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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 26 Recap

The lawyer went to the nursing home to investigate and found out that it was sensational that this was a deliberate injury accident. Mr. Hou strongly protested and tried his best to defend Hu Meng. He was unhappy and refused to cooperate with the other old people. He also ridiculed the lawyer, and they went back to the house.

Hu Meng woke up early in the morning and saw Changqing drunk and fell asleep on the sofa. She couldn’t wait to ask him about Granny Gui’s situation. Changqing said nonsense, claiming that Granny Gui was alive and kicking, and said hello to Hu Meng, Hu Meng was so angry with his lies. The lawyer showed the civil compensation agreement to Ye Xiaomei, and the son of Granny Gui demanded that Hu Meng pay a high compensation fee and made the nursing home bear the corresponding responsibilities. The lawyer also asked Ye Xiaomei to cooperate in the execution.

Ye Xiaomei hurriedly called to inform Hu Meng and told her the lawyer’s compensation clauses one by one. Hu Meng resolutely refused to do it and vowed to spend the end with Granny Gui’s son. Hu Meng came to the pet shop to take the puppy home. The puppy accidentally scratched Hu Meng’s arm. Changqing got angry when he received a call from the lawyer. He went home and saw that Hu Meng was injured. He was even more angry. Everywhere, without a second word, he went to the entrance of the nursing home to make a lot of noise, cursing that this is a black-hearted nursing home, and passers-by watched.

I was upset that I couldn’t listen, and wanted to rush out to argue with Changqing. Elder Hou hurriedly stopped him, and Ye Xiaomei rushed to take Changqing to the police station. Hu Meng followed and followed Ye Xiaomei to the police station to explain the situation. Afterwards, Hu Meng came to the hospital and saw that Granny Gui was still unconscious, full of guilt, admitted that her injury had nothing to do with Granny Gui, and then left with Changqing. Ye Xiaomei felt guilty when she saw Hu Meng, who had always been so solemn, feel guilty.

Evergreen got up early in the morning and saw that Hu Meng, who never cooks, was actually making hand cakes. He was surprised. Hu Meng discussed with him that he wanted to sell the house to Granny Gui to pay for the hospitalization fee. Evergreen resolutely refused to do it and claimed this set. The house was left to him by his father. Changqing searched for the real estate certificate. Hu Meng had already hid it. Changqing guarded at the door in anger, not allowing Hu Meng to leave the house for half a step.

In the middle of the night, Hu Meng quietly opened the door to the bathroom and saw Changqing sitting at the door sleeping. Changqing once again forced her to hand over the real estate certificate, but Hu Meng flatly refused. Ever since that day, Changqing lied that Hu Meng was seriously ill and asked for leave from his work unit. He followed Hu Meng every step of the way, and Hu Meng was overwhelmed by it. Guo Sanshuang and Ye Xiaomei came to the restaurant to look for Jiangdong.

When Guo Jiangdong learned that Granny Gui was still in a coma, he was very embarrassed. Guo Sanshuang was very angry when he talked about it. So far Granny Gui’s son does not show up and does not pay for hospitalization. He paid it in advance, and Guo Jiangdong felt that Hu Meng should pay the money.

Hu Meng hugged her puppy and wandered on the street. Chang Qing followed closely. Hu Meng hid in the bathroom and quietly called Ye Xiaomei. She promised to pay for Granny Gui’s medical expenses, but Changqing could not get out of her with her. Hu Meng asked Ye Xiaomei to help persuade Changqing to leave, and then Hu Meng called again to ask Mr. Hou for help. Changqing waited outside holding the puppy for a long time, but did not see Hu Meng come out, he shouted outside.

Hu Meng went to the park to sing, and Hou Lao recorded the whole process. After Hu Meng sang a section, he made an excuse to go to the bathroom. Chang Qing wanted to follow her. Someone suddenly called Chang Qing and Hou Lao secretly put the puppy’s rope. Open, Changqing found that the puppy had run away, so he hung up and hurried to chase after him. Hu Meng took the opportunity to consult the real estate agency about selling the house.

As soon as Hu Meng came out of the real estate agency, Ye Xiaomei hurried to find her, and took her to the police station to clarify one thing. Because Changqing couldn’t find Hu Meng, she went to the hospital to make a noise with Granny Gui, and the police arrested Changqing to the police station. . Hu Meng explained the situation to the police and picked up Changqing. Changqing threatened that if Hu Meng dared to sell the house, he would go to the hospital to make a fuss. Hu Meng was so angry that he gritted his teeth and had to go home and take out the real estate certificate to Changqing.

Lao Hou openly fought for Hu Meng’s injustice, and the old people in the nursing home isolated him. He went to Jiangdong to talk to Lao Hou, and Lao Hou turned out the video of Hu Meng singing and posted it online. This video quickly evoked great repercussions. Netizens praised Hu Meng’s singing well. With a surge of positive reviews on the Internet, Hu Meng became an online celebrity overnight.

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