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Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 Episode 11 Recap

After Li Fuzhu came back, she was always depressed. She waited for Lan’er to come and accompany her, because every time when she was in a bad mood, Lan’er was by her side to accompany her to make herself happy, but she waited and waited. He couldn’t wait to come to Lan’er. He couldn’t help feeling that something was wrong, so he quickly asked his subordinates where Lan’er had gone. However, other subordinates also said that they hadn’t seen Lan’er for a long time, and Li Fuzhu realized this.

The big thing was not good. He felt that it was very likely that someone wanted to frame him, but he couldn’t do anything with him, so he found the weaker Laner. She was very afraid of Laner, because of her own reasons, something happened. It happened, so I decided to summon all of my own manpower, no matter what the price was, I must get Lan’er back.

However, because Li Fuzhu’s movement to find Lan’er was so great that even the empress dowager was alarmed. The empress dowager was always dissatisfied. Li Fuzhu was bluffing. He felt that Li Fuzhu was so enthusiastic for a small palace lady. , It was too much, so he said that for a court lady like Lan’er, they didn’t need to continue searching like this. Now that even the Queen Mother has spoken, it’s hard for other subordinates to continue to disobey the Queen Mother’s orders. Seeing that everyone had no desire, Li Fuzhu continued to search, and was even more afraid of what would happen to Lan’er during the period when they did not find it.

Li Fuzhu thought about it. He now understands that the way to solve all the problems in this place is to use the modern methods they solve by analogy. Li Fuzhu immediately realized that if he can offer some money, maybe everyone will be more. Be more motivated, so he took out all his savings and said that if everyone could provide clues about Lan’er, he would give that person some silver. After the bounty, everyone’s enthusiasm really increased. , But many people came to Li Fuzhu deliberately to make money, and came to Li Fuzhu to put forward some trivial clues. Li Fuzhu really has no choice. He is very anxious. If he can’t find Lan’er again, he will be true. I don’t know how to live in this world anymore.

Li Fuzhu waited bitterly until the next morning, and finally got another very important news. Someone found Lan’er’s trace. Lan’er was staying in a dry well. She was dying now. Li Fuzhu understood that it must be. Someone wanted to put her to death, but he was trying to find Lan’er, so that he couldn’t kill others. That’s why he gave him a chance to breathe and let him finally find Lan’er this morning. Li Fuzhu immediately He brought Lan’er up, and also found an imperial doctor to give Lan’er a look at the situation.

Looking at the appearance of Lan’er’s ice cream, Li Fuzhu swears in his heart that he must catch the person who framed Lan’er and let He paid the price that he should pay, and he would not let go of everyone who had previously attacked the people around her in order to harm himself. Li Fuzhu decided that he must become stronger, because only in this way can he protect the people around him.

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