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The Cradle 啊摇篮 Episode 4 Recap

At night, Susu kept crying while covering the quilt. Aunt Ma Wu and others casually complained that Chou Zigang gave the baby a good face. Tang Hejing also suggested to Chou Zigang that when working in the future, we should pay attention to the methods and methods, and don’t speak so rudely. The childcare workers in the school are still children. Chou Zigang didn’t agree with him when he heard that he told Tang Hejing that the childcare workers were a job and that coming to Yan’an was a revolution, but he still agreed to Tang Hejing to communicate with the childcare workers in a different way.

Susu suddenly got up under the quilt and told everyone that he had met a person in the house today, and that he was healed. As soon as the voice fell, Chou Zigang shouted Susu outside. Susu was a little reluctant to come to the yard. Chou Zigang let Susu work on the night shift. Susu’s breath would be worth a month, so Chou Zigang succumbed to her. , And let Susu take care of Xiaobao during the day. Although Susu was reluctant, he still went to the night shift.

Qian Ping accompanied Taihang to the nursery school, but Qian Ping was a little unhappy because she didn’t like the central nursery school. Susu immediately comforted and said that the nursery was thriving now, and Qi Ping was dubious. Susu heard the sound of planes hovering and bombing outside, and remembered the soldier whose leg was broken last time. He immediately asked Li Yude to help him look at Xiaobao, and he flew to the hospital to inquire about the news.

Tang Susu looked at the wounded on the floor, very helpless. He wanted to ask about Ge Liujin, but was interrupted by the head nurse. Because the head nurse was busy rescuing the wounded, he couldn’t take care of her at all, and only told her that it was too late to save people. Tang Hejing and Luo Lianfa were sending pumpkins to the children. Tang Susu rushed in and asked the big guy to go with them to the Central Hospital to help save people. The fifth aunt Tang Susuma came to the Central Hospital and was shocked by the sight of the countless wounded in front of her, but she immediately joined hands to help. At the same time, the children in the nursery were in a mess because they were left unattended.

Chou Zigang returned to the nursery, fainted by the chaos in front of him, and immediately went to the Central Hospital to search for people. Everyone was very upset by Chou Zigang’s remarks, saying that they would not go back to the nursery, but would stay in the Central Hospital as a nurse to rescue the wounded. After learning about the situation, the head nurse Xu Yuanhui also told them sternly that he should go back to the nursery with Chou Zigang as soon as possible. A nurse cannot be a nurse if he wants to, but must undergo rigorous training.

Tang Susu heard the news that Ge Liujin was in Baijiaping Hospital when he was taking care of the wounded, so he went against Chou Zigang very stiffly. The next day, Tang Susu left the nursery with his luggage. Aunt Ma Wu and others saw off. On the way, Tang Susu saw a pair of Eighth Route Army troops and immediately followed behind the team.

Chou Zigang gathered all the nursery staff to hold a democratic meeting and said that he knew that everyone had great opinions on him. Today, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about it. Originally, in view of Chou Zigang’s tyrannical tyranny, everyone did not dare to speak. Finally, Aunt Ma said it first. She told Chou Zigang that she thought she was very caring at first, and all the good looks afterwards were given to the child. The instructor also complained about ugly Zigang. In the end, it was Tang Hejing holding Xiaobao, who had a high fever, that interrupted them.

Chou Zigang rushed into the Central Hospital holding Xiaobao, who had a high fever, and Bo Lianyun was not there. The head nurse Xu Yuanhui told Chou Zigang that the child had a rash and the situation was not particularly good. Okazaki was very sad and uncomfortable. Zhang Jingping also rushed home after learning the news, comforting Chou Zigang that there is no child who is not sick, but Chou Zigang is willing to speak but dare not tell the truth. Tang Susu came to Baijiaping Hospital to look for Ge Liujin, and got the news that Ge Liujin had been discharged from the hospital, but he ran into Chunyaozi by chance.

Aunt Ma Wu and Qian Ping came to see Xiao Bao, with solemn expressions and handed Chou Zigang a package, but still hoped that Xiao Baofu’s life would not be able to use this package. They left the yard after speaking, leaving Chou Zigang in vain. Frozen at the package. In the courtyard, Chou Zigang plucked up the courage to open the package, which was a longevity suit prepared by Aunt Ma Wu for Xiaobao. At night, Chou Zigang confessed that Zhang Jingping looked at Xiaobao and that he was going to receive General Zuo Quan’s wife Liu Zhilan. Zhang Jingping didn’t understand why, so he only warmed his heart to comfort that Chou Zigang had himself at home, while Chou Zigang turned his back to Zhang Jingping and fell asleep.

Susu heard that Ge Liujin had gone to Hedong, and the stubborn ones would also follow to Hedong. Liu Zhilan took the child Zuo Taibei to the nursery, the entourage and the head nurse Xu Yuanhui. Xu Yuanhui looked at Chou Zigang, who was busy with the nursery in front of him, and felt very tangled in his heart. He suggested that Bo Lianxuan go with him to see the sick Xiaobao. After examining the child, Bolian asked angrily why he didn’t take Xiaobao to the doctor earlier, and told Zhang Jingping that Xiaobao had typhoid fever, which made Zhang Jingping unacceptable for a while.

Zhang Jingping looked at Xiaobao, who was bleeding in his diaper, and immediately embarked on planning to go out for medical treatment, but was stopped by Bo Lianyun. Bo Lianyun asked Zhang Jingping to accompany the child, because this was Yan’an, which was blocked by the enemy, and Xu Yuanhui choked with such a sentence. But Zhang Jingping was holding Xiaobao silently and condensing smoke. Tang Susu followed Chun Yazi all the way to a trench. Tang Susu was shocked by the situation of the wounded in the trench.

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