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The Cradle 啊摇篮 Episode 5 Recap

Chunyao met with Platoon Leader He. Platoon Leader He was wondering why he brought a woman. Tang Susu immediately explained that he had come to Ge Liujin. After platoon leader He made a joke with Tang Susu, he immediately took the Chunyao to pick up the child. Tang Susu was also curious when he heard the child, so he followed in.

Platoon Leader He asked the children to leave with Chunyao, but the children wanted to stay and fight the devil. The non-stop children caused headaches for both Platoon Leader He and Chunyao, so they had to ask Tang Susu to help persuade the children. They. Tang Susu realized that the children’s parents had been killed by devils and felt a little uncomfortable. He immediately squatted down on the ground to persuade the children to be obedient, learn their skills first, and fight more devils when they grow up.

Chou Zigang took the radish from the ground and planned to make soup for Xiaobao. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Zhang Jingping, who was depressed outside, and knew in his heart that his favorite Xiaobao had left him forever. The news of Xiaobao’s death made everyone unhappy. Tang Hejing gathered everyone to continue the last unfinished meeting. Luo Lianfa spoke in advance and said that he could not bear to poke Chou Zigang any more. After all, Chou Zigang was busy in the nursery. I have lost my favorite child, and everyone’s attitude towards Chou Zigang doesn’t seem to be that big this time.

When platoon leader He was about to let Chunyao take the children out of the battlefield and asked Chunyao to help bring a letter to his mother, the enemy’s missiles were dropped, and platoon leader He lost his left arm. Seeing all this, Tang Susu was terrified. Platoon Commander He broke his arm and asked everyone to protect the children from the trenches. However, an accident still happened. Platoon Commander He died heroically under the fierce firepower of the enemy. After this battle, Russell was scared to the loss of the seven souls, but he looked at the child who needed protection before him, wiped away his tears, picked up the child and rushed out of the enemy’s fire.

Tang Susu took the children back to the nursery and sincerely admitted his mistake to Chou Zigang, but was shocked when he heard the news of Xiaobao’s death. Chou Zigang asked the children who had escaped from the trenches calmly and unexpectedly, gently asked the children’s names, hugged them and said that if there is you, there is hope, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, but tears in his eyes.

Tang Susu picked up the broom because the children didn’t take a bath and planned to teach the children severely. It happened that He Zhilan was going to bathe Zuo Taibei. He Zhilan scared the children and went in for a bath. Tang Susu was very grateful to He Zhilan for her help. He Zhilan told Susu that these children are all children of the New Fourth Army. The children now know that their parents are gone, and they are very mindful. They must be very careful and patient when taking care of them. It is definitely not good to be hard. They have to let them themselves. wash.

The wounded Nie Hongqi came to He Zhilan and told He Zhilan that there were some flowers and biscuits to be brought to the nursery school. There was also a letter to her, but because they were broken up by the devils, everything was gone. Chou Zigang immediately comforted Nie Hongqi after hearing the sound. Nie Hongqi told Chou Zigang about the cruelty of the Japanese army, but the entire base area was surrounded by enemy forces, and the casualties were very serious. Zuo Quan also lost contact during the war. Chou Zigang told Aunt Ma Wu and others not to tell the news, Tang Susu entrusted Nie Hongqi to help inquire about Ge Liujin’s news.

Chou Zigang asked He Zhilan to hold a birthday party for Zuo Taibei on the second anniversary of the establishment of the nursery school, so that the big guys would have fun together. He Zhilan was very serious, and even after the news of Zuo Quan was gone, her heart was very heavy. At night, the children didn’t sleep, so Tang Su was so angry that they had no choice but to pretend to be big-headed ghosts to scare the children. Aunt Ma Wu and others talked about the May 1st sweep, and everyone was worried about their family and folks.

Zhang Jingping was going to the front too, and Chou Zigang went home. Zhang Jingping told Chou Zigang not to be hungry and full, and to do nothing in the nursery. The two couples sat on the kang, Chou Zigang leaned his head on Zhang Jingping’s shoulder, and said softly to come back early. Aunt Ma Wu couldn’t sleep. I prayed that her man would not have anything to do. Baozhen and Tang Susu were also worried about the person on their cusp that they couldn’t sleep, so they asked Aunt Ma to pray together. Xu Yuanhui told Chou Zigang about the haunting of the nursery, and Chou Zigang immediately said that he would go back and check it out.

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