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The Cradle 啊摇篮 Episode 6 Recap

Tang Susu pretended to appear in the nursery again, and was arrested by Chou Zigang and Tang Hejing. Tang Susu complained that the children would never sleep when they were disobedient. He was so upset that he thought of this method. Chou Zigang taught Tang Susu not only her man, Ge Liujin, is on the front line, but the children’s relatives are also on the front line. If the children’s relatives knew that you pretended to scare the children, what would they think? Chou Zigang punishes Tang Susu for a thorough review and punishes cleaning the toilet.

At night, He Zhilan held a kerosene lamp and told Chou Zigang that the nun was gone when she was sitting on the kang and thinking wildly. As soon as Chou Zigang heard that He Zhilan should not worry, he brought a kerosene lamp to a place to look for a nanny, who always sat there, wanting to wait for his parents to pick him up. Tang Susu was always in a bad mood because he missed Ge Liujin. He Zhilan can be regarded as receiving a letter intercepted from the headquarter communications officer. He Zhilan received the letter, as if a stone had fallen in her heart, she was relieved.

Tang Susu was scolded when he planned to ask Chou Zigang for leave because he had no news of Ge Liujin. At the same time, Aunt Ma received the news that her man had sacrificed her emotions, so she couldn’t calm down for a while, so she turned all emotions into motivation for washing clothes. Some abnormal Aunt Ma let everyone see some clues. Aunt Ma, whose grief was difficult to resolve, fainted while drying her clothes. Everyone immediately helped her to rest in the house.

Baozhen teaches the children to sing, but the children are unwilling to cooperate, and will have a urgency for a while. Chou Zigang was very uneasy because of the news of the war on the front line, so he was cooking in the kitchen to relieve his emotions. Luo Lianfa mentioned Zhang Jingping, and Chou Zigang immediately asked Luo Lian to stop his voice, telling him not to open or mention which pot.

He Zhilan took a bite of the chili and went crazy to find the letter from Zuo Quan to her. He Zhilan told Chou Zigang that she had hope in her heart, regardless of whether Zuo Quan was injured or disabled. As soon as Chou Zigang heard the children sing a lot of songs, he asked the children to learn how to sing and sing. He didn’t know that the children didn’t want to learn at all, but he had a soft spot for the new songs of the New Fourth Army. Gang, this song is a song carved in the hearts of the children. Let the children sing this song during the sorority. Chou Zigang agreed.

The correspondent brought good news, indicating that the headquarters had successfully broken through, and the people in the nursery immediately boiled over the news. Tang Susu couldn’t like holding He Zhilan’s cheongsam. He Zhilan immediately gave Tang Susu when he saw it. Tang Susu immediately declined to say that he couldn’t wear that taste, and Zuo Taibei still wouldn’t call his father’s name.

Aunt Ma Wu was distracted when putting makeup on the children again. Tang Susu planned to help but was refused. When the children put on their makeup and came to the yard, they found a man covered in mud standing in the yard. Tang Susu saw that it belonged to Aunt Ma. The man called Aunt Ma Wu out. It’s hard to know that Aunt Ma Wu turned his head and cried into the house when she saw it. When the nursery party was about to start, He Zhilan came in with the newspaper a little distracted. She told everyone that she did not dare to read the news. Tang Hejing read the newspaper for her and learned that Zuo Quan had died heroically. Everyone was in grief, and He Zhilan was even more sad. From the heart, limp in the chair.

Tang Hejing pinned the white flower in He Zhilan’s hand to Zuo Taibei’s chest. Zuo Taibei showed a young smiling face, and pointed to the white flower on his chest to tell everyone that this was his father’s, and that smile was proud and proud. Luo Lianfa was helping the child weigh, so he was called by Chou Zigang to go to the Ganning Border Area to collect the materials. When he came to the material office, Chou Zigang was delighted to see the scale for the first time. It turned out that this batch of materials was donated by patriotic overseas Chinese from Los Angeles. At the same time, in order to express their donation, the Central Nursery decided to change its name to Los Angeles Nursery. At the same time, Chou Zigang had to prepare a speech.

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