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Mouse 마우스 Episode 17 Recap

Zheng Barin clearly remembers that when he was a child, he poisoned his stepfather’s goldfish, and his stepfather forced his mother to drive Zheng Barin away. His mother was in a dilemma. His mother made curry rice by herself and added sleeping pills to it. He wanted to take it while he was in a coma. He was alive, and Song Xiuhao suddenly rushed to stop his mother, and Zheng Barin was able to escape by chance.

Zheng Barin woke up in a daze, and his mother repeatedly confessed to him because he had a perverted killing gene. His mother was worried that he would endanger society when he grows up. Before his death, his mother persuaded him to be a kind and upright person. After saying these things, mother He died in anger. Zheng Barin was stunned by Song Xiu-ho in confusion.

When he woke up again, he found that his stepfather and his family had been killed. Only the twin daughter, Zheng Jae-hee, had disappeared. The police came to the house to investigate carefully. The neighbors suspected that he was the murderer and suffered from no conclusive evidence. , Jeong Barin didn’t understand why Song Soo-ho didn’t kill Jeong Jae-hee alone.

Gao Wuzhi learned from Song Mu about the situation before Song Xiuhao was killed, and learned that he cried after returning from Jiuling, and that Song Xiuhao and Cheng Yaohan both went to elementary school in Jiuling. Sung Ji-eun accidentally saw the photo of Song Xiuhao winning the boxing championship, and suddenly remembered that Song Xiuhao saved him in the woods back then.

Zheng Barin once again came to wander outside his childhood home. An old lady passed by and recognized him as the policeman who was injured by Cheng Yaohan. She revealed that Cheng Yaohan had been here before the incident. The old lady took Zheng Barin and called the nation. Son, Zheng Barin felt embarrassed, he went to the household registration office to find Zheng Jae-hee’s whereabouts, and the staff asked him to look for it at a disability institution. Gao Wuzhi came to Jiuling Primary School to check Cheng Yaohan’s information. The school teacher recognized that it was Zheng Zaixun, and the family was taken away after the accident.

Zheng Barin came to the police station to find the whereabouts of Zheng Jae-hee. Gao Wuzhi came afterwards. Zheng Barin was frightened and fidgeted. The police found that Zheng Jae-hoon was picked up by his aunt, but no information about his aunt could be found on the computer, and Zheng Jae-hoon’s identity certificate was also unavailable. After being written off, Zheng Barin breathed a sigh of relief, and Gao Wuzhi didn’t think much about the case of falsely claiming that he was killed in Chaluo Zhiguo.

The more Zheng Barin thought about it, the more things went wrong, he came directly to Daniel to settle the account, and Daniel had to admit that he was the son of Park Minkui and Jin Xijing. Gao Wuzhi went through the whole matter from beginning to end, and found that the police station’s monitoring had been artificially deleted. He pointed the suspicion at Officer Li. Gao Wuzhi negotiated with Officer Li on the spot. Officer Shen also took the opportunity to call Officer Li. Call records of Guokesou among them.

Zheng Barin lists all the memories in his mind one by one, and judges which part is reality and which part is hallucination. Zheng Barin pulls out Jin Juncheng’s computer from home and analyzes the results based on the photos found in Cheng Yaohan’s home. When Yaohan saw him killing many times, he carefully recalled the meaning of Cheng Yaohan’s last sentence, and then came to the National Science Search forensic doctor to confirm whether Cheng Yaohan had undergone brain surgery, because Cheng Zhien disagreed with the autopsy.

The forensic doctor also had no way of knowing. Zheng Barin went to Cheng Yaohan’s colleague to inquire and made no progress. Afterwards, Zheng Barin came to the doctor who operated on him. The doctor lied that he had never performed such an operation. In fact, he secretly recorded Cheng Yao. The whole process of transplanting Han’s brain to Zheng Barin.

Just as Zheng Barin left with his front foot, Gao Wuzhi also came to the forensic doctor and asked the same question. Zheng Barin went home in despair. Wu Fengyi had been waiting for him at the door. Wu Fengyi knew that Zheng Barin was afraid to face him because he killed Jiang Dexiu, so he avoided her. Zheng Barin didn’t want to listen to her, so he opened the door directly. The house is gone. Zheng Barin remembered that on the way to school when he was a child, he saw Wu Fengyi who was mutilated by Jiang Dexiu under the bridge.

Zheng Barin had long discovered that someone was quietly following him, and then he discovered that his mobile phone was being monitored, and continued to investigate quietly, letting Daniel move to his house when he was unprepared. Zheng Barin was suddenly besieged by a group of people in black. He effortlessly subdued those people and found that they had “oz” letter tattoos on their necks. The protagonist behind the scenes threatened Wu Fengyi’s life on the phone, and even took it from behind. Zheng Barin fainted.

Zheng Barin went home in a daze. Daniel walked hurriedly and left the picture of his sister Jennifer in the laboratory. Zheng Barin agreed to help him find it. Afterwards, Zheng Barin found Cheng Yaohan’s cell phone, which contained the call records between him and Daniel. Cheng Yaohan found an organization called “oz”, and Zheng Barin also found his childhood diary, which recorded that someone followed him and was jealous. Transfer students.

Cheng Zhien pushed Xingyu out for a walk, still holding the lame dog in her hand. A woman also took a puppy out for a walk. The puppy was startled, and she cursed Cheng Zhien for being lame. Dog, Wu Fengyi passed by and stood up to fight the injustice for Cheng Zhien. Cheng Zhien invited her to eat together at home.

Wu Fengyi saw the photo of Cheng Zhien’s son and the lame dog when he was a child, and recognized the dog that was tied to the bridge that rainy night. After Wu Fengyi was injured by Jiang Dexiu, he was carried to the hospital by a young boy, but he did not see clearly. The appearance of that boy. Wu Fengyi asked that Cheng Zhien had lived in her community. Cheng Zhien lied that her son had died in an accident. Wu Fengyi hurriedly found an excuse to leave and went directly to the police station to find Gao Wuzhi. Gao Wuzhi clearly remembered that a boy in school uniform sent Wu Fengyi to the hospital.

Wu Fengyi confirmed that Cheng Zhien’s son was her lifesaver, and came to the house to express her gratitude. Wu Fengyi found that the photos of the puppy on the table had been taken away by Cheng Zhien. She was puzzled, so she went to investigate nearby and found The wall reads “The Murderer Cheng Yaohan’s Home”, and Wu Fengyi realized that his savior was Cheng Yaohan. Song Mu accepted an interview with Cui Hongzhu and admitted that Cheng Yaohan gave her the courage to live.

Zheng Barin went to the school to check his student status and recognized that the transfer student was Cheng Yaohan. Cheng Yaohan found out that he was being followed and went to psychological counseling. Before he left, Zheng Barin saw the experimental mouse in the box, and suddenly remembered to be Cheng Yaohan. Before his death, Yao Han said that they were both experimental rats. When Gao Wuzhi received the call, he immediately rushed to the scene of the crime and retrieved the video of the deceased’s driving recorder. He discovered that the deceased had been following Zheng Barin. Gao Wuzhi saw what Zheng Barin had done.

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