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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 33 Recap

Xie Xiaoni was angry, and Ouyang Ziyu quickly admitted his mistake. On that day, he just saw that Xie Xiaoni and Liu Zixuan were so close, and his mind became angry when he got hot. Ouyang Ziyu and Xie Xiaoni were fighting, and Xie Xiaoni was still at the request of Ouyang Ziyu After playing a song, the two were very sweet, and Xie Feng was relieved when he saw it.

Thinking of the scene of the previous three being together, there was still a lot of sadness in his heart. In the middle of the night, Xiaolu stumbled upon several people picking up the goods, and they were sneaking up on them. Lan Zhaojin’s national gift has been put in the treasury, and Yuan Daocheng is still complaining that King Luo is against himself.

Fortunately, his hands are clean and he can’t grasp it, but Gao Dao is not necessarily. Su Wenyu wanted to open a restaurant with several merchants. Boss Jiang hesitated at first, but finally bought shares. Yan Wenxiu is determined not to repeat the same mistakes this time. She saw a collection of embroidery when she was traveling with her father when she was a child.

It was absolutely impossible to see on the market. Now it is useless to copy it. Yan Wenxiu wanted to know what pattern Xie Xiaoni would embroider, but she didn’t expect Xie Xiaoni’s embroidered stuff to be left in the room freely, anyone who wanted to see it. Yan Wenxiu felt very arrogant when she heard Xie Xiaoni embroidering the belt.

In the second try, Xie Xiaoni embroidered the belt. The deacon felt that it was a bit repetitive, but she did not expect Xie Xiaoni to take out a sachet. These accessories can form different patterns and represent different meanings. Vanilla Tang, Yan Wenxiu, and Bai Rou’er all entered the retest. Bai Rou’er didn’t dare to win the first prize this time, but she would be squeezed out by her uncle and nephew if she could not win. Xie Xiaoni and Bai Rou’er discussed in the room. Yan Wenxiu decided to solve Bai Rou’er first. Taking advantage of the deacon’s attention, Yan Wenxiu quietly entered the warehouse and burned Bai Rou’er’s cloth, but was found when she left.

Yan Wenxiu broke into the warehouse privately and damaged the imperial cloth. Ruiyuan invited Yuan Daocheng to deal with it. The damage to the imperial property could range from fifty rods to the beheading to show the public. She expressed her willingness to present each other with a generous gift, but Yuan Daocheng was after her. Yan Wenxiu wiped away her tears, and quickly put her arm around Yuan Daocheng’s arm.

Xie Xiaoni had a nightmare. She dreamed that Ouyang Ziyu was going to Lan Zhao to be a concierge and was very scared. Xie Feng’s sudden appearance trapped her in her dream. Bai Rouer cried and woke up Xie Xiaoni. Her cloth was burned. This is the cloth bestowed by the imperial court, and her family will go to jail! Xie Xiaoni hurriedly comforted Bai Rou’er, don’t worry, how could this cloth be like this when placed in the warehouse. Xie Xiaoni decided to help Bai Rou’er make a cloth, dyeing the same color as the cloth, and it was a moment to deal with it. Yan Wenxiu returned to Ruiyuan languidly. She lost her energy and started crying bitterly when she returned to the room.

The princess and Xie Feng looked at the embroidery, and Xie Feng saw Xie Xiaoni’s embroidery at a glance. This time Xie Xiaoni used an extremely delicate embroidery method, which is very well-intentioned. Xie Feng said that Xie Xiaoni was never a trickery, and the princess also found it strange that she just hated Xie Xiaoni to come. The princess heard that Ruiyuan was making dresses for Mrs. Five today, and decided to join in the fun.

Yan Wenxiu’s clothes were too fancy and disgusted. The dresses made by Xie Xiaoni made people shine. The princess and Mrs. Wupin liked them very much. Xie Feng behind the screen was very pleased. Bai Rouer’s clothes are very unique, and Mrs. Wupin also likes it very much, but Yan Wenxiu said that her clothes were not made of imperial cloth. Yuan Daocheng asked people to check and found that it was indeed the case.

Bai Rou’er quickly said that this was a helpless move, and Xie Xiaoni also stood up and said that she helped Bai Rou’er dye the cloth. Yan Wenxiu said that if the clothes are poisonous, it is not a trivial matter. The princess asked Xie Xiaoni what the clothes were dyed with. Xie Xiaoni actually drank the dye in order to prove herself. Yan Wenxiu and Yuan Daocheng were still aggressive and decided to expel Bai Rou’er and Xie Xiaoni together, but the princess spoke for Xie Xiaoni. He was stayed and entered the next round smoothly.

The princess had already figured out that she and Ouyang Ziyu had missed her, but she didn’t know when her fate would come. Liu Zixuan wanted to take the princess to hunt, and the princess saw his eyes light up. Yan Wenxiu came to see Yuan Daocheng and said that she had come to thank him specially. Xie Xiaoni was her biggest concern. If Yuan Daocheng can help her achieve her wish, she would like to follow Yuan Daocheng through the fire and water, and will not hesitate. Yuan Daocheng lifted Yan Wenxiu’s chin, and was suddenly summoned by the palace, and Yan Wenxiu hurriedly resigned.

Su Wenyu’s restaurant has a very good surplus, and he plans to share it with several bosses at the end of the month. Xie Xiaoni made some cherry blossom cakes. Liu Zixuan took the cherry blossom cakes and ran away. Xie Xiaoni had nothing to do with him. Xie Xiaoni was picking cherry blossoms, and Ouyang Ziyu came to help.

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