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Liu Laogen 4 劉老根4 Episode 11 Recap

Liu Laogen forced Liu Erkui to get the money back. Liu Erkui insisted on doing his own business, not wanting to throw it into the villa. Liu Dakui decided to mortgage the car and house to Liu Erkui. Liu Erkui still did not let go, but complained that Liu Laogen should not lead the villagers to build blindly. The villa, it turned out to be a mess now. Liu Laogen couldn’t bear it. He raised his broom and chased Liu Erkui. Liu Erkui was so scared that he ran away. Liu Laogen chased him.

Upon seeing this, Da Jiao hurried over to dissuade him. Han Bing and Liu Dakui desperately stopped Liu Laogen, but he was already red with anger and forcibly drove Liu Erkui back to the room. The performance was about to begin. Wang Laosan was late, and Yaowanzi couldn’t get through his phone, so he hurriedly made emergency preparations. Yaowanzi persuaded Song Laosan to seize the opportunity to show off his strength.

That night, Xiao Man took Liu Erkui to visit the villa. Liu Erkui felt that the villa was beautiful, but he couldn’t find the feeling of being at home. Xiao Man persuaded him to let Liu Laogen everywhere and be more considerate of Liu Laogen’s difficulties. Liu Erkui was also very wronged. Xiaoman advised Liu Erkui to help Liu Dakui. The villa continued to operate well, but Liu Erkui insisted on investing in Jinke Group. Xiaoman suspected that he was the female boss who fell in love with Jinke. Liu Erkui was so angry that he gave Xiaoman a bad meal and accused her of being too narrow, so Xiaoman ran away crying.

Song Lao Ling refused to miss this rare opportunity. He used all his best to perform on stage and won warm applause and cheers from the audience. Song Lao Ling returned to the stage time and time again at the request of the audience, but they still hadn’t done it yet, and they applauded Song Lao Ling together. . Yaowanzi was very happy when he saw this scene.

The next show was Wang Laosan. He could not take Song Laosan’s field, and the audience didn’t buy his account at all, insisting on Song Laosan to come up. Wang Laosan came directly to Yaowanzi Xingshi to inquire about the crime, and Yaowanzi pushed Song Lao Ling onto the stage to continue his performance. The audience’s applause and cheers wave after wave, Song Lao Ling was tired and sweating, but the audience refused to let him down, Wang Laosan slammed the door and left.

Da Chili called Han Bing aside and persuaded him not to mess with Liu Laogen. Han Bing immediately decided to leave and asked Da Chili to help her pack her luggage. Liu Laogen heard the news and rushed to stay. Han Bing pretended to go to Shenyang to meet some friends. , Liu Laogen also no longer insisted. Xiao Yan saw Zhang Kexin leading people to move things to the manager’s office, so she hurriedly came to report to Tuesday, but on Tuesday she could only tolerate temporarily.

Liu Shanshan bought fruits specially to thank Tian Yumeng. Tian Yumeng was very moved when she heard about her and Han Shixin, and promised to do her best to help them. Liu Dakui came to the office suddenly, and Liu Shanshan hurriedly made an excuse to leave. Liu Dakui clearly heard Liu Shanshan come to thank Tian Yumeng. Tian Yumeng lied that it was the fruit she brought from her hometown and gave it to Liu Dakui. Liu Dakui didn’t think much about it. . Liu Laogen wanted to see Lin Zhen and explained the situation to him. Liu Shanshan brought Lin Zhen to see him. Liu Laogen asked the big chili to steam the steamed buns to entertain Lin Zhen.

Lin Zhen recounted in detail how he and Liu Shanshan were forced to go on a blind date, and he ran into his girlfriend Tian Yumeng in the villa. Liu Laogen praised Lin Zhen and made an exception for a drink with him. Liu Erkui persuaded Song Jiajia of Jinke Group to invest in the villa. Song Jiajia only liked Liu Erkui’s work ability. She wanted to cooperate with Liu Erkui and was not interested in the villa. Manager Li wants to bring people to the villa for team building. Xia Yu brought a banner from the security department to welcome Manager Li. She specifically called and invited the big chili to steam the buns to entertain Manager Li. The big chili wanted to let the chef Xiao Li come. And stuffed buns, but Xia Yu insisted on letting her pack them in person.

On Tuesday, Yan took the waiter from the catering department to clean up the inside and outside of the restaurant, but Zhang Kexin didn’t buy it, and asked him to go to the back kitchen and stare at it. On Tuesday, she swallowed and did so. Yaowanzi was fined this month’s salary, and Sanluzi borrowed money to administer the pills through Jiujin. Liu Dakui hosted a banquet in honor of Manager Li, and let Dajiao, Zhang Kexin, and Tue Yu accompany him. Manager Li was full of praise for the environment and food of the villa, and immediately decided to start team building here. Xia Yu and Liu Dakui naturally wanted it.

When Han Bing came back from Shenyang, he went directly to Liu Laogen’s house with his suitcase. Lao Kuai hurriedly called Dajiao to report. Dajiao made an excuse to rush back to Liu Laogen’s house.

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