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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 9 Recap

In the bidding for mine development in Southeast Asian countries, he persuaded Lin Yishan, an electrical tycoon who was severely separated from his father, to join forces with the overseas Chinese who have been doing business there for generations to help Ye Qiankun realize the first step in the development of the “Belt and Road”. But Ye Qiankun thought that he was often whimsical, and Ye Zifan finally left home and decided to start his own business without a penny from his father. Of course, his father also really surprised Ye Zifan later.

Ye Qiankun took care of Wu Jia in the ward, which aroused Ye Zifan’s dissatisfaction, because in his opinion, his wife, who has lived for many years, is not as good as an assistant, which is really chilling. Even if Ye Qiankun once explained that Wu Jia was a daughter, Ye Zifan did not accept his father’s remarks. On the contrary, it sounded like an excuse.

When his mother’s health gradually improved, Ye Zifan carried a fruit basket to visit Wu Jia. It was not so much a fruit basket, but a basket of longan. He even used this as a metaphor for nickel ore, so he thought that both Indonesia and Vietnam also Or Zimbabwe, as long as the basic composition of laterite nickel ore is the same, there is no need to hang on a tree. Ye Qiankun was too lazy to discuss with Ye Qiankun. He didn’t expect Ye Qiankun to be so angry with him and Wu Jia that Ye Qiankun knocked over the lunch box on the spot.

With the help of Ye Zifan and others, Pan Xiaoyong finally regained the right to use the factory building, and the decoration and construction have entered the initial stage of entrepreneurship and become the official President Pan. However, there was a technician in the factory named Wei Ju. He looked very honest, but his name was a bit unpleasant. As a result, Pan Xiaoyong took this as a fun, and even asked him to change his name to Pan Bold.

Lin Zhixia learned through Pan Xiaoyong that Ye Zifan had quit her job and ran away from home, and now she has moved to live with him. While Ye Zifan was making arrangements at home, Huang Yunmei brought Huang Fugui to visit, and handed over the key to Huang Fugui by the way, reminding him that if he was bored, he could go home and live for a few days.

Ye Qiankun asked Wu Jia to pass a message to Ye Zifan for herself, but actually wanted her to meet her son alone to resolve the misunderstanding between the two. However, the most surprising thing was that Ye Zifan actually showed up with Yu Keren, and even kept her by her side to listen. Wu Jia saw that Ye Zifan was still angry with his father, and said that he did not understand Ye Qiankun’s difficulties at all.

However, Ye Zifan has been holding grudges in his heart for a long time, but he feels that Ye Qiankun has no trust in him, and every time he mentions an opinion, he will be refuted and he will not allow any consideration. In comparison with this way of getting along, Ye Zifan decided to leave the company, but he didn’t know. Ye Qiankun adopted his suggestion that night and negotiated with Zimbabwe the next day.

His grandfather Huang Fugui was invited back to Wenzhou by his daughter Huang Yunlan from Barcelona, ​​trying to persuade Pan Xiaoyong to return. Not only was it unsuccessful, Huang Fugui himself was also prepared to stay in Wenzhou, as if he had also encountered “twilight love.” Of course, the most important thing is that he discovered that Pan Xiaoyong, Ye Zifan, Zeng Zhiqiu, Lin Zhixia, and other young people are very similar to themselves when they were young.

It was with the help of Huang Fugui’s sale of the house that Pan Xiaoyong’s first step finally came out, but Ye Zifan, who started his business with him, and Zeng Zhiqiu, who had a relationship with him, felt that Pan Xiaoyong was a little unsafe. Later, when he went to jail and walked northwest, there were many storms and trials.

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