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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 34 Recap

Xie Xiaoni was angry again, Ouyang Ziyu was a little flustered, and the two ran into a cherry blossom tree when they were fighting, and petals floated up all over the sky. Most of Xie Xiaoni’s anger disappeared. Xiaoju ran over in a panic and said that Princess Lan Zhao had been poisoned after eating the cherry blossom cake made by Xie Xiaoni. Liu Zixuan was very scared and said that he took the cherry blossom cake to find the princess.

The princess also thought it was delicious. He didn’t expect to pass out after drinking the wine. At that time, he panicked and reported it to the Miyako Municipal Bureau. People from the Palace and City Bureau came to fetch people, and Ouyang Ziyu was protecting Xie Xiaoni. Liu Zixuan hurriedly went to see the princess, the imperial doctor had already given the injection, and Xie Feng quarreled with the maid in order to protect Xie Xiaoni.

The princess woke up, but it was fine, but Lan Zhao demanded that the poisoner be caught and severely punished. The princess also felt that Xie Xiaoni would not be poisoned. Xie Feng quickly expressed the hope that she would find the truth. She would definitely give everyone one. Confess. Both Xie Feng and Liu Zixuan believed in Xie Xiaoni, and the princess also gave them a three-day deadline. If they can’t find her after three days, they can only inform the court.

Yuan Daocheng heard that this matter should be severely punished, Ouyang Ziyu said that this matter has not been investigated, and everything must be paid attention to evidence. The emperor said that the cherry blossom cake contains heavy alkali, and the cherry blossom cake was made by Xie Xiaoni. Yuan Daocheng wants to close the case quickly Give Lan Zhao an explanation.

Su Wenyu accidentally discovered that Master Gao went to the restaurant without giving money, and quickly stepped forward to make amends. Ouyang Ziyu came to see Xie Xiaoni, he would definitely take her out, even if she was reduced to the people, it didn’t matter, but Xie Xiaoni knew that this matter could not get rid of the matter, but Skynet was sparse and not leaking, she believed that Ouyang Ziyu would be able to investigate. Out the truth.

Liu Zixuan led the officers and soldiers who were in charge of the kitchen with the wine and food, and Xie Feng took the opportunity to sneak in. Ouyang Ziyu overheard Xiaoqin scolding the maid, and suddenly got a clue. Xie Feng sneaked into the kitchen to find evidence, while Liu Zixuan stalled outside. Xie Feng didn’t find any doubts. If the poison is not in the food, then the poison is in the tool. This time, Yan Wenxiu naturally did it.

She wanted to poison Deacon Chen to blame Xie Xiaoni. As for the princess, she could only trouble Yuan Daocheng. Yuan Daocheng is going to send Xie Xiaoni to Dali Temple to be executed tomorrow. Ouyang Ziyu showed up and said that it was not Xie Xiaoni who had poisoned. Liu Zixuan also showed evidence that the poison was on the piece of gauze found in the kitchen. The little handyman from Ruiyuan was brought up and quickly confessed his guilt, but he refused to admit that someone was instructing him behind the scenes. Yuan Daocheng bit his tongue and killed himself with a look in the little handyman.

Xie Xiaoni cleared her grievances and was rescued. Liu Zixuan said that Wuyi had helped a lot. He had pleaded for her in front of the princess. Yuan Daocheng slapped Yan Wenxiu and scolded her for women’s views. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that the little handyman was instructed, and things would be inevitable in the future. Yuan Daocheng warned Yan Wenxiu to be more acquainted. She and the Su family are just his dogs!

The princess Lan Zhao’s poisoning was legally required to ask the heavenly family. Ouyang Ziyu thought that the princess had recovered and did not need to trouble the heavenly family. Yuan Daocheng was afraid of being implicated. Yuan Daocheng and Ouyang Ziyu quarreled again about this matter. The princess suddenly came and said that there was no need to report, and I hope that the official website will open up. Ouyang Ziyu satirized Yuan Daocheng’s refusal to take responsibility, and sparks splashed from the two.

Ouyang Ziyu thanked Xie Feng, who would host a banquet for the princess and Xie Feng and Xie Xiaoni, the princess refused to go, Xie Feng also refused, Ouyang Ziyu always felt that she had a feeling of deja vu. In fact, the princess didn’t mean to blame Ouyang Ziyu and Xie Xiaoni, and she wanted Liu Zixuan to accompany her on the hunt. Xie Feng took a half-day holiday and said he was going to see an old friend. Ouyang Ziyu hosted a banquet. Xie Xiaoni and his uncles and aunts, Chengtian, and Yuanxiang were all there, but everyone was afraid to hear about it and wanted to quit, but Xie Xiaoni not only had to continue the competition, but also had to win. Xie Xiaoni wanted to see this helpless, she hadn’t even noticed this person’s appearance.

The princess felt that she was terrible because everyone liked Xie Xiaoni. Liu Zixuan quickly said that she was the best princess she had ever seen. She was like an innocent and kind little girl who could afford it and put it down. The princess complained that Ouyang Ziyu and Liu Zixuan were full of Xie Xiaoni. Liu Zixuan said awkwardly that he was different from Ouyang Ziyu, but he thought the princess was very good. Liu Zixuan liked the princess very much, and the princess lowered her head shyly. In fact, she also felt very happy to be with Liu Zixuan. The two also made an appointment to ride a horse tomorrow.

After eating, everyone went to put the paper kite together. Xie Xiaoni and Ouyang Ziyu, Uncle Aunt, Yuanxiang and Chengtian each let go of a paper kite, saying that Xie Xiaoni’s bad luck was also let go. Xie Feng appeared quietly, and it was very gratifying to see them so happy. At night, Xie Feng was alone in a daze.

The princess came to him for a drink, and she seemed to be worried when she saw him. Xie Feng said that the deceased had a new home and loved her, but these had nothing to do with her. Now she is doing well, Xie Feng doesn’t want to disturb her anymore, and the princess comforts her instead of guarding her silently. The princess admired Xie Feng very much and knew that he had another purpose for joining his mission, but Xie Feng didn’t want to say.

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