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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 9 Recap

Seeing that Li Fuzhu was too late, the national teacher over there couldn’t help but start to feel anxious. So he said that he waited for Li Fuzhu, maybe he would delay the need for them to act first, so he found someone to find Li Fuzhu. As an excuse, I gave Li Fuzhu a house at a time and asked Li Fuzhu to take a look at the palace. Li Fuzhu believed it was true, so he happily came to the big house outside the capital, but he did not expect that the national teacher would actually order all the residents inside to be punishable on the spot.

Killing, watching so many people, and just dying in front of him, Li Fuzhu couldn’t help being panicked. He lived in a society under the rule of law. He had never seen such a scene before. He couldn’t help but be very scared. He immediately said, what is the national teacher? What do you want to do to yourself? Don’t do it to yourself lightly. After all, his current status is the Celestial Master, saying that what he wants is very simple, and he has told Li Fuzhu early, but Li Fuzhu has always pretended not to hear and is unwilling to try No matter what, Li Fuzhu immediately understood that the national teacher was still threatening his marriage.

Yun Yi over there learned that Li Fuzhu was actually called out by the national teacher. He couldn’t help but feel very anxious. He knew in his heart that the national teacher went to Li Fuzhu for nothing good. He was worried about the national teacher and I was in a hurry. Next, he attacked Li Fuzhu, so the non-stop sending people and himself rushed over. When he arrived, Li Fuzhu was already curled up in the corner in fear. Yun Yi immediately became confused.

Li Fuzhu said that he had come. Nothing happened next. He asked Li Fuzhu why the state affairs had just been so true to Li Fuzhu. He said that the national teacher showed off his power in front of him, in fact, it was to declare sovereignty. He wanted to let Li Fuzhu know that what he said in this country really counts. The person who spoke is him, the national teacher, so I told Li Fuzhu not to do any tricks in front of him.

After listening to Yun Yi for a long time, she realized that Li Fuzhu was entrusted to win over him. The state affairs still hoped to marry her daughter to the emperor for his relationship. After Yun Yi learned of this, she said that she wanted to protect Li Fuzhu. The current strength really cannot compete with the national teacher, so the national teacher actually wants to achieve this goal, then he can satisfy the wish of the national teacher, and he immediately made a decree in the voice of Li Fuzhu’s goddess. The edict was given to Li Fuzhu, saying that as long as Li Fuzhu took this back to the imperial court, he would not be embarrassed anymore.

However, Li Fuzhu was not literate, and she did not know what was written in this edict. He was afraid that Yun Yi wanted to take this opportunity to murder himself, so he didn’t dare to take him over. Yun Yi had no choice but to order the eunuch next to him to take this imperial decree back and read it out. After Li Fuzhu followed back, he heard the edict. He couldn’t help but feel a little stunned. He didn’t expect that Yun Yi would sacrifice his marriage in order to save himself.

He couldn’t help but be very moved inside, and the national teacher over there did his wish and finally achieved it. He couldn’t help but feel very moved. Happy, he said that Li Fuzhu has the greatest credit for this matter, and he will definitely do well, thank Li Fuzhu, and will not forget Li Fuzhu’s great kindness to him, but Li Fuzhu is still very scared.

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