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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 11 Recap

Yu Keren knew the news of Ye Zifan’s resignation from Weiye Group. He really didn’t understand what he did. So he was so drunk that he came to the door and played a rogue while talking and crying. In the end, he changed his attitude and took the initiative to apologize to Ye Zifan. , And even deliberately stayed overnight in spite of the opposition of the other party.

The next morning, Pan Xiaoyong saw Yu Keren lying on Ye Zifan’s bed, mistakenly thinking that the relationship between the two was confirmed. On the grounds of apologizing, Yu Keren continued to pester Ye Zifan, making him unbearable, and happened to receive a call from Wu Jia. Ye Qiankun asked Wu Jia to pass a message to Ye Zifan for herself, but actually wanted her to meet her son alone to resolve the misunderstanding between the two.

However, the most surprising thing was that Ye Zifan actually showed up with Yu Keren, and even kept her by her side to listen. Wu Jia saw that Ye Zifan was still angry with his father, and said that he did not understand Ye Qiankun’s difficulties at all. However, Ye Zifan had been resentful for a long time, but he felt that Ye Qiankun had no trust in him. Every time he mentioned an opinion, he would be refuted and he would not allow any consideration at all.

Compared with this mode of getting along, Ye Zifan decided to leave the company, but he didn’t know. Ye Qiankun adopted his suggestion that night, and negotiated with Zimbabwe the next day. Wu Jia explained the causes and consequences, and explained that Ye Qiankun would invest in Ye Zifan to support his business, but Ye Qiankun refused.

After Wu Jia left, Yu Keren furiously threw the tableware and reprimanded Ye Zifan for keeping the resources at home and not using it, and had to run out to start his own business. Seeing Yu Keren’s unreasonable troubles, Ye Zifan tore his face completely and mocked her for being a covetous asset. Because Ye Zifan broke through his thoughts, Yu Keren turned into anger. Under the impulse, he slapped Ye Zifan on the spot. Seeing him leave in indignation, he immediately regretted it.

Lin Zhixia wanted to design an industrial park for Pan Xiaoyong, and had to leave Teacher Zhong’s studio. As a result, he saw Yu Keren in the design office of the industrial park. The whole person seemed to be a little emotionally broken and kept crying for Lin Zhixia’s help to make peace. At first, Lin Zhixia was patiently comforting Yu Keren, but when she learned of what she had done, she was immediately furious. She drove away from Yu Keren and drove to Ye Zifan downstairs, and immediately confided her inner troubles to Ye Zifan as a netizen.

Through this incident, Lin Zhixia looked at her heart again and confirmed that she had fallen in love with Ye Zifan. However, considering the relationship between Lin and Ye and the business competition, I really don’t know how to choose, so I told the netizens on the opposite side of the screen that Ye Zifan was very happy.

A stray poodle appeared in the industrial park, and Lin Zhixia took it back to the office to take it in. Originally, Pan Xiaoyong did not want to touch these animals, but due to Lin Zhixia’s persistence, he could only temporarily agree to keep it in the industrial park. However, shortly after, Wei Ju was bitten by a poodle. Lin Zhixia threatened to take the dog away to prevent Pan Xiaoyong from losing the dog. Pan Xiaoyong had no other choice but to obey Lin Zhixia as much as possible and even let Wei Ju take the dog. Serve as an uncle.

Ye Zifan meticulously designed smart big data, but he was stuck on the pilot every time, which made him very broken. Li Chengren from the Education Bureau called Ye Zifan, claiming that 70% of the parents did not agree to provide data to Ye Zifan, and the project was not supported by the relevant departments, so he could do nothing.

Ye Zifan, who was frustrated in his start-up, rode a motorcycle to vent but was hit by the road in heavy rain. Fortunately, he was sent to the hospital by a kind person in time. Huang Yunmei was putting on makeup at home, preparing to do rehearsal for the farewell performance, when she suddenly received a call and learned that Ye Zifan was in the emergency room of the hospital. Because there was no time to visit, Huang Yunmei first asked his father and Pan Xiaoyong to rush to find out the situation. Pan Xiaoyong found that Ye Zifan was only having a fever, so he heaved a sigh of relief and went back to work immediately.

Huang Fugui stayed in the hospital to accompany him, Lin Zhixia came over to accompany her in front of the bed, and patiently enlightened Ye Zifan. Afterwards, Lin Zhixia helped Ye Zifan, so with the help of Zeng Zhiqiu, he successfully opened a retail website called “Artshui” on the Internet. Zeng Zhiqiu saw that her younger sister liked Ye Zifan, so she advised her to think clearly, after all, Lin Yishan would never agree with her daughter to fall in love with his rival’s son.

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