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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 12 Recap

Seeing Lin Zhixia’s contribution, Ye Zifan was very grateful and would like to return her kindness with sincerity. On the contrary, Pan Xiaoyong became jealous and couldn’t help but ridicule, and finally left angrily. Although Pan Xiaoyong likes Lin Zhixia, his brotherhood relationship with Ye Zifan is absolutely strong.

Ye Zifan and Lin Zhixia established a relationship. When they were dating in the restaurant, they happened to meet Yu Keren and her new old man Li. Yu Keren deliberately introduced Ye Zifan as his ex-boyfriend, which aroused Lin Zhixia’s discomfort, and even felt that the so-called President Li was an evil sex ghost.

Yu Keren hid beside him and witnessed Ye Zifan sending Lin Zhixia home. His jealousy and resentment gradually increased. He even blamed Lin Zhixia for the fault, believing that the other party got involved in her relationship with Ye Zifan, which would cause Ye Zifan to alienate him. Because of this, Yu Keren took the initiative to find Lin Zhixia, pretending to be bitter and bitter, claiming that he was frequently harassed by the male manager and had to leave the dance studio.

Because Yu Keren signed a six-year delegation agreement before, and if she left hastily, she needed to pay a liquidated damages, but she didn’t have the remaining money to pay, so she wanted Ye Zifan to help sell Mr. Li’s oil paintings, as long as she sold 1,000. This will allow President Li to pay liquidated damages for her. Lin Zhixia didn’t believe in Mr. Li’s character. After she finished reading the quality of the work, she was a little relieved and immediately took out one-third of the deposit.

Zalke’s first arrival in Wenzhou, China, was obviously prepared. His purpose was to acquire Lin Yishan’s Honghui Group, and after the acquisition, to infiltrate other forces into the country, and then use the strength of Honghui Group to defeat Tianheng Group. Thus monopolizing solar energy companies.

Lin Yishan received the invitation to negotiate, so he went to the appointment in person, and responded to the previous incident about the laterite nickel mine, denying that he helped Weiye Group win over Wen Junmin. Although Zalke offered attractive offers and was even willing to help Honghui Group to open up foreign markets, Lin Yishan did not respond on the spot, but stated that he would reply at a later date.

Zeng Zhiqiu knew Zarke’s intentions, so he went to the Honghui Group to find Lin Yishan and suggested that he should unite with Tianheng Group to counter the invasion of Zarke Group. Although the two companies each account for half of the country and are strategic partners, the relationship seems to be very stable on the surface, but once there are external forces, I am afraid that there will be no way to support this balance. At this time, Lin Yishan and Zeng Zhiqiu found someone peeping at the door, and their hearts became vigilant.

Ye Zifan heard that Lin Zhixia had bought Mr. Li’s oil paintings and accused her of doing things recklessly, and believed that Yu Keren deliberately set a trap. If the acceptance of the works is not as satisfactory as before, there is no way to complain. Lin Zhixia didn’t believe that Yu Keren would do this kind of thing, but she was also a little worried. When the logistics arrived, she realized that the quality of the work was far from what she had in her impression.

After this incident, Lin Zhixia was at a loss. Ye Zifan found Yu Keren’s house and found out that Yu Keren hadn’t returned yet. Seeing that Yu Keren’s younger brother was blind because of no money for the operation, he did not have the heart to tell the truth and left with five thousand dollars. As everyone knows, Yu Keren’s mother is too greedy, instead of being grateful, she talks about Ye Zifan’s stinginess behind her back.

Zalke found Duan Zhenyong, the president of Tianheng Group, and separated him from the alliance between Lin Yishan. Although Duan Zhenyong did not trust Zalke, he kept his eyes on him. Not long after, Lin Yishan came over to negotiate with Duan Zhenyong, expressing the idea of ​​the two cooperating to contend with each other. Duan Zhenyong went against each other, and he tactfully refused on the grounds of difficulties in implementation.

The negotiation failed. Lin Yishan wanted to ask her daughter Zeng Zhiqiu for advice, hoping that she could make suggestions. Zeng Zhiqiu thought that Honghui Group was not suitable for merging Tianheng through considerations some time ago. He also told a story as a metaphor to remind Lin Yishan not to expand blindly.

The current situation is in a dilemma. Zeng Zhiqiu suggested that his father should choose a conservative approach and refer to the strategy in Sun Tzu’s Art of War, and only need one move to delay the tactics, thereby eliminating the opponent’s vigilance and making the other party exhausted. Because of Zeng Zhiqiu’s words, Lin Yishan suddenly realized and finally understood the truth, so he found an excuse to suspend mergers and acquisitions and asked to understand each other’s group qualifications.

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