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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 5 Recap

Because of the construction of the aqueduct, Li Fuzhu really helped a lot. Yun Yi couldn’t help being very grateful to Li Fuzhu, so he said that Li Fuzhu could say anything to himself. If there is distress, he will help her solve the problem. Li Fuzhu’s personality is very open. Of course, he can say nothing to Yun Yi, and the two people are like this. When you come and I go, the relationship has gradually become closer, and they have become all-talking.

The good friend I talked about, and Li Fuzhu’s quirky character, Yun Yi, who has been living in the palace, couldn’t help but love it very much. After discovering that Li Fuzhu was so different from other women, Yun Yi didn’t even want to marry Ruan Qingwei. Wife, but at this time everyone is saying that Ruan Qing is the best queen choice.

Seeing that the emperor really didn’t want to marry him, Ruan Qing thought that maybe he could use the closest person to the emperor, that is, Li Fuzhu, to persuade him from the side. Maybe with Li Fuzhu’s words, Yun Yi would He was really willing to marry her, so he found Li Fuzhu for help. However, Li Fuzhu had already read the content in the comics. He knew that the national teacher would rebel and he would be against Yun Yi, so he didn’t want to help this.

Busy, but Ruan Qing over there is reluctant. He said that Li Fuzhu used to threaten him with things that only he knew, and made Ruan Qing believe that Li Fuzhu was really a goddess. However, if Li Fuzhu wants to regret it. If he did, he would tell the story, leaving Li Fuzhu unable to stay in the palace. After hearing this, Li Fuzhu couldn’t help but embarrass him very much, although he didn’t want Ruan Qing to use this kind of thing to disrupt himself. , A good life in the palace, but he really didn’t want it, betrayed Yun Yi because of this incident.

Li Fuzhu was entangled in his heart. He kept thinking about what happened in the comic books, but he did not have any impression at all. In the following content, his deskmates did not lend him those comic books, just verbally and verbally. He told the ending of some stories, so Li Fuzhu couldn’t guess which incident was that which led to the tragedy of the final story. He could only do his best to help Yun Yi resist Ruan Qing and his father. Li Fuzhu struggled in every possible way. Under the circumstances, he decided to delay for a while. Maybe after waiting for a long time, Ruan Qing had forgotten that he had threatened Li Fuzhu.

However, Yun Yi over there also sent someone to find Li Fuzhu. She said that she had something that was very distressed recently, so she was puzzled and wanted to find Li Fuzhu to tell. Li Fuzhu said that no matter what it was, she would do it for herself. He thought of a solution. He only hoped that Yun Yi would not continue to worry like this anymore, so Yun Yi said that the problem in his heart was that he did not want to marry Ruan Qing as his wife, but he received a lot of memorials when he went to court today. ,

It was densely written in it, all persuading him to marry Ruan Qing as a queen, which made him very sad. He hoped that Li Fuzhu could find a way for himself to successfully dispel these people’s ideas, and Li Fuzhu is now in the control. In embarrassment, on the one hand, he is a good friend that he has finally met, and on the other, he is threatened by a person with his own fatal handle. He really does not know how to choose.

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