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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 34 Recap

Princess Siling spurned Yan Huilou very much. Lian Yan’er talked about many ridiculous things she had done in Yanhuilou. The horse was afraid that Yaner would tell Princess Siling about her, so she quickly asked Lian Yaner what she was going to do , With Lian Yaner’s help. When he went to find Yan Zifang, he did not help Zhang He. He also helped Yan Zifang to teach Zhang He. Zhang He’s father Zhang Li arrived with troops, but he did not expect that Yu Shi Huaiming was also there.

Zhang Li led troops to disrupt the court and violated the etiquette system. Wearing a purple robe, Duke Huai Ming said that he would write a memorial to impeach Zhang Li, and praised the teammate. The teammate breathed a sigh of relief at this time.

When Zhou Wangzheng was drinking and chatting with Qian Changshi, Fu Rou came to give Zhou Wang clothes, and Zhou Wang asked Fu Rou to stay with them for a few drinks. Fu Rou couldn’t help but persuade, so she stayed. Fu Rou stayed to drink and chat with them, and also took the opportunity to ask Qian Wenjing for advice with King Zhou.

Qian Wenjing gave a generous statement saying that everyone should take responsibility for their homeland and country, and they should not just be greedy for pleasure, and said Patriotism and responsibility do not distinguish between men and women. After listening to these words, Fu Rou gave an enlightenment and understood Sheng Chumu’s approach to defending the border.

Yan Zifang invited the consort to be a guest at his mansion, and gave the consort a beautiful woman and a private house. Hu Ma was very happy. Speaking of regretting marrying his wife too early, he also said that King Liang was going to marry Lu Yingying. Lu Yingying is about to get married. She is wearing a luxurious wedding dress to bid farewell to her father and brother.

Lu Qi feels very distressed. He too knows what kind of person King Liang is, and is worried that Lu Yingying will suffer when she marries in Prince Liang’s mansion. On the way to marriage, Yan Zifang watched Lu Yingying go away, but couldn’t do anything. On the wedding night, King Liang looked at Lu Yingying who was dressed up in awe. He took Lu Yingying’s hand and said that although he had a bad reputation, he swears to the Supreme Emperor in the sky that he will treat Lu Yingying well in the future.

But after the bridal chamber, King Liang found that Lu Yingying hadn’t turned red. He furiously asked Lu Yingying to tell who the adulterer was. Now it was time to enter the palace, and King Liang went to the palace to meet with Lu Yingying. For the emperor, King Liang decided to hide the matter for the sake of the face of the Supreme Emperor. Seeing that Lu Yingying’s face was wrong, Fu Rou asked after King Liang left, but Lu Yingying refused to say anything.

With Yushi’s impeachment, the emperor asked Zhang Li to be sent to Dali Temple for trial. Zhou Wang asked to let Qian Wenjing stay in Chang’an, but Qian Wenjing was forced away by the prince with a few words. Qian Wenjing decided to return to Zhaozhou. Continuing to teach King Zhao, King Zhou was very disappointed. The prince held a banquet for Chenxin to see him off, and gave another letter to Chenxin to hand over to King Zhao. After Chenxin went back, he reported to King Zhao that Qian Wenjing had revealed his shortcomings to the emperor in Chang’an.

King Zhao was furious. When he was angry, Qian Wenjing came to admonish King Zhao again. He would encourage King Zhao to be unruly. Han Pengmao and Shan Yunmo were driven away, but they went to Chang’an on their own. Zhao Wang brought them back. Qian Wenjing asked them to drive them away. Qian Wenjing said if they were right. When he was dissatisfied, he asked King Zhao to ask the emperor to change his history. King Zhao was speechless and could only leave without saying anything.

Wang Zhao finally avoided Qian Wenjing and went to find Han Pengmao and Shan Yunmo, but the two said that he was going to be expelled from Zhaozhou City. Wang Zhao was very anxious. He only wanted to have fun. If the two of them left, he would be isolated. With no help, Han Dan and the two proposed to kill Qian Wenjing to avoid the troubles of King Zhao, but King Zhao did not dare to take it up. The guy in the inn where the two were staying heard about the incident and reported the incident to Qian Wenjing.

Qian Wenjing immediately arrested Han Dan and asked him guilty, but he knew that the incident had nothing to do with King Zhao, so he still wanted to protect Zhao Wang, did not mention Zhao Wang in the memorial.

Sheng Chumu has won many battles at the border. He just won the battle that day. He came down to report that he had caught a deserter, Ye Qiulang. Ye Qiulang ran away for someone he liked. Sheng Chumu didn’t care about pleading and ordered Ye Qiulang to be fined 100 Army stick, Sheng Chumu pointed to the suffering people, saying that if everyone runs away for their own selfish desires, who will come to defend their homes and the country, Ye Qiulang is ashamed and willing to be punished. Ye Qiulang’s childhood sweetheart also stays in the military camp to take care of the sick. As punishment. After Lu Yingying returned, Lu Qi asked her servants to leave and asked if Lu Yingying had been bullied by King Liang.

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