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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 32 Recap

Xiaoqin persuaded Xie Xiaoni to take a look at Ouyang Ziyu. Xie Xiaoni was still angry and refused to go. Ouyang Ziyu almost sold the house in anger. Su Wenyu came to Mr. Gao to talk about the membership fee, hoping that he would be accommodating, but Mr. Gao reminded him what to say and what not to say to remember, and what the merchant’s embarrassment did to him.

Su Wenyu agreed on the surface, but felt helpless inside. Xie Xiaoni made a new dress for the princess. The princess still remembers her and likes this dress very much. When Xie Xiaoni was about to go back, she was stopped by Xiaoju. Unexpectedly, Yuqing still came and said that Xie Xiaoni had clung to Princess Lan Zhao privately and let her kneel on the broken tiles. Xie Xiaoni could only be punished.

Deacon Zhao’s handling of this matter was reasonable, Xiaoju Seeing this, I had to accompany Xie Xiaoni to kneel together. Yuqing was punishing them. Upon seeing this, the princess quickly helped Xie Xiaoni up and said that she was her own and did not need to be punished. Xiaoju and Yuqing had a dispute, and she didn’t want to get along with Yuqing.

The princess took Xie Xiaoni to see Liu Zixuan. Liu Zixuan and the princess are now friends. Liu Zixuan asked the princess to save Xie Xiaoni. The princess and Liu Zixuan asked Xie Xiaoni to take a leave and took her out to play. Xie Xiaoni was afraid of breaking the rules and dared not go home, so they prepared to go back.

The princess wanted Liu Zixuan to ask Ouyang Ziyu for herself, but Liu Zixuan agreed. Ouyang Ziyu has been upset recently, but the princess sends people here every day. Ouyang Ziyu thinks that the princess will not come again, but Liu Zixuan sent someone over, saying that he admires Ouyang Ziyu’s style and wants to invite him to the suburbs for a ride tomorrow. , Ouyang Ziyu agreed to go to the appointment, knowing that it is not so simple.

Late at night, Ouyang Ziyu chased Liu Zixuan on horseback. In the Ruiyuan, a mysterious person quietly turned inside, and this person was Xie Feng. Ouyang Ziyu was led to one place by Liu Zixuan, and the princess was waiting there. The princess said that she wanted to talk to him through the beautiful scenery of the lake. Ouyang Ziyu refused again. He did already have a sweetheart. The princess refused to stop asking who that person was. Ouyang Ziyu said that it didn’t matter who she was, but except for her, Ouyang Ziyu would not marry anyone else.

Xie Feng quietly entered the palace and city bureau, hoping to get the account book of the pearl powder in and out of that year. After being rejected by Ouyang Ziyu, the princess was drinking alone and was extremely depressed. When Xie Feng came back, she expressed willingness to share her worries for the princess. The princess didn’t understand why she couldn’t help others. She had liked Ouyang Ziyu since she was a child, so why didn’t she have any fate with him now. Xie Feng said that everyone in the world has their own fate, and it is useless to be sad.

Yan Wenxiu came back and said that she wanted the great cloak of the Su family. She wanted to please the ready-made one, so Su Gongming hurriedly asked someone to fetch it for her. Yan Wenxiu seemed confident, she was not afraid of Xie Xiaoni. Yan Wenxiu took the bigcloak and went back, and met Su Wenyu on the road. Su Wenyu heard that the Su family gave up the spice contest and said that the spice shop would be closed.

Anyway, it can’t be a good weather. He wants to take the shop back. Yan Wenxiu refutes the house. It was not his turn to call the shots. When she won the bidding conference, she would get dividends in the Su family’s property. Su Wenyu satirized her that she might not be able to win the Vanilla Hall. Yan Wenxiu wanted to attack Xie Xiaoni, and Su Wenyu threatened her if she dared to do anything wrong, he would tell everyone Yun Niang was killed by her, and Yan Wenxiu panicked immediately.

Ouyang Ziyu was a little embarrassed when the principal changed a reception officer, but since the princess wanted to change, she should just follow her, and also recommended Liu Zixuan. Liu Zixuan looked reverent. At the beginning of the bidding conference, the merchants who got the red and yellow colors entered the second round, and the blue cards were directly out of the game. Liu Zixuan and Ouyang Ziyu followed the princess to select the products. The princess was surprised by Yan Wenxiu’s neon phoenix embroidered cloak, but Xie Feng thought that there was no aura, and it was a copy of a famous master’s work. Yan Wenxiu reluctantly gave the yellow card.

The princess smelled the fragrance in front of Xie Xiaoni’s booth. Xie Xiaoni embroidered a belt. Ouyang Ziyu guessed that Xie Xiaoni must have her intentions. Xie Xiaoni explained that this belt has anti-mosquito effect and the sachet can calm the nerves and help sleep. The princess gave a red card, Ouyang Ziyu looked at Xie Xiaoni’s eyes full of love, but Xie Xiaoni never paid attention to him. The princess refused Yuan Daocheng’s invitation and asked Ouyang Ziyu if he knew Xie Xiaoni. Ouyang Ziyu did not help anyone but her. In fact, the princess had already regarded Xie Xiaoni as a friend, and Ouyang Ziyu admitted frankly that Xie Xiaoni was the one she wanted to marry.

The princess was very sad and left lonely. The princess drank boring wine alone, and Liu Zixuan also came. In fact, he wanted the princess and Ouyang Ziyu to be together, so he could get in. The princess knew that Liu Zixuan liked Xie Xiaoni, but Liu Zixuan thought that as long as Xie Xiaoni was happy, although the princess was angry, she still understood that they were happy and had nothing to do with her. Vanilla Hall entered the second test, Xie Xiaoni finally came back for one night, Ouyang Ziyu also came, Xie Xiaoni was still sulking at him, turned his head and left. Chengtian quickly asked Ouyang Ziyu to coax Xie Xiaoni.

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