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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 4 Recap

The emperor over there learned that Li Fuzhu had to eat a lot of big meals every day during this period, and he couldn’t help being very upset. He asked Li Fuzhu to stay in his palace to get him to come up with some suggestions to help him manage the rivers and mountains. Yes, it is not for him to sit here and eat the mountains and be an idler. So the emperor was very angry. He found Li Fuzhu and ordered him. The emperor said that if Li Fuzhu was within its time limit, he would not be able to find Xiu quickly.

He would no longer keep Li Fuzhu in the palace for wrongdoing. Li Fuzhu could not help but feel a little sad, but he had no other way. He had to agree to help the emperor think of a way, but he was very much towards the emperor’s behavior. He felt that the way the emperor squeezed him was exactly the same as the way he bullied her by the monitor in the class.

Li Fuzhu still wanted to be lazy in his heart. He didn’t want to help the emperor find the way to repair the aqueduct. The emperor over there realized that Li Fuzhu didn’t really want to help, so he took Li Fuzhu to sit down and wanted to talk to Li Fuzhu. The story, he said that he has never interpreted it. Although he is a nominal emperor, no one obeys his orders at all. The real ruler among all people has always been the country’s teacher and country, starting from his memory, I have been controlling the government, and now I not only want to treat him as a puppet, but even want to marry his daughter to him, and continue to control him for the rest of his life.

The emperor is really unbearable. She thinks that if such a day continues I will feel even more sad when I live, so I made such an extreme decision at the beginning, but now Li Fuzhu appeared in front of him and gave him the light of hope. He said that if Li Fuzhu really had a way to repair one Shuiqu led her to find a way to really make this country safe and peaceful, then he might have the courage to stand up against the evil forces of the national teacher.

After listening to this, Li Fuzhu couldn’t help being very moved. When he was reading the comic book, he felt that the national teacher was very hateful. He didn’t expect that he had actually entered this painting, and even more felt that this reality was true. It was so irritating, so he agreed without saying a word. The hero himself would definitely be loyal.

When he said it, he racked his brains to think about how to build a canal. Suddenly he remembered that the canal was built. The first step is to find the water source first. After all, if there is no way to get to a water source, then it will not work how to drain the water. So he found the emperor and said that he now has an idea for the first book, and he needs the emperor. Dispatch everyone to investigate the water source.

The source of water in their country is actually a relatively scarce item, and it is not easy to search it, but the emperor immediately agreed to Li Fuzhu’s request, and he sent all the soldiers and horses he could send to investigate. Water source, he said, this matter is more important than any other matter, because as Li Fuzhu said before, if they can’t get the water source quickly, they may wait until the day when the groundwater is exhausted. The country is really going to perish, and no matter how state affairs confuse people, it will not have any practical effect.

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