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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 33 Recap

The emperor expressed his trust in King Zhou, but King Zhou said that he was not experienced enough. The case was complicated and Fang Xiang had rich experience and was more suitable for handling the case. After hearing this, the emperor let Fang Xiang take over the case of Dacang Mountain. After the next dynasty, the emperor found that Sun Lingshu was holding his son kneeling in front of the palace and begging for the prince.

The emperor was very dissatisfied and asked to take Sun Lingshu mother and son back. The queen also came to the emperor to intercede. The emperor became more angry. He locked the prince in order to get someone to find out the truth. He returned the prince to his innocence. But from Zhan Xuanzhi to the queen, he asked him to intercede. Hong Yide’s death is related, and he will definitely be punished severely.

The queen asked what should be done if the case has been unclear. The emperor couldn’t answer, but said that the prince had disappointed himself again and again, and then left. The queen was very chilling and fainted with excitement. The queen was worried about the prince and could not sleep all night. Fu Rou was worried and very worried when she saw the queen. She suddenly thought that someone could persuade the emperor.

The emperor personally interrogated the prince and asked him if he knew how Hong Yide was poisoned. The prince said that he could not argue with a hundred mouths. At that time, there was no one around him. Whether he was innocent or not depended on the emperor’s will. The emperor called Yan Zifang again, and Yan Zifang said Hong Yide. After being arrested, he confessed to bribing Lu Yunji, but the prince was still speaking for Lu Yunji. This made the emperor very angry.

Yan Zifang said that Lu Yunji had once given a piece of the Warring States dragon-shaped jade pendant to the prince, and the emperor immediately let him People went to search the Prince’s study, and they found the jade pendant. The emperor was about to deal with the prince. Fu Rou suddenly broke into the hall and reported that the emperor was critically ill, and called the emperor over. The Supreme Emperor rejected the crowd, leaving the Emperor and the Empress reprimanded.

The Supreme Emperor instructed the Emperor to keep the Prince and trust the Prince. Due to filial piety, the Emperor could only agree to the Supreme Emperor’s request. King Liang also rushed when he got the news. He snatched Fu Rou’s pill, just for Renew the life of the Supreme Emperor, but the Supreme Emperor knew that he had run out of oil and the lamp had dried up, and the best medicine would be useless. The Supreme Emperor instructed the queen to take care of King Liang more, and then left.

Because of the emperor’s dying instructions, the Dacangshan case was sealed up. The emperor ordered people not to mention the matter again, let him release Lu Yunji and his son, and fined Yan Zifang for half a year’s salary. Not long after Lu Yunji and his son returned to the mansion, they learned that Lu Yingying had sought out King Liang for them. Lu Yunji had gone to the emperor to intercede in order to regret their marriage, but the emperor refused to let go.

Lu Qi confronted the emperor for Lu Yingying. , The emperor was furious and ordered someone to blame Lu Qi. The emperor gave Lu Yunji two ways, either to marry Lu Yingying to King Liang, or to ransack the house of Cai Guogong. The emperor thought that Lu Yunji was a veteran, and asked the queen to come forward and take Lu Yingying as the princess. King Liang also agreed.

Sheng Chuling invited himself to be the guard at the border. General Gu, who was guarding the border, read Sheng Chumu’s orders and thought he was another family member who came to fish in troubled waters, but Sheng Chumu made two requests, saying that he was not here to enjoy the blessing. The requirements must be bitter enough and cold enough, and there must be wars.

There was something wrong with the prince, Sun Lingshu was worried, and Sun Lingwei was also very worried. He found Sheng Chujun and begged him to give him another Shengshi peace knot. Sheng Chujun pretended to be in trouble, but when he saw Sun Lingwei begging, he still agreed to give Sun Lingwei another peace knot. After Sheng Chujun gave the peace knot to Sun Lingwei, the prince was fine. Sun Lingwei only felt that Sheng Chujun’s peace knot was very effective, and the relationship with him was closer.

The crown prince turned danger into bargaining, and he was hosting a banquet in the East Palace to entertain King Liang. He escorted Qian Wenjing back to Chang’an to visit Chen Xin. Chen Xin was originally the prince’s guard, and now he is next to King Zhao. Zhao Wang has collected many good things for Chen Xin to offer To the prince, Chen Xin also said that Qian Wenjing had been having trouble with Zhao Wang in Zhaozhou, and worried that Qian Wenjing was deliberately doing it, so that he could return to Zhou Wang to work.

Zhang He was arrested by Yan Zifang for making trouble in the street. Before he left, Zhang He asked Princess Siling’s prince to save him. The prince was thinking of leaving the house to save others, but Princess Siling asked him to see the jewelry. He was introduced by Princess Han. , Ma Hainiu and Lian Yan’er have become Chang’an’s first female businessmen and are deeply loved by Princess Siling. The husband Ma perfunctorily said that Princess Siling was about to leave, but Ma Hainiu suddenly mentioned that Lian Yan’er came from Yan Huilou.

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