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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 15 Recap

However, now the National Teacher’s rebellion is already on the line and has to be sent. Yun Yi also knows that he can’t change the ending. The only thing he can do now is to minimize the losses in this rebellion. She knows that there is a world in this world. The only person who can repair the canal is Li Fuzhu. Therefore, he has placed all his expectations on Li Fuzhu. He said that he knew that he was a very useless puppet emperor.

For so many years, all normal things were done. He hadn’t done it before, but he wanted to do something successful for all the people in this world, so she decided to do her best and also to keep Li Fuzhu and Li Fuzhu could not help but be very moved after hearing these things. He said that he would definitely do it. He tried his best to help Yun Yi realize his dream of building a canal, but Yun Yi smiled and said that he might have no choice but to wait until that day. The top priority now is for Li Fuzhu to leave this place of right and wrong. Otherwise, if the national teacher catches up. , Li Fuzhu has no way to survive.

Li Fuzhu didn’t want to leave at first, but he remembered Yun Yi, and finally he had spoken heartily to himself, and decided to go out to find the way over the canal first, so everyone in the Imperial Dining Room decided to desperately escort Li Fuzhu. When they went out, they were taken care of by Li Fuzhu more or less when they were working in the Imperial Dining Room, so they decided to do their best to protect Li Fuzhu to repay his kindness. Li Fuzhu did not expect that these people would be like this.

Love and righteousness, it is clear that they are just this story, the nameless pawn in it, and the people watching the imperial dining room, fighting their lives to save Li Fuzhu, Li Fuzhu silently crying, while expressing himself in his heart , No matter what he said, he would definitely complete the task that Yun Yi gave him, and would never let these people in the Imperial Dining Room sacrifice in vain.

Yun Yi over there also knew that even if Li Fuzhu could go out alive, he would not be able to escape the chase. After knowing the power of the national master, he would definitely not care about Li Fuzhu’s life and death. What they wanted was Li Fuzhu’s life, so Yun Yi decided to find a way to die with the national teacher. He knew that the only person who would stay with him this evening was Ruan Qing, so he took poison to himself and wanted to frame Ruan Qing, making everyone think Ruan Qing was guilty. Regarding the crime of slaying the king, Ruan Qing looked at Yun Yi’s death rather than cooperating with him, and couldn’t help feeling very sad.

In fact, he loves Yun Yi very much from the bottom of his heart, and wants to live a life with Yun Yi, but he knows that he is not the person Yun Yi likes, and many things he does make Yun Yi was disappointed, but he did not expect that Yun Yi would be willing to use his own life to perfect Li Fuzhu, and when Li Fuzhu over there learned of this, he couldn’t help but angrily criticize the emperor. He was really confused, but he was also helpless now. ,

The only thing he could do was to look forward to Yun Yi, not really dying because of poisoning. She recalled the people in the imperial dining room, covering the picture of her leaving, and immediately realized that this was actually Yun Yi’s sound. In this way, the people in the Imperial Dining Room never thought of being able to leave alive.

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