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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 19 Recap

Cao Ruiying admitted at the tea bureau that someone had provoke him. At Lai Shouzhang’s suggestion, the leader Ma immediately stated that he would never be ambiguous in the affairs of the Communist Party, and mentioned his helplessness to the failure of the Communist Party’s third anti-encirclement and suppression campaign. Unexpectedly, Cao Ruiying had a great reaction. It was Lai Shouzhang who broke the cup in public and yelled at him to stop it.

Cao Ruiying was so angry that the atmosphere at the scene instantly dropped to freezing point. Cao Ruiying explained that because of the transfer of his eldest cousin, he felt ashamed that he had been trained, and asked Commander Ma to organize a special operation team to detect the CCP trafficmen, and said that the county government would need to allocate funds to purchase two speedboats to investigate the entire river area. stand up.

The militia’s Zhang Zailin had packaged Pan Yuqing’s ship but he failed to escape the inspection by the sunspots on the speedboat. Pan Yuqing immediately summoned the Chaohua and others and the armed squad to have three ships to cover when driving on the river. The strategy of one tow three was implemented.

Equipped with a fire team on the ship, Zou Shubao proposed to increase the number of small stations on the land transportation line to be equipped with reliable transportation personnel for a long time, so as to increase the safety line of land transmission. The Duobaokeng transportation station under Yongxiang It will be activated soon. After the meeting, Pan Yuqing left Zou Shubao with deep regret for the sacrifice of the youngest, but Zou Shubao said that his family did not have any requirement that the lights for Uncle Gongwa would also be bright.

The Zou family’s small workshop continued to make paper, and Sino Lai told him that the traffic officer in western Fujian came to him and asked him to go to a small mountain village in Yongding. But today, the third oldest brother, the seventh eldest brother, did not want him to leave. The traffic man took off the hat on his head, and the brothers were both stunned.

Isn’t this the Li Shouke who gave his life to save Zou Shubao! But the other party smiled and told him that he was Li Shouke’s twin brother, Li Shouzhu. They were all sad for the sacrifice of their brother, but Li Shouzhu still resolutely chose to take up his brother’s mission and continue on. Seeing the brothers of Li Shouzhu and the Zou family felt that they could not delay the task because of family affairs, Sinoe brought clothes for her husband and only told him to come back soon.

Secretary Li in the Minxi University Station carefully ordered the task and closed the doors and windows and came to the courtyard to watch the guys at work, carefully hiding their identities. Li Shouzhu brought Zou Shubao to see Secretary Li. In view of the excellent performance of Zou Shubao escorting party dues to Shanghai last time, Secretary Li decided to hand over the new contact site line, contact information, and secret code information to him, but he could not bring the contact. The picture of leaving can only be passed to the Shantou Transportation Station word by word by reciting the memory.

Cao Ruiying asked for a painter to paint Zhou Cheng’s appearance through the description of the prison guard. Lai Shouzhang looked at the portrait of Zou Shubao’s appearance becoming clearer and clearer and fell into contemplation. Cao Ruiying typeset the portraits for batch printing. Lai Shouzhang hurried home and wanted to find Sinoe, but her aunt told him Sinoe hadn’t come back for a long time. Lai Shouzhang, who had given incense to his uncle, walked lonely on the street. He really couldn’t think of where his sister had gone.

Sinoe slept very unsteadily at night. She dreamed of the nightmare of her husband being killed by the Kuomintang. Fortunately, Zou Shubao awakened her when she rushed home overnight. However, Zou Shubao had to leave immediately because of the task. He told his wife to help the eldest brother and the fourth brother to raise their bodies for the sake of their children.

Xino expressed to her eldest brother and sister-in-law that she wanted to go with her husband to pay back, but Zou Shubao was helpless for her acting like this. However, the sister-in-law was speaking for Sinoe. Sinoe said that she was waiting for him at Chayang’s aunt’s house. This was actually a matter of companionship on the way. Zou Shubao also agreed that his wife would follow her on the road.

The streets and alleys of Chayang have been plastered with wanted portraits printed overnight by Cao Ruiying. Pan Yuqing looked at the wanted portraits posted by the dock and turned around and happened to see Zou Shubao who had brought Sinoe to Chayang. Pan Yuqing ordered him to leave immediately, but Zou Shubao said that the mission was in his mind and he was only the most familiar with this journey.

Seeing that the spies were about to make inspections, Pan Yuqing hurriedly stopped the spies and led them to falsely claim that Zhaohua was this person. The two of them coaxed the spies into a confession and said with a smile that he had admitted the wrong person.

Pan Yuqing and Zhaohua waited for Zou Shubao at the only crossing to Shantou. Sinoe brought him to his aunt’s house for Zou Shubao’s safety, but Zou Shubao, who was concerned about the task, ignored his wife’s obstruction and anxiously wanted to pass the task.

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