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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 35 Recap

In the second trial of spices, you need to name the five kinds of incense among the spices. Xie Xiaoni wrote it out smoothly and all of them were correct, while Mrs. Zhou wrote all eight kinds of them. For the subject of the three trials, I made a summer balm, which lasted for a long time and won. They also allowed the two to use the perfume of the Gongshi Bureau. After Xie Xiaoni got the spices, she met Ouyang Ziyu. Xie Xiaoni wanted to check the old ledger in the warehouse. If she could find the pearl powder ledger, she could find evidence. Ouyang Ziyu asked her to be more careful.

In the middle of the night, Xie Xiaoni got permission to go to the warehouse and look for things in the log room. Yan Wenxiu heard the deacons complaining and sneaked in while they were not paying attention. Xie Xiaoni discovered that pearl powder was not recorded back then, and would not be recorded if it was deliberately framed. Xie Xiaoni left, and Yan Wenxiu hurried away.

As soon as the two instructors were about to turn off the lights, Xie Feng came with what the princess was looking for. Hearing that Xie Xiaoni had come before, Xie Feng was a little surprised. Xie Feng quietly opened the door of the registration room and searched for the ledger, but he was as fruitless as Xie Xiaoni.

The princess and Liu Zixuan kicked the shuttlecock to remind Xie Feng of the scene with Xie Xiaoni. Liu Zixuan played with her father Xie Feng, but Xie Feng refused to say no. Liu Zixuan ran to the old aunts of the Palace and Municipal Bureau to tell the story. They said their stories were strange, and everything that happened at the Palace City Bureau could be heard from them.

Yan Wenxiu told Su Gongming that she had seen Xie Xiaoni turning her older age, and Su Gongming asked her to keep an eye on Xie Xiaoni. Su Gongming hoped that Yan Wenxiu would stay at home for one night tonight, saying that she should be soft but she should be soft.

Yan Wenxiu refused, because she had already died of Su Wenyu. Su Wenyu came when he was leaving, and he persuaded Yan Wenxiu to let go of his hatred. She was too terrible now, but Yan Wenxiu didn’t care at all. Xie Xiaoni was distressed about how to find out the truth about how to change it. Suddenly a note flew over, indicating that there is no trace of the old case, the old things can be found, and the old people can ask. Ouyang Ziyu and Xie Xiaoni pondered for a long time, and finally understood what the old man meant.

Xie Xiaoni went to the Palace and City Bureau to find those old women, holding a lot of rouge balm, and coaxing these old women very happy. Xie Xiaoni helped the old women apply the balm, and gave them the balm. The oldest wife, Wang, liked her very much. Xie Xiaoni quickly said that she would want to chat with her in the future, and that she would bring her mouth fat next time. Xie Xiaoni said that pearl powder was added to her mouth fat, but Granny Wang said she didn’t dare to use it.

Xie Xiaoni asked with a look of confusion. Granny Wang said she had taught pearl powder given by the heavenly family, let alone ordinary things. Su Gongming came to Yuan Daocheng for what happened back then and gave him a piece of jade, but Yuan Daocheng didn’t want to get involved anymore. Su Gongming was kicked out, but Yuan Daocheng asked Xie Xiaoni to check.

If Mr. Gao was not at home, Fu San stole the back door and escaped, but he didn’t expect to be knocked out by Xiaolu when he went out. Yan Wenxiu was changing Yuan Daocheng’s clothes, Master Gao ran in and said that Fu San had run away, and in a panic, he told about the last time he was sent to administer Ouyang Ziyu. Yuan Daocheng glanced at Yan Wenxiu and asked Master Gao to solve Fu San. However, Yan Wenxiu suddenly pointed out that Fu San was a big or small matter. Then, as long as Master Gao insisted that Fu San committed the crime himself, let alone the people in Master Gao’s mansion. There was no reason why Yuan Daocheng was involved in the crime, and Yuan Daocheng was very pleased.

Fu San quickly recruited. Ouyang Ziyu knew that Yuan Daocheng could not be overthrown by his testimony, so he decided to lock it up first and release the dog to bite the dog when necessary. Granny Wang was drinking, and Xie Xiaoni brought some braised beef. She took the opportunity to ask about pearl powder. When she drank too much, she said that she stole some pearl powder and distributed it to the sisters. They used it to compress their faces. The result was second. Their faces were swollen, and this pearl powder was going to be sent to Xie’s house.

At that time, it was common for them to steal things out to sell or use them for themselves, while Granny Wang secretly ran into the warehouse, but Su Gongming went in again midway. I came and saw him playing around the pearl powder box for a while and left, waiting for him to go. It took Granny Wang to steal some pearl powder. Xie Xiaoni asked Su Gongming if there would be a record when she went in. Granny Wang said that Deacon Zhao should have a record, and then she fell drunk.

Xie Xiaoni told Ouyang Ziyu about this incident. When her family received the pearl powder, the seal was intact, and Su Gongming could not enter or leave the warehouse, indicating that Yuan Daocheng was instructing behind.

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