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Family on the Go 3 温州三家人 Episode 10 Recap

Zeng Zhiqiu’s father Lin Yishan, he, Ye Qiankun, and Pan Xiaoyong’s father Pan Jian were originally Huang Fugui’s little apprentices when he wandered through the rivers and lakes, but he married his two daughters to Ye Qiankun and Pan Jian. Later He also followed his daughter Huang Yunlan to overseas development.

Lin Yishan saw the Ou Opera actor Huang Yunmei, whom he had fallen in love with, followed Ye Qiankun, and got married in a hurry. After giving birth to daughters Lin Zhiqiu and Lin Zhixia, the gloomy wife finally broke out and took the eldest daughter away to Spain, changed her daughter’s surname to her own, and later married to a distant place.

Zeng Zhiqiu went to a prestigious school in Barcelona, ​​married with Ai Jilan, an Internet expert among his classmates, and had his son Daniel. Later, because of Ai Weilan’s bad conduct and addicted to gambling, after a fight, with the help of Ai Weilan’s kind mother, Zeng Zhiqiu was able to bring his son Daniel back to Wenzhou with 3 million euros. This 3 million is actually the result of Zeng Zhiqiu’s learning and entrepreneurship, and it also allowed her to gain a lot of experience in business and an insight into the world.

It was she who first discovered that Lin Yishan’s Honghui Group had overcapacity and the risk point was approaching. Lin Yishan apologized to Zeng Zhiqiu. He also approached his daughter through the love of his grandson Daniel. The father and daughter resonated in corporate governance and made Zeng Zhiqiu take over as chairman.

It’s just this moment when Honghui Group is in a trough. Zeng Zhiqiu’s ideas conflict with his father. The conflict of interest with the family’s elders also brought her a lot of brainstorming “good drama.” When her daughter finally went to the international market, Lin Yishan was full of emotion, of course not only because of the father’s love she had never given before.

Zeng Zhiqiu’s younger sister, Lin Zhixia, set up the “Art Collection” on the Internet. Ye Zifan’s entrepreneurship started from here. Later, he and Pan Xiaoyong founded the e-commerce “Famous Collection” together. The intelligent direction of the stage advances. Ye Zifan and Lin Zhixia went from falling in love at first sight to love each other. During the period, they met his sympathetic father’s daughter Yu Keren’s “cross-cutting”, including Ye Zifan’s “sullen gourd” temper, which made their love too Ups and downs.

Pan Xiaoyong fell in love with Lin Zhixia at first sight when he returned to Wenzhou, and a pair of cousins ​​once turned against it, but Ye Zifan and Lin Zhixia finally came together and became hard-core partners in entrepreneurship. After Pan Xiaoyong went round and round, he also gained true love.

After Zeng Zhiqiu took over, he launched a sharp struggle with the traditional “gang of elders” in concept and corporate management, and promptly stopped the misappropriation of scientific research funds and the disorderly expansion of the marketing market. At the same time, she reviewed the current situation, focused on research and development, and developed a new generation of photovoltaic industry and tidal power generation. Honghui Group is heading for glory again in the new era.

She has always admired Pan Xiaoyong’s wisdom and bravery, and she has also developed into the stage of lovemaking. However, Pan Xiaoyong was eager to expand and in order to win more profits, and finally was deceived again, put gambling software on his platform and went to jail.

He once went to the desolation of the west, but together with Zeng Zhiqiu who came to him, he discovered a huge “workshop” and market that could develop the photovoltaic industry. It was here that Pan Xiaoyong met Li Youyou, a female teacher in the country. He did not expect that this simple girl would have a relationship story with him later.

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