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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 22 Recap

Yueyue brought Wen Jinchen to the wishing gallery of her alma mater. Wen Jinchen found the wish card that Yueyue made a few years ago to marry Pei Xiuzhe, and pretended to be angry and asked her to write a new wish for herself. The two confessed sweetly. each other. Wen Jinchen said that he likes Yueyue’s frankness, and hopes that no matter what happens in the future, the two of them can face each other together. Yueyue happily accepted his marriage proposal.

The two plan to go home and confess everything to Grandpa and stay together in an open and honest manner. Wen Jinchen came to his grandfather’s house alone, and Ye Zhiyu was also there. Grandpa asked Wen Jinchen and Ye Zhiyu to be together on the grounds that the way to treat a broken relationship was to start a new relationship as soon as possible. He, now it is him who asks the two to get back together, so why should he decide his feelings.

Ye Zhiyu talked with Wen Jinchen separately, saying that he has now acquired all of Wen Liangye’s shares in Tianyi Group. He is now Tianyi’s largest shareholder and needs the blessing of Wen Group. As long as Wen Jinchen agrees to participate in business activities together, then He would take the initiative to find Mr. Wen and tell him that he has no feelings for him. Wen Jinchen agreed.

Wen Liangye asked someone to investigate Yuan Siya’s whereabouts and found out that she had gone to the hospital for a pregnancy test before being sent abroad. Wen Liangye was very sad, and now she can’t even protect her lover’s child. In the bar, Wen Liangye told Pei Xiuzhe about the acquaintance and acquaintance with Yuan Siya. The two met during an investment cooperation, and they developed feelings for each other in the subsequent cooperation. Pei Xiuzhe was willing to help Wen Liangye find Yuan Siya, and the two discussed that the Wen Group most valued by Mr. Wen, if he started from then on, he might be able to force Siya’s whereabouts.

Wen Jinchen accompanied Ye Zhiyu to the banquet. When he drove away that night, the paparazzi sent by Ye Zhiyu took a picture of the two leaving in the car. The next day, the major news media picked up the relationship between the two lovers and began to speculate. Wen Jin Chen’s first thought when she saw the news was that she was afraid that Yueyue would be jealous, so she hurried to Ming Restaurant to find someone to explain. He didn’t expect that Yueyue was not jealous but found the exaggerated reports of the news media to be funny.

Wen Jinchen received a call. Someone was maliciously discrediting the stock price of La Low Temperature, inducing investors to withdraw and inject funds into Tianyi Group. Wen Jinchen hurriedly approached Ye Zhiyu to question, Ye Zhiyu denied. Grandpa also approached Wen Jinchen to question, saying that he was going to decide everything about the Wen family. Now that the Wen Group’s stock price plummeted, it was essentially the Yuan family’s fault, and that this family must be ruined. Wen Jinchen blamed his grandfather for forcing his father and brother away, and now he doesn’t want to stay. Mr. Wen dismissed Wen Jinchen from his job and went out.

Yueyue went to the hospital for a physical examination, and she was indeed pregnant. Wen Jinchen planned to tell her grandfather about this, but the grandfather who was already ill and anxious could not receive the news. Wen Liangye, who came to accompany him, recalled the scene of the confrontation with his grandfather after Wen Jinchen left that day, and felt self-blame for the radical remarks at that time, but did not tell Wen Jinchen that his grandfather was ill. Wen Jinchen’s bank card was frozen, and in desperation he could only accompany Yueyue to Pei Xiuzhe’s house temporarily.

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