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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 3 Recap

In order to be able to save his life, Li Fuzhu had to lie that he had a way to help their country prosper and strengthen the people, but this kind of thing would definitely not be achieved within a day, otherwise he would not be a goddess but a god, Li Fuzhu Said that she felt that the most important way was to build canals, because their country did not have many mountains, rivers, and seas. They all depended on well water to support the water source. If the groundwater dries up one day, they will be wiped out. The only way to solve this problem is to build some canals to divert water from rivers and lakes in other places here, so that they will have long-term water supply and ensure that the people’s living needs are met.

Hearing Li Fuzhu’s unpredictable words, everyone was shocked. They all thought that Li Fuzhu’s words made sense, and it was a very good thing for them not to understand what Li Fuzhu said. So they decided to do exactly what Li Fuzhu said, and let Li Fuzhu teach them how to build the canal. However, Li Fuzhu had very little memory of those parts of the textbook. After all, he was a scumbag and couldn’t be firm. Remembering all the methods, he had no choice but to sloppy and said that these things are secrets that cannot be revealed, and he can only reveal a little bit.

Even if he does this, he is afraid of being condemned by God, so he needs them for the next thing. Realize it by yourself, and you won’t help any more. Seeing Li Fuzhu like this, everyone wants to learn more about related knowledge, so they immediately asked Li Fuzhu what he could teach them. Li Fuzhu said he had no idea now. , If he can eat a big meal, maybe he can think of something.

Everyone immediately understood what Li Fuzhu meant, so they immediately prepared to come. There were a lot of feasts for Li Fuzhu to enjoy, and Li Fuzhu has always been a foodie, so looking at so many delicacies in front of him, he couldn’t help but drool. He immediately said, “Is all these things I can eat? And the people in the palace were ordered to serve the good goddess well, so he said that Li Fuzhu would supply as much as he wanted to eat, so Li Fuzhu immediately refused.” He started to eat politely, and even the cook of the Imperial Dining Room lamented that Li Fuzhu was the best girl she had ever seen. He actually ate a whole large table by himself.

But the maid beside him felt very anxious. He stopped Li Fuzhu’s chopsticks and said that the rule in the palace is that every food can only be eaten three bites, because he would be afraid that someone would want to poison some powerful people, and Li Fuzhu But he was very disinterested in such a statement. He said that if someone blocked every dish, then every dish would only eat three chopsticks, wouldn’t it be more prone to poisoning, so he wouldn’t believe it at all. These nonsense, I just want to make myself happy and satisfied. The maid over there feels that what Li Fuzhu said is not unreasonable, so she agrees and let Li Fuzhu enjoy it. Li Fuzhu feels that as a foodie, she crosses to Here, he has simply entered heaven, and he has forgotten about the construction of the canal a long time ago.

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