night before joining the army, Ouyang Jun had been waiting for a call from Ouyang Hua. The father and son care about each other and are awkward. Ouyang Jun can only let him take care of himself. But this time, Ouyang Jun finally fulfilled his dream for a long time. Yi Zimeng was playing games in the lounge. He was shocked when he saw Ouyang Jun coming back, and he quickly saluted the future platoon leader.

It was also pleasantly surprised to hear that Yi Zimeng, Xia Zhuo, and Lin Anbang were all squad leaders. Yi Zimeng told Ouyang Jun that Ouyang Hua had come to the army. He thought that Ouyang Jun was discharged. He didn’t tell Ouyang Hua about being admitted to the military academy. Yi Zimeng told Ouyang Jun that he didn’t tell anyone about it.

Lin Anbang, who was training, saw Ouyang Jun coming back and hurriedly greeted him. He also asked him why he didn’t tell Ouyang Hua about the military academy examination. Ouyang Jun was embarrassed. Lin Anbang hurriedly ran to find Yi Zimeng, and asked Yi Zimeng to turn around and chat with Ouyang Jun alone. He quickly said a few words to Ouyang Jun. In the evening, Yi Zimeng asked Ouyang Jun to chat in the playground. Before Yi Zimeng could speak, Ouyang Jun spoke first. In fact, Lin Anbang is not to blame, nor is Yi Zimeng to blame. It is his own fault.

He did it many times. I wanted to tell Ouyang Hua about this, but he was afraid that Ouyang Hua would have nothing to say when he opened his mouth, and he was afraid that he would not be able to say anything when he returned home. Yi Zimeng persuaded Ouyang Jun that they had always understood him from university to the military, so he hoped that Ouyang Jun could reconcile with himself. Ouyang Jun turned around and sighed, the previous nightmare lingering in his heart.

Xia Zhuo came back from the standby library and saw Ouyang Jun. Ouyang Jun said that he came back for research and would have to wait for a week. Ouyang Jun took out the admissions guide of Rocket Army Engineering University, but Xia Zhuo declined to say that he had to consider the matter of entering the military academy. Ouyang Jun was very worried about Xia Zhuo’s state, so he went to talk to Lu Zheng for this reason.

Xia Zhuo was a very optimistic person. He would never see this indifferent state in him, just like a lost one. The same as your child. Lu Zheng pointed to the collar badge on his body and said that he should think about the problem in the mind of a commander. Frankly speaking, Lu Zheng is very optimistic about Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun. They are the mainstay of the future rocket army and even the whole army.

Lu Zheng organized an event for Ouyang Jun to share his learning experience in the military academy. This day, Ouyang Jun made Xia Zhuo feel strange, but he was more admired. In just one semester, he felt Ouyang Jun’s body. Open-minded and tolerant. At night, Ouyang Jun chatted with Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng about Xia Zhuo, and they all wanted to help Xia Zhuo. Yi Zimeng said that Ouyang Jun has changed a lot.

He actually started to care about Xia Zhuo, but Ouyang Jun knew that he was enlisted in the army because of Xia Zhuo’s help. Now Xia Zhuo almost gave up his great future. Ouyang Jun was the first one. Do not agree. Ouyang Jun heard that Xia Zhuo received the courier from Liang Nuo and refused to open it. Remember to see Xia Zhuo put the box in the storage room. Ouyang Jun thinks this box is the key to solving the problem. Ouyang Jun, Yi Zimeng, and Lin Anbang quietly entered the storage room.

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