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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 12 Recap

After Lan’er came back, Li Fuzhu couldn’t help being very worried. He quickly asked when Lan’er would be able to wake up. The doctor said that Lan’er’s current situation is really hard to judge, and he doesn’t know Lan’er. Can you escape from the ghost gate this time? Li Fuzhu said that even no matter how expensive the medicinal material is, they must use it. In any case, they must save Lan’er’s life. Lan’er might be able to make it through, so Li Fuzhu couldn’t care about the disparity in status.

He immediately ordered everyone to bring out a thousand-year-old ginseng to save Lan’er. After learning about this, the Queen Mother angered Li Fuzhu. He just felt that Li Fuzhu was very kind before, but now it seems that Li Fuzhu doesn’t know anything about dignity and inferiority. The empress dowager said that she must find a chance to punish Li Fuzhu well.

Li Fuzhu over there began to investigate the clues of Lan’er’s distress. He received a very important piece of news. Someone once saw Lan’er staying with Ruan Qing before entering the dry well, and some people even testified that it was. I once witnessed Lan’er walked out of Ruan Qing’s room. Li Fuzhu immediately targeted the most suspicious person, Ruan Qing. He found Ruan Qingzhi and asked him to call Lan’er into her room. What was it for?

However, Ruan Qing over there knew that Lan’er was still in a coma. A comatose person could not speak. So Li Fuzhu certainly didn’t know the real situation at the time, so he said that he had nothing at the time. To do, I just called a court lady to come over and order some private matters. Later, Lan’er had no idea where he went, so he didn’t even know about Lan’er falling into the well.

How could Li Fuzhu believe Ruan Qing’s nonsense? He knew that it was only because there was no iron evidence that Ruan Qing dared to separate himself from everything like this. Li Fuzhu said that he would definitely find a way to find more decisive evidence. At that time, he will surely make everyone who hurt Lan’er pay the price. Of course Ruan Qing knew that Li Fuzhu said these words for himself, but he was not at all afraid of Li Fuzhu now. He felt that the last queen was his own sooner or later, so there was not much time for Li Fuzhu to show off against him.

The people who were sent there to inquire about the news came back to report, saying that a water source was really found in the southeast, which was very suitable for Li Fuzhu. The conditions set out before, so now the emperor ordered Li Fuzhu to pay attention to the construction of the canal. The matter said that the matter of Ruan Qing and Lan’er has not been investigated, but the emperor said that for the family and the world, the grievances between the two of them are not worth mentioning.

He hopes that Li Fuzhu I can distinguish clearly what is important and what is unimportant. Li Fuzhu pondered over and over again. He understood how important the things Yun Yi and himself had said before, so he agreed to go to the southeast to take charge of the canal matters. , But he wants Yun Yi to promise himself that he must not embarrass Lan’er who lives here. Yun Yi said that he will definitely help Li Fuzhu take care of Lan’er, so she can rest assured of this matter.

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