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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 36 Recap

Ouyang Ziyu hoped that Xie Xiaoni would calm down, and the closer to the truth, the more calm he would be. Ouyang Ziyu verified that Yuan Daocheng and Deacon Zhao were in the same group. If he can get the record of the tampered record corresponding to the year, it can prove that Su Gongming has a ghost in the warehouse. . Ouyang Ziyu hopes that Xie Xiaoni will calm down and prepare for the next round of competition, and must not be horrified.

Yuan Xiang sent Xie Xiaoni to marry for the second test. Everyone was surrounded when Xie Xiaoni came back. Su Wenyu saw that she was too impatient to show off, and she also showed off that he had taken over Su style in full. He wanted to tell Xie Xiaoni that her original choice was How outrageous, even if Xie Xiaoni entered the second test, she couldn’t prove herself, she was a woman after all. Xie Xiaoni said that Dao was different and did not seek each other, and Su Wenyu was very angry.

There are many rumors about Yan Wenxiu and Yuan Daocheng in the market. Su Gongming is very angry, but Su Wenyu feels that it is her own choice. Faced with Su Gongming’s beating and scolding Su Wenyu, Su Wenyu can already fight back. After the bidding meeting, Su Wenyu would write a letter of resignation to Yan Wenxiu and send her back to Yan’s house. Su Gongming was trembling with anger. Xie Xiaoni rushed to find Ouyang Ziyu angrily. Ouyang Ziyu guessed that she didn’t want the Su family to get the tribute merchants.

In fact, he was also very strange. Xie Xiaoni was not such a person who would pay for it. Xie Xiaoni said that she had always suspected that Yun Niang’s death had nothing to do with Yan Wenxiu. No one except Yan Wenxiu would deliberately lock her in the wood room. Ouyang Ziyu thanked Xiao Ni, the truth will come to light. Yuan Daocheng has discovered the true identity of Xie Xiaoni. She is the daughter of Xie’s family who was missing. Yan Wenxiu is very surprised. Xie Xiaoni is actually a fugitive? Yuan Daocheng decided to find another evidence, and there may be other gains.

Yan Wenxiu ran and said cool words. Speaking of Xie Xiaoni just coming to Yunjinzhuang, she was like a fugitive, with temptations everywhere, Xie Xiaoni ignored it. After the second trial of the spice, the perfume made by Mrs. Zhou was strong, and the princess thought that the stamina was a little insufficient. Xie Xiaoni asked a man to show off the balm, and the smell made the princess very satisfied. Xie Xiaoni won twelve votes.

The princess announced that the vanilla hall would go directly to the final exam, and Mrs. Zhou was also convinced. Yan Wenxiu won the first prize in the weaving competition. There were four households who entered the final examination. Yan Wenxiu always believed that Xie Xiaoni won because of luck, and threatened to make her pay the price.

Yan Wenxiu returned to the Su Mansion, and her subordinates changed her name from young grandmother to young lady, and Su Gongming was still not welcome. Yan Wenxiu was very dissatisfied, and immediately ran to Su Gongming and said that he would get her things back. Su Gongming had promised that she would give her ten semicolons. Su Gongming said that the premise was that Yan Wenxiu belonged to the Su family, but now everyone knows who Yan Wenxiu is.

Yan Wenxiu has not insulted the Su family’s lintel, and Su Gongming’s failure to tie her five flowers back to the Yan family is a gift. Yan Wenxiu and Su Gongming tore their faces, Yan Wenxiu threatened not to take back the ten semicolons and vowed not to be a man. Su Wenyu wanted to send Yan Wenxiu back to Huaizhou immediately, but Yan Wenxiu was already in a frenzy. Yan Wenxiu ran to ask Yuan Daocheng for justice. Yuan Daocheng asked those shops to be used by him. Although Yan Wenxiu was unwilling, he still gave Yuan Daocheng half of the proceeds.

Soon, the Palace and Municipal Bureau found an excuse to copy the Su’s shop. Su Wenyu refused to close the shop or go to Yan Wenxiu. He needed to tie the bell to untie the bell. Su Gongming gritted his teeth and gave up the three shops and asked Su Wenyu to talk to Yan Wenxiu. Yuan Mansion and Yan Wenxiu had heard that the Su family was only willing to give up three shops. Of course, they disagreed. They said that one of the ten shops could not be less, and Su Wenyu had to send the letter of suspension together. Soon, Yan Wenxiu took ten shops and opened the Yan’s cloth house.

Tomorrow is about to enter Ruiyuan, and it will be more than half a month later. Ouyang Ziyu reminded her not to take risks, but Xie Xiaoni didn’t want to let Ouyang Ziyu make enemies anymore. It was safer for her to handle this matter. Ouyang Ziyu hopes that Xie Xiaoni will clear the wrongdoing for Xie’s family and leave the capital to enjoy the world with herself, but he knows that Xie Xiaoni can’t do it, because her roots are here, then he will accompany Xie Xiaoni to reinvigorate Xie’s family.

Back in Ruiyuan, Yan Wenxiu moved a lot of things and brought in a lot of maids. Only then did Xie Xiaoni know that Yan Wenxiu was no longer Su’s grandmother. Boss Jiang, Boss Liu, and Boss Yue came to Su Wenyu, because they heard that the Palace and City Bureau often came to the restaurant to eat and drink and refused to give the money, so they wanted to return the money, so Su Wenyu had to do it. The deacon was going to deliver wine to Deacon Zhao, and Xie Xiaoni found an excuse to help her deliver it.

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