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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 43 Recap

Ouyang Jun spoke on behalf of everyone. The veterans were about to leave, and all of them gave the veterans a sweet briquettes in return, wishing them sweetness and prosperity in the days to come. Seeing the briquettes in front of them, the veterans sang songs, and the sentimental atmosphere filled the whole canteen.

After the veteran ceremony, the veterans honourably left the army, leaving the place where they dedicated their lives. Wang Xianmin cried away and sent away old comrades like Chen Haofeng and Hou Jidong. He had already burst into tears. When he left, he said that he regretted. He should stand in the queue to send them off, but he was afraid of being separated. , San will never be a starry sky.

Ouyang Jun gave Xia Zhuo a letter and left. This is a recommendation letter for joining the party, along with a copy of Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng. Xia Zhuo joined the party with Ouyang Jun, Lin Anbang, and Yi Zimeng, and made a solemn oath in front of the party flag. Lang Yongcheng came back from the operation, everyone came to greet him, but Lang Yongcheng did not see Xia Zhuo beside him. Xia Zhuo was taken aback for a moment, and hurriedly stood in front of him, saying that he had just arrived. Several people know that Lang Yongcheng’s illness is not healed.

Shao Shuai told everyone about Lang Yongcheng’s situation. He is not blind, he can see the faint light, but it is no different from blindness. Both Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun understand that Lang Yongcheng is hard-mouthed. Only he knows how uncomfortable Lang Yongcheng is. Lin Anbang didn’t say a word, and he was also sad. Lang Yongcheng’s retiring procedure was a relief to come down with the veterans. Lu Zheng asked everyone to think about how Lang Yongcheng could make up a retiring ceremony so that he would have a happier time when he did not leave. Xia Zhuo proposed to let Lang Yongcheng be the referee for the selection of the military parade.

In the National Day parade pilot trumpeter trials, Xia Zhuo made a purely friendly cameo today. Lin Anbang was determined to enter the parade village, but he was thinking that he is so close to Lang Yongcheng now, can he see himself? Xia Zhuo didn’t know what to say, and Lin Anbang was very sad. When I arrived at Lin Anbang, Lin Anbang was definitely not a problem, but he didn’t expect Lin Anbang to get involved because he was thinking about Lang Yongcheng.

Lin Anbang unexpectedly lost the election. Lang Yongcheng’s heart made him unable to calm down at all, and he wanted to drive through Tiananmen Square too much so that he would fall into the most basic subjects. In the end, Xia Zhuo passed the assessment smoothly, and he carried the hope of the whole brigade, as well as the sustenance of Lin Anbang and Lang Yongcheng.

Lang Yongcheng retired from the army. Lu Zheng, Shao Shuai, Xia Zhuo, Ouyang Jun, Yi Zimeng, and Lin Anbang came to see him. Lang Yongcheng said goodbye to everyone. Lin Anbang couldn’t help crying. Lang Yongcheng told him that the steering wheel of life is always on his own. In their hands, as long as they recognize the direction and goal, they are the drivers of their lives.

Just like Xia Zhuo said, there is no standard correct answer in life. Xia Zhuo gave Lang Yongcheng a gift, saying it was everyone’s wish. Mrs. Lang came to pick Lang Yongcheng home and rented a handsome car. Lang Yongcheng once said that after she was discharged from the army, she would take her around the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, and the two set off sweetly.

After watching them leave, Lu Zheng sighed that this was the most unrestrained retirement ceremony he had ever seen. In the car, Lang Yongcheng opened the thing Xia Zhuo gave. It was an AR glasses. After wearing it, it automatically played the video recorded by Xia Zhuo. An Lei, Lu Zheng, Shao Shuai, Chen Haofeng, Hou Jidong, and Wang Xianmin all recorded the video. , Say something you want to say for so many years. Of course, Yi Zimeng, Ouyang Jun and Lin Anbang are indispensable.

Lin Anbang has a lot to say to him. From the moment he was eliminated by the war blade and brought back by Lang Yongcheng, Lin Anbang felt that there might not be a second person like Lang Yongcheng in his life. Understand him that way. When the camera returns to Xia Zhuo, everyone is reluctant to bear him, but they understand that there is no permanent banquet in the world. Everyone shouted goodbye to Lao Lang, and Lang Yongcheng’s eyes were wet after watching them.

The veterans are gone, the recruits are here, and another group of soldiers have entered the selection of the War Blade Company. Ouyang Jun was successfully admitted to the Rocket Army Engineering University, Xia Zhuo became the new squad leader, and Yi Zimeng became the deputy squad leader. In a few days, Xia Zhuo was going to the Parade Village. Everyone was joking, and Xia Zhuo and Yi Zimeng also Grew a lot. Lu Zheng was very pleased to see that they led the soldiers and brought them in a good manner.

An Lei came again when he was teaching them. An Lei said that he had bought a lamb to give them a meal, and he ate what Xia Zhuo wanted the most. Big dumplings stuffed with lamb. An Lei asked Xia Zhuo to go to the Parade Village this time, hoping that he would train well and try to give the 270 brigade a long face. Lu Zheng quietly told An Lei that he likes to eat big dumplings with beef, An Lei said that he could not afford it.

Lin Anbang pulled up a banner to send off Xia Zhuo to the military parade, saying that it was Lu Zhengrang who hung it up, and Xia Zhuo hurriedly went to find him. Lu Zheng is preparing for the cadre assessment. I heard that Xia Zhuo felt that the banner was too sassy, ​​indicating that he was deliberately swearing. After all, the Rocket Army is fighting for glory. The Rocket Army’s entire base selects 28, and the only one in the Battle Blade Company is Xia Zhuo. .

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