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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 7 Recap

When these Li Fuzhu were in the imperial garden, they suddenly discovered that there was a flint in the place where the fire broke out last time. This made Li Fuzhu feel very strange. The last time they ate barbecue here, they obviously used fire folds. The fire, how could something as dangerous as flint and steel appear in this place, Li Fuzhu immediately realized that it was very likely that someone wanted to frame them, so he deliberately ignited the imperial garden when they were eating barbecue and planted them.

On his body, it didn’t mean that the fire was caused by the barbecue they ate. This caused Lan’er to be beaten. Li Fuzhu was really upset. He didn’t want his maid to be bullied by others in vain, so he said that he must be bullied by others. Will investigate the truth of the matter, and when he has checked everything out, he will return everyone innocent.

But just a piece of flint and steel cannot be counted as evidence. Li Fuzhu is only a suspicion. When investigating here, he knows that it is very likely that someone is not pleasing to his eyes, so he secretly attacked him behind the scenes. There is no way to predict who that person is? There is really too little evidence to stay at the scene, especially because it was a fire. Many important evidences were completely concealed because of the fire. Li Fuzhu was a little helpless for a while. He didn’t expect that he was proud to express certainty.

To find the truth of the matter, it was so unfavorable to go to a teacher. However, at this time Li Fuzhu was suddenly inspired. In their time, to determine the murderer of this kind of case, it is only necessary to check the fingerprints, as long as the investigation can be carried out. One piece, whose fingerprints are on the flint, can understand this matter, who is the real murderer behind the scenes? But in this era, there is no fingerprint checking system.

Li Fuzhu suddenly realized a way. He said that he was a goddess, so these people thought that he knew everything and knew everything. Even if he had a way to recognize fingerprints with the naked eye, there was no problem at all. Yes, Li Fuzhu doesn’t need to have such an ability. He just collects fingerprints on everyone in the palace with great fanfare, and asks them to put all these and information in front of him, so that he can check them one by one. The instigator of Flintstone will definitely be flustered, because he doesn’t know whether Li Fuzhu can really detect whose fingerprints on the flint is.

Sure enough, Li Fuzhu collected the fingerprint information of everyone in the palace, and then stored the information in the warehouse, pretending that he is very tired now, and check the content tomorrow, and when she leaves, it will be in the warehouse immediately. Li Fuzhu immediately said to let everyone go and catch this person. He was the real culprit in this case. Everyone knew that Li Fuzhu’s appearance was a play for asking the king to enter the urn.

That person panicked. He would personally go to the warehouse to steal the fingerprint information, and Li Fuzhu happened to ambush a lot of soldiers nearby. You can catch it upright. The emperor could not help but sigh. Li Fuzhu is really a very smart and careful man. People, and Li Fuzhu said that he did this only to make the truth clear, and he didn’t want people to be unjustly wronged.

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