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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 14 Recap

Li Fuzhu was in jail and had nothing to do, so he passed the time wildly. He suddenly realized a very important thing. If he really wanted to kill Ruan Qing, then he would definitely not. He will do it at the reception, because of the situation of the sugar man king at the reception, any of his subtle movements will inevitably be given a gap by the people passing by. It is actually a very unwise choice for him to do it here. , So this further shows that the real murderer is definitely not himself, and this person has two motives at the same time.

On the one hand, he wants to kill Ruan Qing, which shows that he has hated Ruan Qing for a long time, but on the other hand, he still hates Ruan Qing very much. Li Fuzhu, so he wanted to use the strategy of killing two birds with one stone to get Li Fuzhu to jail. Li Fuzhu said that combining these two motives, he already understood who that person was.

Sure enough, Yun Yi over there has also investigated the most important clues. They have found that the person who actually poisoned is actually the maid next to Ruan Qing. Everyone immediately tortured him and learned about him. The real motive for the murder was that this maid felt that Ruan Qing was always by her side, showing off her majesty, and always beating and scolding him. That’s why Ruan Qing hated him so much.

That’s why Ruan Qing became like this. Li Fuzhu helped him obtain the position of quasi-queen, so Ruan Qing has become so arrogant from his humble appearance. Since this case has been solved, it means that Li Fuzhu was actually wronged, so Yun Yi immediately sent someone to take Li Fuzhu. It was released. Although Li Fuzhu successfully escaped and ascended to heaven, he didn’t want to say anything to Yun Yi because of this matter.

When the water channel was being repaired there, there was an accident. The rocks on the mountain fell and the road was blocked, and this incident also injured a lot of strong men. The families of those people complained one after another, why the court To do such a thankless task of repairing the water canal, the people were all debating why such a decision was made. The emperor could not calm down the complaints of all people.

He had to find ways to explain the matter, but these The common people will not care about this long-term development. They only care about the petty gains in front of them, but the national teacher thinks this is a very rare opportunity. If he can take advantage of this opportunity to grasp the hearts of the people and carry out a rebellion, It will be successful.

And Li Fuzhu over there was racking his brains during this period of time to think about how to deal with the turmoil. She had seen Li and his son repairing Dujiangyan before, and had encountered related things, but how did he I can’t remember exactly how it was explained in the textbook. At this time, Li Fuzhu only hated himself. He was a scum from elementary school and didn’t have a good study or the knowledge in the textbook. So he had forgotten all of these contents, and now he needs to apply them.

When he was knowledgeable, he couldn’t remember any of them. Li Fuzhu was very upset, but she had to come up with a coping strategy, because if he couldn’t figure out a way, the next thing was not just that someone was injured. It was very likely that it was a bloody rebellion battle, so Li Fuzhu had to be very cautious.

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