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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 17 Recap

Ling Feng received the telegram and immediately understood that something was wrong with his eldest cousin. At this time, Zhou Enlai sent someone to call to ask about his eldest cousin’s situation. Ling Feng had to tell the truth and activate the plan. Pan Yuqing waited for Lai Shouzhang. He said that his wife and relatives were arrested and wanted Lai Shouzhang’s help to find out if anyone in the group was identified as the Communist Party. If there were no such relatives, he would be fine, but he could not easily reveal this person. Life. Lai Shouzhang told him that Cao Ruiying had ordered him to go to confirm the arrested persons and that he would investigate this matter. After getting the answer, Pan Yuqing turned around and let Zhaohua go to Qingxi to pick up Qiulian quickly.

All comrades in Shanghai are anxiously conducting inquiries via telephone and telegram, for fear of leaving a loophole in the identity of the big cousin. Heizi and Lai Shouzhang were looking through the things of their eldest cousin. The secret agent came in and called Heizi to Cao Ruiying’s office. He took the opportunity to entrust Lai Shouzhang to question the eldest cousin.

Lai Shouzhang inquired about the identity of his eldest cousin, and asked him to take off his glasses for inspection, but when he heard Cao Ruiying’s voice, he immediately returned the glasses to his eldest cousin and asked the spies to quickly take him away. Lai Shouzhang said to the suspicious Cao Ruiying that he would strictly check the authenticity of his confession, so as to save his eldest cousin from the risk of being tortured.

Facing the situation where his eldest cousin was trapped, Lu Qingquan’s willpower has collapsed. He sometimes proposed to send armed squads to violent rescue, and sometimes painfully blamed his inability. Pan Yuqing responded calmly. Instead of doing anything, they are the best protection for their eldest cousin and this line of communication. Right now they can only wait for dawn and God’s decision. Lu Qingquan asked Pan Yuqing whether the person he entrusted was reliable. Although Pan Yuqing was not sure about it, she chose to wait in silence.

Heizi, who was being tortured, rushed to tell Cao Ruiying and Lai Shouzhang that the Communist Party had recruited them. It turns out that this person had once joined the Communist Party, but left the Communist Party when the Kuomintang launched the 412 counter-revolutionary coup. Cao Ruiying knew that he would not be a traffic man, but still instructed Heizi to continue to torture because he wanted to keep his subordinates in line. As astute as a hound, and he should be punished due to having joined the Communist Party. He even told Lai Shouzhang that he was going to seek proof from Lu Wenchao for the confession. Seeing Cao Ruiying who called to report to Lu Wenchao, Lai Shouzhang’s heart was also beating.

Facing the enquiry call from Zhou Enlai, Ling Feng vaguely replied that he would definitely come up with a prescription before dawn. Heizi happily told Cao Ruiying that the person had confessed, but he had confessed to an executive who had already surrendered to the KMT, which made Cao Ruiying very helpless that he ordered Heizi to execute this person. Then he mentioned Zhou Cheng with Lai Shouzhang. Lai Shouzhang smiled helplessly and asked his brother not to mention this name that made him embarrassed and helpless.

But Cao Ruiying didn’t mean it. He took out a wanted painting that offered a reward. Looking at the person Lai Shouzhang in this portrait, he felt that the whole person was stiff. The wanted senior commander of the Communist Party was the big watch he had just seen. brother. Cao Ruiying immediately told him that she had met this wanted criminal and knew him, but the person who painted this painting was based entirely on his description. He wanted to find the painter again and had other plans. At this time, Lu Wenchao called. Foshan’s confession to his eldest cousin has been verified. Lai Shouzhang put down the portrait and left.

Pan Yuqing, who was waiting on the road, hurried up to intercept Lai Shouzhang. Lai Shouzhang told him that the Communist Party who had just been executed by the gunshot was not a relative of his family, and he did not know the names of his relatives from the beginning to the end. Lu Qingquan urged Qiulian to come in a hurry. The man with one-legged eyes was the eldest cousin she was going to pick up. Qiulian calmly stood in front of the detective team’s door and smoothly picked up her cousin.

Pan Yuqing finally let out a sigh of relief. . Upon hearing the news about the safety of his eldest cousin, Xiao Luo and Gu, who were staying at the power store, were relieved, but Lu Wenchao called to ask about Peng Gengnian’s whereabouts, and even asked the secretary if he watched him board Cruise ship to Xiamen.

The eldest cousin praised Qiulian for her adaptability and calmness, and even thought she was an old traffic man. Pan Yuqing is very happy to hold his wife. Today, it is all up to her to successfully complete the task. The big cousin who came out successfully came to Yongfeng Inn. Huang Yulian wanted to let him stay and rest for a good night, but the traffic rules Just never stay overnight at the traffic station. Pan Yuqing took his eldest cousin to the hidden thatched house again, and told him to take a rest after three sticks of incense and leave, and must cross the Minxi Station tonight.

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