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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 2 Recap

Li Fuzhu watched the people around him respect him so much, and even called himself a goddess. He couldn’t help but feel very uncomfortable. Suddenly someone came up to inform him that the emperor and all the ministers wanted to see the goddess. Li Fuzhu said He became more uncomfortable, but he had no way to refuse this meeting.

He had no choice but to bite the bullet and follow those people to the main hall. Looking at this place, everyone was so ready to go, he couldn’t help being very surprised. Nervous, but the emperor didn’t want to recognize Li Fuzhu’s identity from beginning to end, so he said that Li Fuzhu, as a goddess, naturally knows more than these ordinary men, so he asked the goddess to advise everyone. Now their country should How can we make the country prosperous and strong.

Li Fuzhu recalled these things. It seemed that the teacher had taught them in the textbook. So he immediately started to repeat the content of the textbook with some memories he had only. However, what he didn’t expect was that this country is not only very poor, but also geographically. The location is also very bad, there are no mountains, rivers and lakes at all for Li Fuzhu to show off his talents.

Li Fuzhu was completely helpless at this time, so he said that he would give him one day, and he would be able to come up with a sure-fire plan at noon tomorrow, so the emperor immediately said that he would give him time. If the goddess did not give them a very effective one at noon tomorrow If there is a way, he must think that this person is deceiving the king, and he will be killed here on the spot. Li Fuzhu couldn’t help feeling very scared, but he didn’t want to go. He really came up with a way to solve it. The plight of the country nowadays, he said so, just to delay time, tonight he will find a way to return to the real world he is in.

Li Fuzhu guessed that he passed through the toilet of the school bathroom. So logically, he should be able to find a way to cross back in the ancient pit, so he said that he wanted to go to the toilet and arrange for all the palace ladies to leave and walk inside. , Tried a way to jump, but this method did not work. On the contrary, she fainted because she jumped. Li Fuzhu couldn’t help having a very headache. He was completely unable to think of any way to escape to heaven. At this time, Li Fuzhu became optimistic. He said that since tonight is a comic book, the day when the main man wields a knife from the palace, it is better to go and watch the excitement by himself. After all, his actor’s leader is a squad leader. s face.

Li Fuzhu sneaked into the main hall. He wanted to see that scene. All the plots were exactly the same as those shown in the comic book. However, at a critical moment, the emperor had already pulled out the knife, but Li Fuzhu accidentally rushed out. I had to pretend that I was just passing by, and persuaded the emperor not to be impulsive, and the emperor said that he was only using this incident to threaten Ruan Qing. On the second day, the hero caught Li Fuzhu and asked him if he had come up with a good way to come. Li Fuzhu never thought that he hadn’t managed to escape the night before. Now he has no choice but to let him Everyone sent her a map, so she could just say something to prevaricate it.

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