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Liu Laogen 4 劉老根4 Episode 10 Recap

Han Shixin confessed to Liu Dakui. Liu Dakui was very impatient. Liu Shanshan and Liu Laogen helped Han Shixin. He had secretly transferred 200,000 yuan to the villa. Liu Laogen wanted to reinstate Han Shixin. Liu Dakui didn’t buy it at all. Xia Yu persuaded Liu Dakui to keep Han Shixin. Next, Liu Laogen brought Liu Shanshan and Han Shixin back together. Xia Yu and Liu Dakui resolutely refused to agree, claiming that Liu Shanshan already had an object, but Liu Laogen did not believe it at all.

Xia Yu and Liu Dakui tell me that Liu Shanshan and Lin Zhen are in love, and they watch movies and eat together, Liu Shanshan can’t argue with each other, Han Shixin ran away in anger, Han Bing hurriedly chased it out, Han Shixin didn’t want to stay and be killed. Humiliated, Han Bing’s bitterly persuaded him to persuade him to no avail, Han Shixin insisted on leaving, Han Bing was furious.

Liu Shanshan wanted to explain the matter with Liu Laogen. Xia Yu disagreed. She wanted to take Liu Shanshan home. Liu Shanshan clung to Liu Laogen’s arm and didn’t let go. Xia Yu refused to give up. Liu Laogen was dizzy with anger and Liu Dakui. He Xia Yu hurriedly left in fright. Xia Yu saw that Liu Laogen was pretending to be sick, Liu Dakui was worried, and wanted to go back to visit, Xia Yu was delighted, this matter has already come to a showdown, Han Shixin and Han Bing must give up.

Liu Laogen called Han Bing and Han Shixin, and Liu Shanshan gave a detailed account of her blind date with Lin Zhenjia. Han Shixin gradually let go and decided to stay and work in the villa, starting from scratch, and using practical actions to get Liu Dakui and Xia Yu to accept him again. Liu Laogen was very pleased. Since Xiaoqin tried the pills, her self-confidence has greatly increased, and she feels that the more she looks, the more attractive she is, and Xiao Wang is also happy for her.

Liu Laogen and Han Bing drank tea while recounting the old. Seeing that it was too late, Da Chili urged Han Bing to go back to the villa to rest as soon as possible. Liu Laogen let her live in the guest room. Da Chili decided to stay with her. Liu Laogen worried that Da Chili’s snoring would affect Han Bing. , It’s hard to say that he persuaded Big Chili to leave and let Han Bing live in the guest room alone.

Liu Dakui and Xia Yu had a disagreement with each other. Liu Shanshan didn’t come home very late. Xia Yu spread all his anger on her. Liu Shanshan sneered at them, complaining that they didn’t care about Liu Laogen’s body, and Liu Dakui also complained about Liu Shanshan. , Liu Shanshan fought hard with them and went back to his room in anger,

Dajiao couldn’t sleep at night, she called out Lao Kuai to spit out bitter water, worried that Han Bing and Han Shixin would lie to Liu Laogen again. Lao Kuai persuaded her not to worry about it, and went back to sleep with the excuse of being sleepy. Da Chili became more angry as he thought about it, so he had to call Yao Wanzi to complain, and Yao Wanzi was aggrieved and had nowhere to tell. Da Chili was so angry that he had to hang up the phone and go back to rest.

Liu Laogen was chatting with Han Bing, and Zhangganzi suddenly came to join in the fun. He also specially brought local specialty Nanguo pears and river crabs. He repeatedly praised Han Bing for being young. Liu Laogen saw that he had something to do and he wanted to open a small supermarket below his apartment. To make up for the shortcomings of the villa, it can also meet the needs of tourists, and his wife can also have something to do. Liu Laogen asked Liganzi to discuss with Liu Dakui.

Han Bing came to Liu Dakui for money to urge the shares. Liu Dakui showed the difficulties of the villa. Yao Xiazi wanted to buy 2 million shares, but he couldn’t raise money for a while. Han Bing knew he was in trouble, so he no longer reluctantly wanted to go. Find a friend to raise money. Han Bing was helping Liu Laogen clean up his room. Big Chili brought Han Bing medicated chicken soup. He took the opportunity to talk about the difficulty of the villa now. No one bought her shares. The villagers also came to Liu Laogen’s house to make trouble for money. Da Chili persuaded Han Bing to return to the United States as soon as possible. So as not to embarrass Liu Laogen.

Liu Dakui was in a hurry to circle around the house. Seeing that a bank loan was about to expire, he didn’t know how to repay it. Xia Yu contacted a 1,000-member tour group to come to the villa for group building. Liu Dakui immediately became excited and Xia Yu gave an idea. Liu Laogen went to Liu Erkui to borrow money for emergency assistance.

When Liu Erkui came back from discussing business in Shanghai, Xiao Man drove to pick him up. Liu Erkui learned that the villa was in bad condition. Han Bing came back to sell his shares. He has not been able to raise any money so far. Xiao Man counts on Liu Erkui to help Liu Laogen. Liu Erkui arrived home safely. Liu Laogen was very happy. He called Liu Dakui and his wife back together and let Dajiao make a reunion dinner. Liu Laogen wanted Liu Erkui to pay for Han Bing’s shares. Liu Erkui admitted that he had sold all the Russian industry, but he Don’t want to invest in the villa, and invest the money to Song Jiajia, a Russian friend.

Xiao Man hurriedly called Liu Zijian away. Xia Yu followed him out and persuaded Xiao Man to take charge of Liu Erkui, so as not to give him the money to other women. Xiao Man was very wronged. She had divorced Liu Erkui a long time ago and did not want to trouble him. Xia Yu gave She stated the stakes.

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