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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 37 Recap

Xie Xiaoni found an excuse to deliver a food box to Deacon Zhao, entered Deacon Zhao’s room and found that she was not there, and quickly began to look for records of the year, but at this moment someone came in, Xie Xiaoni hurriedly hid, taking advantage of her attention to steal the record. Ran out. Xie Xiaoni showed Ouyang Ziyu the record book, and Ouyang Ziyu said that he still needs to find the account book of the Gongshi Bureau, but naturally someone will help them.

Master Gao received the news that Xie Feng was going to check the accounts himself and quickly came to Yuan Daocheng, who knew that Ouyang Ziyu must have instigated him. Yan Wenxiu said that Xie Xiaoni stole Deacon Zhao’s account book. She and Ouyang Ziyu have a very close relationship, and there is some connection between the two. Yuan Daocheng told Master Gao that it was time to take action on the things in the secret room.

Master Gao left a box of gold and silver jewelry, thinking that Yuan Daocheng couldn’t find that he wanted to scrape some oily water. Su Wenyu drank boring wine at home, Su Gongming threw his wine glass and yelled at him as a waste. Su Wenyu was very wronged. The Su family’s signboard was already rotten in Su Gongming’s hands. The Su family was gone. All of this was caused by Su Gongming. One move is ridiculously wrong! Luo Palace.

Ouyang Ziyu told Xie Xiaoni that there was no flaw in the ledger they sent, but their purpose of checking the account was only the details, and the record of Su Gongming’s entry into the warehouse was not erased. Ouyang Ziyu asked Xiaoqin to copy exactly the same book, which was very important to them. Xie Xiaoni didn’t expect that the enemy she was looking for was always by her side. It was really unexpected, but it was a pity that her family never saw it anymore, so Ouyang Ziyu hurriedly embraced her to comfort her.

Fu San wanted to run and was caught in front of Ouyang Ziyu. Fu San also told them that he had seen a secret room in the tall man, and also told them about the greed of the Palace and City Bureau. Ouyang Ziyu released Fu San, decided to catch a turtle in an urn, and invited Yuan Daocheng and Gao Dao to a banquet, and then sent someone to the Gaofu to search. Yuan Daocheng was worried that Ouyang Ziyu would continue to dig deeper, so he decided to solve the Su family. After all, the Xie family was caused by the Su family.

Su Gongming recently broke his neck when a man in black broke in and pretended to commit suicide. Su Wenyu learned that Su Gongming had hanged himself and quickly returned to the Su Mansion. He saw Su Wenyu’s suicide note and refused to believe that Su Gongming would never commit suicide. Su Wenyu found that the strangle mark on Su Gongming’s neck was different. It was obviously strangled to death. This must be strange.

Yuan Daocheng took her out because Yan Wenxiu messed up the matter, and warned her never to keep those useless people around. Su Wenyu believes that Su Gongming’s death is strange, so he deliberately came to find any doubts, but accidentally found the letter that Big Brother Su should leave to Su Gongming, saying that he hoped that Su Gongming would take care of Su Wenyu. Su Gongming made a big mistake in the old Xie family case. Close hand.

Xie Xiaoni was very excited to learn that Su Gongming had committed suicide. The clue she finally found was broken again. Ouyang Ziyu thought that they must be able to do it first. No one else knew about Su Gongming’s suicide note, but Master Gao knew that he obviously couldn’t get rid of him. Su Wenyu quickly said that there was something wrong with this matter.

Seeing Master Gao’s panic, he recognized this idea even more. Master Gao sold all the gold and silver jewels in exchange for cash, and also told Yuan Daocheng that Su Wenyu was tracing Su Gongming’s death. Yuan Daocheng called Master Gao and Yan Wenxiu, and said they had something to discuss. Ouyang Ziyu invited them to the mansion. Yan Wenxiu thought it was a Hongmen banquet, but Yuan Daocheng decided to have a banquet with Gao Daocheng. He wanted to see how important Xie Xiaoni was in Ouyang Ziyu’s heart.

Ouyang Ziyu has laid ambush everything, and invited Liu Zixuan to help them with 300 troops. Liu Zixuan said that this matter is of great importance, so it is better to take Xie Xiaoni to him first, and let Xie Xiaoni go back to the competition after the matter is finished. Later, Ouyang Ziyu quickly asked Xiaolu to pick up Xiaoni. Yuan Daocheng had already left the house on his way to the Luo Palace, and Ouyang Ziyu had already prepared everything, but Yuan Daocheng had found that Ouyang Ziyu’s people were all over the gates of the Luo Palace.

What Ouyang Ziyu did not expect was that Xie Xiaoni was not in Ruiyuan. Zhao Tongshen sent a letter saying that he saw someone inquiring about Xie Xiaoni’s life experience, and Ouyang Ziyu realized that Yuan Daocheng had been investigating Xie Xiaoni long ago. Yuan Daocheng’s carriage turned around, and Ouyang Ziyu quickly withdrew his troops and sent someone to find Xie Xiaoni.

An hour ago, Xie Xiaoni received a letter saying that Yuanxiang was in her hand. Xie Xiaoni hurriedly went back to find Yuanxiang, but she didn’t expect Yuanxiang to be there.

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