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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 27 Recap

Guo Jiangdong was excited to watch the video of Hu Meng singing an opera, Guo Sanshuang suddenly had an idea, and wanted to use Hu Meng’s influence to make money. Guo Sanshuang met with two live-streamed jade bracelet bosses early in the morning and strongly recommended Hu Meng to them. The bosses demanded that Hu Meng’s fans exceed one million, and Guo Sanshuang promised to complete the task within a week.

In order to expand his influence and attract more fans in a short period of time, Guo Sanshuang made careful arrangements and chose to shoot on the tower. He also hired a costume artist and makeup artist to repackage Hu Meng, and Guo Sanshuang personally Video recording of Hu Meng, Mr. Hou took pictures on the sidelines, Hu Meng sang sternly, and the number of fans rose steadily, but he was still 15,000 people short of one million.

Ye Xiaomei has been helping Granny Gui to pay for the medical expenses. She was almost unable to support it. Ye Xiaomei thought about it and went to the nursing home with Guo Sanshuang and asked the elderly to help forward Hu Meng’s video. Except for Hou Lao, the other elderly strongly opposed. , Ye Xiaomei explained the interests to everyone, but the old people still didn’t buy it, they all complained for Granny Gui.

After Sanshuang came to the hospital to accompany the bed, I saw Hu Meng coming to see Granny Gui from a distance, and Hu Meng apologized to Granny Gui. She was held by her husband and unit leaders for most of her life. She had never been wronged and spoke harshly to Granny Gui. Hu Meng got more excited as he talked, and finally wept bitterly. Guo Sanshuang could see clearly outside the door. He reported to the elderly in the nursing home what Hu Meng had done in detail.

At this moment, the lawyer came to Ye Xiaomei, but he couldn’t find Hu Meng, so she asked Ye Xiaomei to pass the court’s summons to Hu Meng. Not happy to see this, he was the first to call Changqing and ask him to help forward Hu Meng’s video. The old people called their families one after another. Hu Meng’s fans soon exceeded one million. The two bosses signed a contract with Hu Meng. Hu Meng sold jade live. Guo Sanshuang was on the side to help. Hu Meng’s influence became wider and wider, and many merchants came to Hu. Meng endorsed selling goods, Hu Meng could not be more disturbed.

Evergreen was entrusted by a friend to ask Hu Meng to endorse a physiotherapy shop, but Hu Meng was kind enough to agree. Hu Meng sold goods live for a period of time, and soon enough to make up for Granny Gui’s compensation, the lawyer came forward and signed a settlement with Hu Meng. In order to thank the elderly people in the nursing home, Hu Meng specially bought a few large boxes of fruit for them. I also sent the VIP card from the physiotherapy shop, but everyone looked at each other and refused to accept it.

When I was unhappy, I first took the fruits and VIP cards. The other elderly people also took what they needed. From that day on, the elderly people in the nursing homes all took small videos and posted them on the Internet. Guo Sanshuang and Ye Xiaomei took turns taking care of Granny Gui. Granny Gui finally woke up. Ye Xiaomei and Guo Sanshuang sought a doctor to understand Granny Gui’s condition and learned that her condition was very bad. Not only did she suffer from severe stroke sequelae, she might be paralyzed. , But rehabilitation is a painful process, and Ye Xiaomei and Guo Sanshuang are afraid to make a decision.

Ye Xiaomei called to ask for the opinion of Granny Gui’s son. He asked her to ask Granny Gui’s thoughts. She only agreed to pay, not taking care of her. After Sanshuang came to see Granny Gui, she didn’t recognize Sanshuang and didn’t want to eat oranges. Ye Xiaomei came to see Granny Gui and admitted that she was Lin Sufen’s granddaughter, and that Lin Sufen had passed away. Granny Gui was stunned. Ye Xiaomei took the opportunity to ask Granny Gui’s opinion on rehabilitation.

The jade bracelet recommended by Hu Meng was complained by netizens because of its poor quality. Hu Meng consulted with two bosses and wanted to return the product to the netizens, but they resolutely refused to do it. Hu Meng came to see Granny Gui and took the opportunity to vomit bitterness to Ye Xiaomei. He wanted to stop receiving commercials after Granny Gui was discharged, and wanted to sing in his spare time.

Hu Mengxiang moved back to the nursing home again, and Ye Xiaomei promised it all, and also wanted to use her influence to vigorously promote the nursing home. Granny Gui finally recovered from her injury and was discharged from the hospital. Hu Meng personally picked her back to the nursing home, and used her mobile phone to broadcast live, filming all the inside and outside of the nursing home for publicity. Ye Xiaomei bought the rehabilitation training equipment for Granny Gui, Granny Gui didn’t want to practice, Hu Meng kindly persuaded her, Granny Gui reluctantly agreed.

Guo Sanshuang and Ye Xiaomei were eating out, and accidentally saw on TV that the owner of the physiotherapy shop endorsed by Hu Meng rolled money and ran away. Customers who had paid the deposit gathered around the door to protest. Guo Sanshuang was immediately dumbfounded. Hu Meng saw the abuse and curse on her online, and she was speechless. Hu Meng came to the physiotherapy shop with a stern cover and saw that the door had been sealed. The security guards mistakenly thought that she was also a victim and advised her not to wait any longer.

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