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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 8 Recap

Li Fuzhu’s plan seemed to be seamless. She gave an order and everyone rushed in to help Li Fuzhu arrest the man. However, what they didn’t expect was that the person inside was actually the empress dowager. It turned out that the empress dowager heard about it recently. He felt that Li Fuzhu was too arrogant to do so, but he was also curious whether Li Fuzhu could really see any clues from these fingerprints? So he went to the warehouse specifically to investigate it out of curiosity.

Li Fuzhu saw that the person here was the empress dowager and immediately secretly said something was wrong. As expected, another sneaky figure took advantage of this time and immediately slipped out. Li Fuzhu said that the talent was the real murderer behind the scenes, so he sent everyone to investigate and said that he must not be let go.

However, what Li Fuzhu did made Lan’er suffer, because Lan’er happened to be acting in the palace that night. It was not good for them to do so, so everyone felt that Lan’er’s deeds were also very serious. They stopped Lan’er and asked him what he was sneaking around in the palace at night. Lan’er couldn’t tell why he came. Fortunately, Li Fuzhu felt that Lan’er was relieved in time, but he was also very curious. What is Lan’er doing here? Li Fuzhu couldn’t help wondering. Perhaps the murderer behind all this was really Lan’er.

However, Lan’er explained that the truth of the matter is not like this, because they always feel that the palace There was a group of children who could not have enough to eat at all. They were very pitiful, so they decided to secretly transport the leftover ingredients in the imperial dining room. These nobles were used to eating the delicacies of the mountains and the sea every day, and they didn’t know how to cherish these things at all. Therefore, every time the food is not eaten completely, and these leftover meals are wasted. If they are taken out of the palace, the hungry children can have a full meal.

After listening to these words, Li Fuzhu could not help saying that Lan’er was really a good-hearted person. He naturally couldn’t bear to let the kind-hearted Lan’er be punished for himself again, so he said that Lan’er could report his life for doing such things in the future. , He will cover Lan’er by the side. Lan’er said that Li Fuzhu is the real kind-heartedness.

In the past, high-ranking officials and nobles, they all sneered when they heard them do this. They looked down on those poor children at all. They care about their lives and lives. Only Li Fuzhu is the one who really cares about these children. Li Fuzhu could not help but blush very much when he was praised. He said that he would not talk to her about these things now. The most important thing is to find out who that person is. Who.

The people who were sent to investigate came back and returned the news, saying that they only saw the pattern and color of that person’s clothes, and did not really find that person. Li Fuzhu couldn’t help but feel very sad because he knew that after he missed this opportunity, the other party must improve. After being vigilant, I thought it would not be so easy to catch it again, but this time Ruan Qingye found it? Li Fuzhu said that Li Fuzhu seemed to be very leisurely during this period. He asked Li Fuzhu if he had thought of a way to deal with the things he had promised to help him before. Seeing Ruan Qing pressing so hard, Li Fuzhu had no choice but to stop delaying.

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