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Mouse 마우스 Episode 16 Recap

Zheng Barin learned that Luo Zhiguo was dead, he hurried back to the ward, holding Luo Zhiguo and crying, suddenly found footprints under the bed, Zheng Barin immediately chased out and saw the murderer driving away, so he rode to the side of the road. He went after his motorcycle and was finally lost in a hotel downstairs.

Zheng Barin recognized that the paint on the floor was exactly the same as that in Luo Zhiguo’s ward. He checked in this hotel. The courier pretending to deliver the meal knocked on Room 802 and caught the murderer on the spot. The murderer ran to the rooftop in one breath, Zheng Barin Immediately after, another person appeared. He carried a stick and knocked Zheng Barin out. The murderer took the opportunity to sneak away. Zheng Barin woke up and fought against the person who attacked him. The man stumbled and fell from the top of the building. .

Zheng Barin went downstairs to chase the murderer, and the murderer drove away. Zheng Barin found that the paint on the scene had been cleaned and realized that someone was cleaning the scene. He immediately called Gao Wuzhi for help and brought Gao Wuzhi to the murderer’s room, which was neat and clean. There was no trace of anyone living in this room. Zheng Barin insisted that the murderer was in this room. Gao Wuzhi did not find any abnormalities.

He suspected that Zheng Barin had hallucinations in his brain. Zheng Barin believed that someone had cleared the scene and suggested that Luo Zhiguo be autopsy. Song’s mother resolutely refused, although Zheng Barin repeatedly stated that Luo Zhiguo was killed by others, but Song’s mother did not let go.

Zheng Barin decided to find out the real culprit. He took out his suicide note and tore it to pieces on the spot. Gao Wuzhi rushed to ask him and Luo Zhiguo’s last conversation. Zheng Barin used an excuse to cover up the past, Gao Wuzhi. It was concluded that Luo Zhiguo was lying because the murderer wounded him from the front. It is impossible for him not to remember the murderer’s appearance. Zheng Barin was too nervous to speak.

Zheng Barin came to guard Luo Zhiguo, remembering Luo Zhiguo persuading him to surrender, Zheng Barin also wanted to clear the suspicion for Cheng Yaohan, but he never had the courage to surrender. At this moment, the family members of the victim came to the mourning hall. Zheng Barin was so scared that he hurried to hide. Wu Fengyi dragged him to the restaurant for dinner. Zheng Barin suddenly lost control of his emotions and yelled at Wu Fengyi before seizing the door. Out.

Zheng Barin squatted downstairs feeling sad, seeing Wu Fengyi leaving from a distance, his conscience was condemned again. Gao Wuzhi settled down for the victim’s family to eat at the restaurant. They asked about Cui Hongzhu’s birth of Cheng Yaohan’s child. Gao Wuzhi did not know how to answer. Zheng Barin took Luo Zhiguo’s photo to the cemetery, and couldn’t help but think of his and Luo Zhiguo together. Zheng Barin suddenly saw someone coming out holding a portrait of his uncle, and he was puzzled.

Zheng Barin returned to the mourning hall and saw that the younger uncle was indeed dead. He hurriedly dialed the aunt’s phone number, but no one answered him. Zheng Barin came to the younger uncle’s mourning hall and found that his wife and children were another person, Zheng Barin. Confused, he went out and saw the car that hit his uncle a year ago, so he went to the police station to confirm and found that the aunt and the driver had signed a settlement agreement.

Wu Fengyi came to the convenience store to buy snacks. He wanted to see Cui Hongzhu and Cheng Yaohan’s child Cheng Xingyu. When he saw that the child was verbally criticized and abused online, Wu Fengyi was greatly annoyed. Cheng Zhi Enlai applied for a babysitter to take care of Cheng Xingyu. Cheng Xingyu suddenly cried. Cheng Zhien took a plastic bag to coax him to play. Cui Hongzhu saw that she was very experienced, so he was relieved to hand her the child to work.

Gao Wuzhi looked through the surveillance video and found that Officer Li had received Jiang Dexiu’s mother’s statement. He hurried to the team leader to confirm that Officer Li deliberately concealed it. When Gao Wuzhi was released to find Wu Fengyi, someone was driving. He deliberately bruised Gao Wuzhi. Gao Wuzhi consulted with Police Officer Shen and re-run the matter. He felt that Police Officer Li was suspicious.

Zheng Barin went to the hotel downstairs to investigate again, and then went to the morgue to check the wounds, and found that his uncle was the one pushed downstairs by him. Zheng Barin went to check the records of his aunts Jin Hee Jin and Hun Seok who did not go abroad. He went to the neighbor to confirm that Jin Heezhen suddenly left with Hun Seok, and they had been living together with their mother and son. Zheng Barin was immediately dumbfounded. Zheng Barin clearly remembers that Jin Xizhen took him home, and he had to change his name to Zheng Barin, and from then on he lived with Jin Xizhen’s family of three.

Song Xiuhao’s mother called Cui Hongzhu and promised to accept her interview. Wu Fengyi learned from her colleagues that Song’s mother agreed to be interviewed, so she came to the agreed place in advance and advised her not to trust Cui Hongzhu. Cui Hongzhu gave birth to Cheng Yaohan’s child. Mother Song firmly believed that Cheng Yaohan was not the murderer, but Wu Fengyi saw Cheng Yaohan hurt Zheng Barin’s head with his own eyes. Gao Wuzhi called Mother Song and learned that she was waiting for Cui Hongzhu, so he drove over. From a distance, he saw the victim’s family come to ask Master Cui Hongzhu to inquire about the crime. He hurried over to relieve Cui Hongzhu and sent Mother Song home.

Zheng Barin is more and more suspicious of himself, not knowing which one in his memory and reality is true, he can only confirm a little bit. He first came to school, as if he saw himself when he was a child, and then when he was a child His family clearly remembered killing his younger brother and stepfather. Zheng Barin confirmed that he was the murderer. He felt a splitting headache. Then Song Xiuhao killed his mother. Gao Wuzhi followed Song’s mother home and found a photo of Song Xiuhao practicing boxing in the album. It was exactly the same as the photo in the evidence box. He accidentally saw the photo of Zheng Barin when he was a child in the album.

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