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Liu Laogen 4 劉老根4 Episode 12 Recap

Da Chili came in and saw Liu Laogen and Han Bing chatting enthusiastically. She questioned why Han Bing came back face to face. Liu Laogen heard her voice was wrong and couldn’t help but say a few words about her. Han Bing asked a friend in Shenyang to borrow a sum of money, and it went smoothly. After solving the dilemma of Li Dan’s company, Big Pepper couldn’t wait to urge Han Bing to return to the United States as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, Han Bing decided to stay at the villa to accompany Liu Laogen, and Big Pepper would also move in to live with him.

Manager Li inspected the villa, accompanied by Liu Dakui. Manager Li was very satisfied. Before he left, he wanted to sign a contract with Xia Yu as soon as possible, and sent the first batch of 1,000 employees here for team building. Liu Dakui brought him As a specialty of the villa, Xia Yu looked at the back of Manager Li and asked Liu Dakui to repay her.

Han Bing accompanied Liu Laogen on a walk in the villa. The two were talking and laughing. Big Chili disguised and followed behind him quietly. Han Bing and Liu Laogen went home happily, but Big Chili did not make a furious meal. Liu Laogen suggested that each of them all When someone cooks a dish, Han Bing decides to cook Western food. Xiaoru made up the medicine for Lao Ding, so she connected to Da Pang’s video and asked her to watch Lao Ding drink the medicine with her own eyes. Da Pang was busy cleaning the room and asked Xiao Ru to take two photos and send it from WeChat. Xiao Ru Just pour out the decoction.

The chef heard that Tuesday Yu was about to be promoted to general manager, and they made a special dish for Tuesday Yu. On Tuesday, Yu was happy and promised to give them a salary increase after it was done. That night, Da Chili told Han Bing a ghost story to Han Bing. He kept claiming that Liu Laogen’s house was originally a cemetery. An old lady hanged himself in the room where they lived. Han Bing was terrified with fright.

Xia Yu and Manager Li agreed to sign the contract today, but Manager Li couldn’t get through the phone. Xia Yu learned about Manager Li’s company address from a friend on the line. Liu Dakui accompanied Xia Yu to find someone, only to know that Manager Li was a liar. Xia Yu was distraught, and Liu Dakui immediately called the police.

Liu Dakui fell ill because of the anger. Liu Laogen called Liu Dakui and wanted him to come back and chat with Han Bing. Xia Yu had to admit that Liu Dakui was sick, so Liu Laogen brought Han Bing to see him. The police quickly arrested Manager Li and brought him to justice, but the loss of the villa could not be recovered.

Liu Erkui hurried over to report good news to Liu Dakui. Jinke Group was preparing to invest in the villa. Liu Dakui naturally couldn’t ask for it. At this moment, Liu Laogen took Han Bing to see Liu Dakui and learned that he was tricked into getting angry by Manager Li. Kindly persuade him. Xiaoqin finished her training. Qian Xinyue came to see her off and bought her a new dress. Qian Xinyue revealed that she spent a lot of tips on dinner and singing with her boss while she was studying. Xiaoqin worried that she might have failed her studies and treated her Thousands of warnings urged.

Han Bing has long heard that Jinke Group is a very influential company. Liu Erkui has repeatedly emphasized that Song Jiajia invested in his face and asked Liu Laogen to speak. Liu Laogen, Han Bing and Liu Dakui made the decision in person. , Let Liu Erkui be the general manager, representing the docking between Shanzhuang and Jinke Group. Liu Laogen proposed to restore Han Shixin to his post. Liu Dakui quietly reminded Liu Erkui, but Liu Laogen was determined. Han Bing suggested that Han Shixin start with security, and Liu Dakui fully agreed.

The four of Xiaoqin and Xiao Wang returned from their studies. They returned to the villa overnight. Li Dacheng warmly welcomed them and wanted the security to escort them back to the dormitory. Xiao Wang politely declined. Today is the regular meeting of the Villa. Zhang Kexin came to the conference room early. On Tuesday, she asked her to sit until the end. Zhang Kexin resolutely refused to do it. Others came to the meeting one after another.

Liu Dakui announced two good news in public. Liu Erkui helped the villa to pay off the loan and put the remaining money into the operation of the villa. Liu Dakui announced that Liu Erkui was the general manager of the villa, and he was dumbfounded on Tuesday. Liu Erkui gave a brief speech to prepare all departments for the inspection of Jinke Group.

Zhang Kexin called the drug box as soon as the meeting was over, urging him to buy the shares of the villa as soon as possible. Liu Erkui took 20 million yuan to invest in the villa and also recruited Jinke Group. Yaozi immediately tempted and promised to raise funds as soon as possible. On Tuesday, Yan stood at the door of the general manager’s office and was silent for a long time. He had been coveting this position for a long time, and now it was completely gone. Zhang Kexin passed by and ridiculed him.

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