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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 6 Recap

Li Fuzhu is still very distressed during this period. He really has no good way to solve Yun Yi’s difficulties, and she also needs to constantly deal with Ruan Qing in case Ruan Qing really comes to her own trouble. If Ruan Qing really leaked all of his things, he might be very sad in the future. There are two things like these that urge Li Fuzhu’s mood to become very bad at this time. Suddenly he said that he had a trick, and he could take Li Fuzhu to try it out.

Maybe this thing could make Li Fuzhu a foodie happier. Li Fuzhu immediately said that there is something to eat that he can share with him. , It will definitely have an effect on herself, so Lan Er said that she is very proficient in the craftsmanship of barbecue. He can use charcoal grilled barbecue outside to eat for Li Fuzhu. After eating, Li Fuzhu will be very happy and give all the troubles of these days. forgotten.

Hearing that, you can eat barbecue. Li Fuzhu couldn’t help but his saliva flowed down. He said that he was going to prepare quickly, and Lan Erza over there started a fire in the Imperial Garden. They were crazy barbecue on this shelf. Li Fuzhu kept going. They were smeared on the barbecue, naturally looking very happy, but at this time the food was suddenly out of control. A gust of wind blew the fire on the bushes nearby. Their barbecue actually caused a fire in the imperial garden.

Li Fuzhu had some for a while. In a panic, he immediately found everyone and put out the mess, but this time the fire was still an imperial garden, which caused a lot of damage. The empress dowager likes this imperial garden the most, so he learned that the imperial garden The garden was burnt down because Li Fuzhu was eating barbecue here, and he couldn’t help being very angry. He ordered that this matter must be severely punished, and it is absolutely impossible to let Li Fuzhu go.

Li Fuzhu knew that he would definitely not be able to escape this time, so he didn’t want to struggle. However, unexpectedly, Lan Er suddenly stood up and took all the sins for Li Fuzhu. He said that barbecue in the courtyard is completely It was my own idea, and the whole process was operated by myself. This time the fire was caused by improper operation. It has nothing to do with Li Fuzhu. After hearing what Lan Er said, the empress dowager didn’t want to continue posting Li Fuzhu. After all, Li Fuzhu still had the identity of a goddess, so he said that he wanted to pull Lan’er down and kill him. Li Fuzhu immediately went forward to intercede with Lan’er.

Fortunately, Yun Yi appeared in time at this time, which saved Lan’er. Li Fuzhu couldn’t help but feel very distressed when he saw Lan’er being beaten to death. He knew that Lan’er was punished so severely because of his own reasons. He was completely suffering for himself. Just when Li Fuzhu was very sad, Ruan Qing over there once again sent someone to urge Li Fuzhu. He said that if Li Fuzhu still can’t suggest any way, maybe Ruan Qing should advance, he said. After Bian’s action, Li Fuzhu felt even more disgusted in his heart after hearing this. He was still upset about Lan’er just now, and now Ruan Qing is about to use his troubles to urge himself.

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