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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 41 Recap

Ouyang Jun is devoted to studying, he feels that no one can be liked by everyone, so he doesn’t want to compromise. At present, it is meaningful to him to study hard for him. Lu Zheng was half-dead by him and asked if he was right. Because he felt emotional about not participating in learning new equipment, Ouyang Jun said no. Lu Zheng said that he was proud of his talents and even threatened not to sign for Ouyang Jun to study. Ouyang Jun said that he would solve the problem in his own way.

This is a barracks, not just a word. Lu Zheng wrote down a phone call. If Ouyang Jun thinks he has been treated unfairly, he can make this call. The atmosphere between the two is very tense. Shao Shuai and the chief came to Lu Zheng happily after the phone call. Lu Zheng was still angry with Ouyang Jun, calling him a white-eyed wolf, and threatened that whoever wanted to launch in the future would have to write a guarantee. Shao Shuai pretended to have done something and put a document in front of Lu Zheng. After reading it, Lu Zheng was very happy.

Wang Tian and Qian Lei were still awkward because of the host. Yan Yibing simply made an anonymous vote. As a result, there was one abstention. Wang Tian and Qian Lei were tied. Xia Zhuo squatted outside to watch everyone’s training. When Hou Jidong saw this, he said that he wanted to talk to Lu Zheng for help, but Xia Zhuo had said it many times, and it was completely useless. Hou Jidong said that the election of the squad leader was a good thing, let alone Lu Zheng being unhappy when they made such a fuss, and some of their veterans were unhappy.

Hou Jidong said that he would recommend Xia Zhuo to be the monitor again. Xia Zhuo was worried that he would go to school before he was ready. Hou Jidong sighed and told him about the Parade Village. This military parade is a far-reaching military parade in the 70 years since the founding of New China.

The political commissar organized a meeting and expressed the need to raise the selection criteria. This is the face of the 270 brigade. However, the selection time is very delicate. The veterans have to leave and whether the new recruits can make it up is a question. The political commissar said these words meaningfully, asking everyone to keep their eyes open, and then took another look at Lu Zheng. Lu Zheng was a little depressed after the meeting, thinking that Ouyang Jun had called the political commissar, and Shao Shuai said he thought too much.

The row was about to be held in the afternoon, but Lin Anbang learned that Liang Nuo was not coming, and the whole school went to Beijing to record the Hope Project. Lin Anbang hurried to find Xia Zhuo and tentatively asked him if he would be sad if Liang Nuo didn’t come. Xia Zhuo thought he was teasing himself, but he didn’t expect Liang Nuo to call in the next second.

Xia Zhuo could hardly conceal his loss, even his clothes were almost ironed, and he comforted himself that the plan could not keep up with the changes. He served as a soldier in the army and Liang Nuo supported the education, all of which contributed to the country. Xia Zhuo could understand. Seeing that Xia Zhuo felt uncomfortable, Yi Zimeng and Lin Anbang dragged them to rehearse.

The Kang team of the Literary Light Cavalry took Xin Meng and others on the way to the barracks, saying that they were going to give surprises, but Xin Meng complained that they had to walk in a car. Shao Shuai asked Xia Zhuo to be the host, because Yan Yibing’s health team couldn’t make the host, and Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng couldn’t count on it either.

Xia Zhuo was a little bit resistant. Shao Shuai moved out of Lu Zheng and wanted Lu Zheng to persuade Xia Zhuo. Xia Zhuo didn’t want to talk about this with Lu Zheng, so he could only decide to be the host. Shao Shuai said with emotion that no one can count on it at the critical moment, only Xia. Clumsy is the most suitable. Xia Zhuo drove the duck onto the shelves and became the host of the military-civilian gala.

Principal Zhao fell his hand on the way, and Yan Yibing helped him with medicine. Principal Zhao remembered that Yan Yibing’s father also served as a soldier, called Yan Xuenong. President Zhao came to power and talked about his experience as a soldier. He didn’t know what the missiles of the soldier company looked like for five or six years. He just worked hard to build a base. At that time, Principal Zhao encountered a landslide in the mountain well.

His comrade-in-arms stayed there forever. Yan Yibing’s father, Yan Xuenong, was the captain of the health team at the time. Together they rescued their comrades but they were helpless. Principal Zhao could not forget this experience for the rest of his life, and Xiaoxuan’s father was the monitor who died in that accident. Principal Zhao never returned to his hometown since that day. He wanted to bring Xiaoxuan to grow up.

Principal Zhao couldn’t help crying after talking about this experience. After he changed jobs, he became the principal of the elementary school. The conditions here are difficult and the children have suffered a lot of crimes, but now they have a loving donation to build a new elementary school. The man is Xia Zhuo. The audience crashed. Principal Zhao invited Xia Zhuo to come on stage, thanking him on behalf of all the teachers in the school, and also to all the comrades in the room. When Yi Zimeng sang his original song, the people from the art and light cavalry team also arrived.

When Captain Kang left, he said that the song Yi Zimeng sang yesterday was great. If he was trained by the system to participate in the competition, he would surely become famous. The Kang team wanted to transfer Yi Zimeng to the performance team, and Shao Shuai had already agreed to let him go. Yi Zimeng refused. He would not give up creating music, but it was just an accompaniment. He was a trumpeter, and his job was under the launcher.

Xia Zhuo and Lin Anbang were deeply moved when they heard that Yi Zimeng had given up the magnanimous star journey. Lin Anbang also said that they would personally drive the rocket car through Tiananmen Square to participate in the military parade.

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