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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 23 Recap

– Wen Jinchen works as a waiter at Ming Restaurant

Because of the things that Wen Jinchen and Pei Xiuzhe have experienced before, they look down on each other and do not speculate. The only bedroom was given to Yueyue, and the brother-in-law and the elder brother could only sleep on the floor in the living room. The next day, when Yueyue woke up, she saw Wen and Pei hugging and sleeping in the living room, which was very funny.

Wen Jinchen’s bank card was frozen and he could only temporarily borrow money from Pei Xiuzhe. On the same day, they came to the mall together to buy Yueyue supplies for pregnant women. The two big men knew nothing and were clumsy. When they quarreled, they were mistaken for same-sex couples by the supermarket staff, which was a bit embarrassing.

Ming Restaurant lost money continuously under the meticulous management of Long Smile. When Wen Yuan and his wife discussed a solution, Wen Jun came and said that he was really a rich second generation. Later, he invested 5 million in Ming Restaurant. Wen Jun also tried very hard to please Long’s smile. Seeing his silly look, he liked him very much, but he still pretended to be unhappy on the surface.

Wen Jun returned to the Wen family and learned that the old man was sick and hospitalized. Wen Liang sat in the chairperson’s seat nightly, and some blamed himself that his grandfather was ill. Now his younger brother has had a good time with Yueyue. In his life, Wen Jun is asked not to tell him things. On the other side, Yueyue and Wen Jinchen happily returned to Pei Xiuzhe’s house and ate the meal that Pei carefully prepared.

Wen Liangye came to the hospital to visit his grandfather, facing the old man lying on the hospital bed, he said to himself that if he had gone to a remote place with Siya in the first place and did not take any action against the Wen group, would it not happen? All unfortunately. His deep apology can be heard in the words.

With the help of Yueyue, the relationship between Wen Jinchen and Pei Xiuzhe finally eased, and the two of them cleaned the table together. Wen Jinchen deliberately got up in the morning to make breakfast for his lover and elder brother, and the family enjoyed themselves. On the same day, Wen Jinchen drove a small tricycle and took Yueyue to the market to buy food. Under Wen Jinchen’s licking attack, Wen Jinchen agreed to sell the vegetables at a low price. Wen and Yuan enjoyed this trivial little life.

After returning to the restaurant, Yueyue made filet mignon steak to reward others. Wen Jinchen suggested that he knows many languages, so it is better to be a waiter in the restaurant. Ye Zhiyu went to the restaurant to eat without knowing it, and saw Wen Jinchen actually working as a waiter. She was very helpless to say that restaurant work should not be his life. Wen Jinchen did not express this, but overheard two things. People like Yueyue Wenjun and others think that Wen Jinchen’s daily performance since the company resigns is somewhat unreasonable. The big boss who used to be superior is now a small waiter, and it is bound to be psychologically imbalanced.

After discussion, everyone intends to add all the titles of the restaurant’s CEO, CIO, COO and other senior management positions to Wen Jinchen, in order to restore him to the feeling of being a boss. Wen Jinchen, who didn’t have any sense of gap at first, felt uncomfortable seeing everyone rushing to stop him from working.

After a hard day’s work, smile proposed to go to KTV to sing and vent. Wen Jinchen thought it was a good time to have a relationship with everyone, so he went with everyone. The drunk smile took Wen Jun home, and the two had a spring night.

After returning to Pei’s house, facing Yueyue’s care, Wen Jinchen told her true inner thoughts that she was trained as a successor to the group since she was a child. There are hardly any happy days. On the contrary, the days of serving as a waiter in the restaurant are very fulfilling these few days. very happy.

In the early morning of the next day, Wen Jun woke up a little flustered with a smile, saying that his father had taught him to respect women since he was a child, and now he had a relationship with the smile when he was unmarried. He blamed himself and assured him that he would recognize her in this life. On the other side, Wen Jinchen got the news that his grandfather was sick.

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