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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 25 Recap

Joey wanted to drink courage, and then went to Qiao Xiaobao, she took Guo Sanshuang to drink together. Guo Sanshuang gave him an excuse to quit drinking, and asked Joey to drink by himself. Joey threatened to intimidate him. Guo Sanshuang had to accompany her to drink. Joey threw bitterness at him through Jiujin, and Guo Sanshuang gave an idea. She learned to love Qiao Xiaobao first, and took the opportunity to find out who Qiao Xiaobao’s father was. Joey regretted that he was blind and didn’t recognize the existence of that person at all.

Ye Xiaomei was upset, and she asked her girlfriend to complain all night. When she saw that she was jealous, Ye Xiaomei denied it. Early the next morning, Ye Xiaomei came to the activity room and saw San Shuang slumbering on the sofa. She ridiculed him. She was not allowed to live in a nursing home. After San Shuang, she remembered that she had a piece of the last night. Ye Xiaomei found him. There was a long woman’s hair in his neck, and he turned away in anger.

Ye Xiaomei went out and saw Joey came to Sanshuang. She repeatedly expressed her gratitude to Ye Xiaomei, and also sent fruits to the unhappy and Hou Lao to please them. Ye Xiaomei was speechless. Joey brought breakfast to Sanshuang, falsely claiming that Sanshuang had been holding her last night, and Guo Sanshuang was worried about being messy, so he hurriedly took her to the activity room and lied that Joey was his second aunt, but Joey Reluctant and not forgiving, holding Guo Sanshuang’s greasy and crooked arms, Guo Sanshuang desperately broke free from her embrace.

Joey saw Ye Xiaomei staring at the activity room from a distance, and saw that Ye Xiaomei liked Guo Sanshuang, and deliberately kissed Guo Sanshuang, flirting and flirting. Ye Xiaomei turned around in a fit of anger, and Guo Sanshuang hurriedly chased her out to explain, but Ye Xiaomei didn’t buy it, she said badly that she would take Joey out to make love, and Guo Sanshuang forcibly drove Joey away.

Hu Meng learned from her son that the leader of the unit was looking for her to save face. She lied that she was traveling in Australia. Hu Meng selected a few pictures of foreign landscapes and sent them to the circle of friends in a hurry. Her former colleagues immediately called her. Ask her to meet after returning home. Hou Lao asked Hu Meng to see the puppy. Hu Meng walked in a hurry, put his phone on the bed and went out. Granny Gui passed by the door of Hu Meng’s room and saw the oranges she liked to eat on the table, so she went in and fetched them. The colleague just called Hu Meng, Granny Gui took it, and debunked Hu Meng’s lies abroad. I also took my cell phone to let my colleagues visit the nursing home.

Hu Meng walked halfway and remembered that she had forgotten her mobile phone. She hurried back to take it. She was dumbfounded when she saw Granny Gui holding her mobile phone and the video of her friends. She gave Granny Gui a severe lesson and was angry that she was locked up in the room. She couldn’t stop crying, Granny Gui hurriedly went to apologize. She was upset and others could not understand Hu Meng’s vain approach. She scorned her. Hu Meng raised her feather duster and came out to chase her unhappy.

Wu Hui came to comfort Hu Meng after hearing the news. Hu Meng insisted that Granny Gui had stolen her mobile phone and violated her privacy. Granny Gui hid in fright and shivered. The community leader suddenly came to the nursing home to check, and Ye Xiaomei accompanied him on a tour. Suddenly, a cup was thrown out of Hu Meng’s room and it fell at the leader’s feet. The leader was shocked, and Ye Xiaomei hurried over to see what happened.

Hu Meng cried and made troubles. Granny Gui repeatedly apologized and picked up oranges for her to eat. Hu Meng didn’t appreciate her, and screamed at her, waved and pushed Granny Gui away. Granny Gui was unsteady and bumped into the corner of the table. The trophy fell to the ground and smashed to pieces. Hu Meng suddenly became angry and condemned Granny Gui for killing her own grandson by herself. Granny Gui fainted because of excessive sadness.

Ye Xiaomei and Wu Hui rushed her to the hospital. The leader heard clearly downstairs, and he quietly left. Wu Hui contacted Granny Gui’s son, but he didn’t come on the excuse that something happened. Unhappy that he couldn’t understand what Hu Meng did, he verbally criticized her, Hou Lao tried his best to defend Hu Meng, and the two people had a disagreement and quarreled too much, thanks to Wu Hui who came to stop in time.

Due to frequent accidents, the star rating of nursing homes failed, and Ye Xiaomei had to take off the medal at the door. She came to Hu Meng to negotiate and persuaded her to move out first, and wait until the dust with Granny Gui settled. Hu Meng packed up and resolutely. Resolutely left the nursing home. Hu Meng went home dejected, and saw that the house was in a mess, so she didn’t get angry and asked her son Changqing to send a flower basket to Granny Gui tomorrow.

Ye Xiaomei and Guo Sanshuang took good care of Granny Gui. They didn’t expect Granny Gui’s son to send a lawyer to deal with the matter. The lawyer went to the nursing home to find out what happened.

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