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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 13 Recap

Ruan Qing obeyed his father’s advice and decided to clarify the relationship with Li Fuzhu, so he agreed to participate in this cocktail party, and Li Fuzhu Ming knew that this was a banquet, but he had to go to the appointment. He was actually very clear in his heart. The Chinese teacher didn’t want to be really nice to her at all, but because Li Fuzhu knew how to build a canal.

He wanted to win over Li Fuzhu’s people in this way, and let Li Fuzhu do things for him in the future, and wait until everything is done. After that, the national teacher kicked Li Fuzhu away. Of course Li Fuzhu understood these things, but he has no other way. If you want to investigate this matter well, it is best to ambush it by the enemy’s side. method.

Li Fuzhu cautiously paid attention to everyone’s whereabouts at the reception, but he did not expect that the person who was recruited was not himself, but Ruan Qing. After drinking the wine, Ruan Qing suddenly fainted and fell to the ground. Everyone was very frightened. Fortunately, the emperor stabilized his emotions and immediately handed it over. The Taiyi and the imperial physician’s art and the brilliant rejuvenation successfully rescued Ruan Qing, but she said that the situation this time was very dangerous.

As long as he comes a little later, Ruan Qing will lose his life, and the only person who may harm Ruan Qing is Li Fuzhu, so Li Fuzhu has become the most suspicious person. Li Fuzhu can’t dispute it. He said that he was right about it. He didn’t know anything about the incident, and the coordinating work of the cocktail party had nothing to do with him. He could not poison Ruan Qing’s glass. However, everyone said that Li Fuzhu is so magical and that he is a goddess after all. It is so simple to want to poison a person’s glass, so the testimony that Li Fuzhu just defended is simply not valid.

Li Fuzhu knew that no one would believe what he said now. The only person it could rely on was Yun Yi. However, what he did not expect was that Yun Yi still did not stand on Li Fuzhu’s side. He said that this time things The most suspected person is indeed Li Fuzhu, so he ordered Li Fuzhu to be put in jail. Li Fuzhu saw Yun Yi put himself in jail like this, and couldn’t help being discouraged.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Yun Yi was actually suffering. It turns out that the most important thing in Yun Yi’s mind is to be able to repair the school district this time, but this time all the expenses are paid by the national teacher out of his pocket. If they really offend the national teacher, then This time the act was about to fail halfway, so the emperor decided to aggravate Li Fuzhu for the sake of repairing the canal this time.

In the middle of the night, Yun Yi secretly came to the prison to visit Li Fuzhu, but Li Fuzhu did not accept Yun Yi’s kindness at all. He felt that Yun Yi came to visit him, and Yun Yi just came to see his jokes, and he did not explain. He said, Time hopes that Li Fuzhu can take good care of herself, and it will surely make Li Fuzhu, who knows the truth about it, say how he can continue to believe in him. He has believed in him many times, but every time Yun Yi disappoints herself, Yun Yi hears Li Fuzhu. That said, he was very sad, but he could not reveal anything to Li Fuzhu now, so he had to ask Li Fuzhu to take care of himself, and then immediately turned around and left Li Fuzhu’s heart empty.

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