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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 18 Recap

Although the eldest cousin was helpless, he still obeyed the arrangement, and Pan Yuqing lit the incense and guarded at the door. In the middle of the night, the mosquitoes raged, and the big cousin who couldn’t sleep went down to check but saw that Pan Yuqing, who had been busy all day, was still standing on the bamboo ladder all night and staying alert. He thanked the comrades on the traffic line for their selfless efforts and quietly returned to the house. Zou Shubao and his third brother in the depression of Uncle Gong have been waiting for the people who need to respond. Pan Yuqing awakened his eldest cousin and moved quickly after the armed squad explored the way.

The big cousin was born in the army and ran at night for a long distance. Pan Yuqing ran off his shoes in order to find the way and had to wrap his feet in a scarf and continue on the road. Pan Yuqing urged Zou Shubao to learn the lessons from last time and never stay overnight at Bogong’ao. The fourth Zou family also rushed to find the way for them. The eldest cousin looked at this family with emotion and moved. During the rest, the youngest asked if his eldest cousin was from the city. The eldest cousin praised him for being very logical. He could see his identity from the fact that he did not walk the mountain road without permission. The youngest had already submitted an application to join the party. For comrades, it is really a thing to celebrate.

A group of four people came to the cloth shop that was originally a traffic station, only to find that the cloth row had already been put on a seal. At this moment, a group of guards gathered around immediately and shouted that the four of them must be accomplices in suspicious appearance. At the gunpoint of the guards, Zou Shubao and his cousin could only follow forward. Zou Shubao originally wanted to lead them away by himself, but the third one grabbed him.

Only Zou Shubao knew that he rushed forward. The guard went to stun and took the opportunity to lead them away. Zou Shubao and the fourth cousin hurriedly left with their eldest cousin, but they heard gunshots coming from behind in the woods, but Zou Shubao gritted his teeth and took the eldest cousin to the Special Committee of Minxi.

The eldest cousin finally successfully arrived at the Special Committee of Western Fujian, and he deeply felt that these trafficmen were the most loyal communists. When the fourth child and Zou Shubao returned to Yongding, they only saw the third child who was shot dead and hung from the tower to show the public. However, they could not go forward, collect the corpse, or even cry loudly.

In the face of the collapse of the eldest brother who was going to carry his younger brother, Zou Shubao endured the bitter tears in his heart and stopped his elder brother. The only thing they can do now is to continue to stick to this transportation station. Only the sacrifice of the third child on the day the Communist Party won. Significant.

Although Thea and Sister-in-law are also very sad, they understand that the most important thing now is that they must survive and continue to complete the task of the transportation station. The Zou family put candles on the wine and food for the third child. The three brothers recalled what the third child said before his death, and recalled his wish that the people could stand up and take control. This road is too difficult, but the Zou family brothers believe that this is a right way, and they will not hesitate to shed blood and sacrifice for them, and hope that their parents can lead the youngest spring home with the spirit of heaven.

Zou Shubao urged his family not to let outsiders know about the sacrifice of the third child. They must claim that the third child ran away from home after a quarrel with his family, and also told the fourth child Dongbao not to show his grief on his face. This line of communication is the lifeline of the Communist Party. Now many important leaders of the Communist Party have to transfer through this line of communication. Once the united front is exposed, it will be a disaster.

Zou Shubao pointed out that the task of the traffic line is getting more and more onerous now, and Sister-in-law and Sinoe still have to leave first for safety. Thea cried and said that she was pregnant and did not want to leave her husband, but the sacrifice of the youngest had made them realize the cruelty of the task. They hoped that the blood of the Zou family could be passed down, so Xia had to promise the third-seventh. After that, he left with his sister-in-law.

Lv Wenchao looked at the headline on the front page of the Republic of China Daily that said the wanted Communist Party military official dedicated to Ruijin, and took out the wanted portrait of his big cousin. He immediately called the captain He Ji to make an appointment with him. Because he already understood that the Huo Dong he received a few days ago was the wanted Communist Party. Peng Gengnian in the electrical material company discussed the need to hire a local man to show cover, and to conceal the need to expand the business. Hearing that Ronaldinho raised Lu Wenchao’s phone call, Peng Gengnian knew that Lu Wenchao had seen his big cousin’s wanted order and had suspected him, so he immediately asked Ling Feng to call.

Secretary Li replied that the chief of Shanghai, codenamed 1199, had already left via Wuhan, making it clear that this was a telegram intended for the Kuomintang to see. As expected, Lu Wenchao asked Cao Ruiying about the most likely course of action for his cousin, but only got Cao Ruiying’s teasing about Shantou’s mismanagement. Lu Wenchao, who was unhappy, immediately received a call from Peng Gengnian, but declined his invitation because of business inconvenience. Peng Gengnian was keenly aware of the clues, and immediately ordered Xiao Luo and Lao Gu to destroy all the data that had nothing to do with the business.

Cao Ruiying brewed tea again and called Commander Ma and the head of Kuai County, claiming that he had encountered difficulties and needed them to help through the difficulties.

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